Play to add lots of flavor fragrance vegetable to answer with sliced Ginger to box of garlic cut in half one large leg cut it in half and wash it really well because the leaf contains a lot of the Thousand mod in between the layers to make sure you wash it really well and then add instapot a large piece of kombu or driving at about 1 and 1/2 oz and if your combo has a lot of white stuff on the surface go ahead and lastly 1 and 1/2 tbsp of a chicken power and this is a little my cheating like I'm making home style instead of making another whole pound of a chicken stock this is our dinner making easy information at home. Okay impor 24 cups of cold water to boil over high heat with no cover in first in 15 minutes of a hard boiling water steam oldest comes on the surface

How To Make The Best Traditional Shoyu Ramen? Please Watch The Video Below

and it is appointed remember not to stir the soup because we want to get rid of all the scams coming up to the store face cuz if you started assume it will always think about on their the soup again and we don't want to happen now copper reduce Sushi to medium and simmer for 3 hours after 3 hours of simmering the prostate the time to as the port actually pork meat for the charge you to put it on top as a garnish on the ramen pork shoulder or pork belly and if you're using a good one big two pounds of the chance and go ahead and addition of one hour or if you're using like my like a little too small pieces of one pound each then go ahead and see more about 30 to 45 minutes 

I mean why the port and the broth is finished cooking we are going to make the sauce in Japanese and in Japanese ramen shops they actually do make this is so separately and mixed with weed the broth later right before when they're serving the ramen I just added a ginger and the garlic into a little sore spot and now I'm going to add 1 and 1/2 cup of soy sauce and 3/4 cup of sake and mirin in Japan there is many different types of ramen out there and the most a signature one is there shoyu Ramen miso Ramen shio Ramen and tonkotsu shio ramen is the Roman Justice season 2 with only salt very clean basic Ramen broth and miso Ramen is seasoned with miso and shoyu ramen agencies in the with soy sauce that is what we are making today that's why we need to want to have to go before he starts 

today and don't consider is another type of ramen that is a creamy milky broth I think it's the most popular Ramen in America I'm going to share the recipe sometime soon to the TuneIn now we are going to bring this to boil over high heat and let it keep heart of oil for 5 to 7 minutes all right I just removed my pork paste from the brass I boil them about 30 minutes and my tire is rated always a cooling down but obviously you can tell the pope has no color outside at all so what I'm going to do is put a little bit of carry-on to the poorest of the poor will actually have a little bit of color around and if you want to you can go ahead and make my charger recipe for this Ramen I really wants to recreate how we pasted it the shooter Ramen in Kyoto that Ramen Shop the pork chashu wasn't cooked separately and similar than different 

saw that it was actually like nothing against it from the natural broth flavor so I believe it is somewhat very similar flavor that we had in total so I'm just going to move the poor don't see that little bit darker color actually makes this already looks more yummy it'll be easier for us to slice tempany and then we are going to drain our ramen broth add to my Ramen broth right here and using that have to drain when you start the cooking go ahead and put all the vegetables the garlic ginger league and everything in a cheesecloth so you can just remove it and a broth and Papa's right there but in Japan the ramen shops they usually do not use the purple or serve the purple on top of the ramen that's not the future I'm looking for here. I'm just going to go ahead and drain High School Jacob to help me up hope all is because it has a choir bit of made 

I'm just going to keep it separate to leave so I can add into the so whenever I want it. Can you help me out cuz this is super heavy can you drain this is so far for me thank you for the steam of my eyeglasses like you know like Asian 2D phase perfect as you can tell this unless you're doing a hundred pounds Ramen challenge at her house or freeze them like put in the freezer safe container airtight container and freeze them it won't last up to a month or tipping in the refrigerator it would last about seven days in your home how awesome and when you're ready just go ahead and pull the about two cups of a broth into the small pod and just bring it to boil when you're ready to eat beautiful. I'm going to take out now because I'm going to make some right now 

for you or for me I don't know okay this is perfect now I'm going to bring this is soup back to boil along with another pot of water to boil to cook my Nutters is cooling down my broth is ready to go my toddler is done I'm waiting my water to boil to cook my ramen noodles so mean, I'm just going to go ahead and chop off some green onion real fast I clean onion is ready to go and let's talk about the others so you can use any notice that you can find a local grocery stores either dry or fresh or frozen there's a variety of choices but if you can go to your local Asian grocery store or the store they usually have either fresh or frozen ramen noodles that you can fight but one thing I notice the show them that we had was actually not a traditional 

I know this but it wasn't more close to chinese-style egg in the dish that has that Romulan texture into it and I was so lucky to find out face from another's I mean is it just an egg and the others but it was almost identically same if you can find me the pasta for this ramen noodle recipe so this one is not Frozen 2 minutes 30 seconds is just perfect texture for my taste some of that take two servings like this Shake it up Shake It Off on the exit is cornstarch in all alright the noodles are ready to go I'm going to go ahead and plant my fins Frost first and then cooked in the others Alright by broth is simmering and all my puppy's the bins Frost green onions hurt you in and I just joined my mother's all I need is just a ball that I can bring everything together first thing what we need is the parrot the suso's make sure you and your dog mouth quarter cup to 1/3 cup depending on how salty Ramen that you like then food the broth Ramen broth how about 2 cups all right that's perfect and here. I'm going to add one portion of the Northerners just follow the direction of the package 

you're using when you're cooking than others just like so and just started them a little bit and grab a bunch like that lay them down to how the Ramen Shop makes their noodles like super duper pretty but I'm making one for real quick right now so half of it is being processed prepared I'm so good a lot of which I miss you and bunch of green onions egg like I said it's ocean are but it is not in longest the house and this is Tori Jacob and I love fresh garlic rated Instagram and so I'm just going to do stuff this is nice I'm going to place the breadth first again thank you very much saying good Topanga toy do is really good I feel like 

I'm in Kyoto right now so good play she said before she has like three four five times better than the last one and I was still good enough to share even better so simple really well-executed oh so good I think it so much for watching if you don't like them I show you about what please give me a thumbs up and subscribe my channel for more Inspirations and idea of Asian home cookie thank you so much for watching me today and remember you can always food Asian food at your house making it easy and fun and this is Asian as it with you next time it my Mart get my much and others Rama faces to make this is my skincare secret life is my skin care routine