the best crispy noodle chicken nuggets recipe
the best crispy noodle chicken nuggets recipe

Intern with you how you can make these crispy and delicious chicken nuggets and three different that's the twas he has been using magery 2 minute noodles to cook the chicken thank you to Meiji for sponsoring this video and inspiring me to think out new and interesting recipes using the 2 minute noodles if you'd like to make these nuggets V thing you need is a check embraced you can use chicken thighs here if you prefer that I can make that both work well both depending on how many people you are failing that should be enough for one to two using a sharp knife cut you tricking lengthwise into three stripes and five sections across do you think that two things made up of 1-inch cubes relatively even in size fit the truck into the side 

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while we print the cursing in a small bowl crack in one medium sized egg and you supposed to give it a good mix so the yolk and white a completely combines one of the reasons why it's great to use two minute noodles is a coaching rather than something like bread crumbs is these nuggets will always come out crispy the noodles a crispy to start off with sitting them the tricking you just hit the perfect age did nugget in another bout we need to add half a cup of flour if you've even made anything posted or braided before you know this person is flour egg then you cursing and the flower to the Bowl Annapolis and flavoring he's learning to read all these different spices and flavorings head is all you need is one packet is Major determinant chicken flavored Noodles open the packet and take the noodles to the side and take the 5 Sha 

we're putting our been sprinkle the contents into the ball with the flour use a folk to mix these together until combined and now finally for the cursing place the noodles into a ball and a these clean hands or something heavy to break out Fiona of those that don't need to be a pada but you don't want to a bigger faces are somewhere in the middle will work perfectly set yourself up a little assembly line if the flower on one side than the egg finally the cursing in a clean pipe to put your chicken nuggets take one piece of chicken and place it into the ball with the flower coaching it on Old size extra flour and pump it into the ball with the egg draining unique CC before finally placing it into the ball with the crash 2 minute noodles use your hands to scoop up the noodles and place them into the chicken 

so they stick to Old sides take out the coated chicken place it on the plate before we're pacing with the next Pace until you have corset all of your truck in don't be afraid to making me Sia is this can be quiet and me see Perseus when you're ready to cut the chicken nugget hit a heavy bass paying like a COS eye an organ made him hate with about three tablespoons of oil and the chicken nuggets and badges cooking on each side for about 2 minutes before flipping and cooking on the Nick side turning the heat down if they are getting too much, too quickly if you're wondering what does Davion noodle coated chicken nuggets with I have three easy and delicious dip ideas for the first you'll need a cup of reduced crime and this was about in sprinkler that onion soup pad cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice from 1/2 into the bolt use a spoon to mix these ingredients to give up until evenly combined 

and place in the fridge for about 20 minutes to see it 50 seconds you need half a cup of mayonnaise and half a cup of sour cream and both of these to ivalo along with a few tablespoons of extremely hot hot sauce for bed of a keg the heat from the hot sauce while Peter strong is your only using a small amount of it mixes well and Civ and finally the third you need a whole can of apricots and syrup pulled us into a small so spend time with a quarter cup of white vinegar heat over medium heat for half an hour or so until the apricots have broken a pot in this will says thickened leave to cool before serving so if you'll not get along with the three sofas and enjoy their crispy and so delicious let me know if you have any final recipe ideas with two minute noodles is I would love to have some other ideas thank you for what treatment and I will see you in my next video