the best spanish garlic soup
the best spanish garlic soup with Spanish garlic soup that's right I'm doing my take on the famous soap and the appropriate this is the epitome of a comforting homie rustic meal and by the way for all you starving students that keep emailing me for super cheap easy recipes this is about as good as it gets so here we go so even though this is called a garlic soup it really is first and foremost a Bread soup and I like to prep my bread in the oven not in a pan Summa cume up some day-old bread and put it on a sheet pan brittle drizzle. Liberally with olive oil trishley this bread is cooked in olive oil in the actual pan you're making the soup better at 350 degree oven for about 15 or 20 minutes until it's crispy and barely gold and brown we're not really looking to get a lot of color on there

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we just want to completely dried out what kind of crunchy let's get some audio every praise to our bread is prep we're going to Simply set that aside and go on to the garlic for to go over to the stove and a heavy bottom pot I'm going at about a quarter cup of good olive oil and then a ton of thinly sliced garlic and by the way look at the cuts on those do you know how hard it is to cut that much garlic that perfectly thin super hard which is why I did not do it I use a Japanese vegetable slicer works perfectly look at that so I suggest one of those you could certainly do with a knife so people actually use a potato peeler and then we're going to slice up a ton of garlic and we're going to sizzle that on a medium heat until it's just barely golden 

so get it to start sizzling like that then maybe back the heat down to medium-low and just watch it Stir It wait until it looks exactly like that see that it's just barely golden at that point we're going to add some diced ham if you can find Spanish ham use it it's amazing this was just some thinly sliced Black Forest ham that I'd I stopped work perfectly fine I'm going to give that about a 1-minute stir in that hot garlic oil and then we're going to add the pepper Rica the signature spiced of the soup and of course the amount is to taste so I throw in a couple teaspoons some people but last time people put more that's one of your jobs here to figure out how much paprika paprika in with the ham and the garlic oil for about a minute and I'm going to go ahead and toss in are toasted bread and we're going to give it a toss in that unbelievably flavorful oil 

can you imagine that oil with all that garlic Paprika in ham it is almost too much to think about just an amazing Foundation of flavor to build this suit from I want some bread is coated in that olive oil where to go ahead and pour in our stock I'm using chicken stock we're going to raise the heat up too high we want to bring this up to a boil or and while that's happening I'm going to go ahead and season this up a little bit I was put in a little pepper I know it's going to need some salt and a little bit of cayenne of course will taste is just for that later and is this stop the temperature you're going to have to gauge whether you need to add more liquid or not know this is supposed to be sick but my was looking a little too thick so I added another Splash so definitely super going to need to adjust by the way do not even think of skimming off that unbelievable garlic pepper coil that comes to the top 

that is critical there are areas in Spain where you can literally be jailed for throwing that away. You're lucky if all they do is put you in jail location on skin that stuff at that point we going to turn the heat down to medium and add some freshly chopped Italian parsley and then the last step for this soup is to poach a couple eggs on the surface which reminds me make sure you taste it for seasoning now cuz it's hard to season stir with the eggs in there but at this point I just turned mine was perfect timing to take my freakishly small wooden spoon and make a couple depression and then I'm going to slowly slide in a couple eggs like to transfer them from ramekins in case they break when you take them out of the shell hey by the way the amount of soup you see here is enough for 4 people but I'm only making two portions 

and what I'll do heat up the leftovers and poach two more eggs on there but you do have plenty of room to put for if you want all right after we slide those in we're going to cover it and we're just going to let that cook on medium until they're poached and here we have my under the lid camera just pretend and those eggs are going to cook in that steaming soup and it is an amazing thing anyway cook a covered on medium or I just like you make a poached egg for breakfast the wife should be set at the yolk should be running or if you want to Splash a little of that hot stock or hot pepper coil over the top that cannot finish the process it's up to you to your soup and when you determine those eggs are cooked to your liking you're going to serve this up and then as far as serving goes you can just scoop this all out you can just lay all this into a bowl of start eating but if possible what I like to do is try to get some soup into the bowl first 

so I can place that egg on top looks much cooler for presentation and then to finish I'm going to drizzle over a couple of drops of olive oil that's really more of a blessing than anything little bit of cayenne for good luck little more fresh Italian parsley it's just one of the world's great bolus Delivery Systems alright and of course really need to taste this and if there's any children in the room be careful we're about to show some extreme spoon on yoke action it for the first fight I'm just going to go yolk pepper garlic oil oh man that was beyond delicious this is the kind of soup that just causes happiness From the Inside Out it really is more than food and of course there's a million version some have bigger chunks of bread some have smaller chunks of bread do people use bread crumbs some people use raw bread there's really no wrong way to make this as long as you got tons of garlic olive oil bread and hopefully a couple poached eggs on top you're in business so I really really hope you give this a try head over to for all the ingredients mounts and more info is usual and as always enjoy