giant jjajangmyun korean black noodles
giant jjajangmyun korean black noodles

What kind to Asian at home before we jump into the recipe I want to announce my real quick I'm going to give away their know they're sure they see my March Lucky One winner will get Mom it's open for internationally so more details for the giveaway is down below or wait until the end of the video I will explain some more. Keep watching my Giant Shadow Man recipe so let's get into it Korean black bean noodles and I also show the vegan version but today I'm going to share the giant version that I had in Korea whenever you try this giant getting a challenge at home okay but the first thing what we need to do is a prepare your protein you would need a pound of pork shoulder cut it into small pieces right here and I have a half pounds of seafood

How To Make Giant Jjajangmyun Korean Black Noodles? Please Watch The Video Below

mixed it was a frozen Seafood amazed I just brought lunch today in boiling water for like 15 to 30 second so we can kind of get rid of little let you know like a seafood ye smell fee for the juicy in there it might be too overpowering so I blanch they are my reason that the cold Waters is ready to go and I'm going to chop up some garlic we need to prepare all over our vegetables before we start the closest outlet in same amount of Ginger Ginger super duper clean so I didn't need to really kill them if that's what you prefer to might this to Green Onions onions are like super duper 

fat green onions like chubby next to two large onions medium sized cube world record largest zucchini the same size as the onion you can you be so delicious in this that I'm now with their Metro Suite A little softer texture it's okay or I would protein vegetables are cooking out and about two tablespoons of oil into the walk by my old Sims that had their standing started doing those little Wave band sings I'm going to add to my pork oil that doesn't start until they are away to Kirk and leader Chris Brown on the edge about 3 to 5 minutes at this point we not going to do anything yet or the seasoning is a coming later I'm going to add garlic ginger and green onions the oil that we added with a pork bad with create it's amazing a romantic oil with the garlic ginger green onion is going to be so amazing about 1 minute or so wanted 2 minutes not alone everything smells 

so good it's time for 2 tablespoons of soy sauce doesn't make sure to add soy sauce around a lot directly into the pork chops with slightly born around the Hat edge of the pants is going to just create an amazing amazing delicious Umami flavor yes that smell you cannot create otherwise now I'm going to add all my onions and zucchini I know it looks like a lot because this is for the freaking Giant stop forwarding. Fry the onions and zucchini with all that delicious Aroma that we create with a port Ginger solid green onion and soy sauce onion and you can have a little time to a Ouija board that delicious even need this is time to add some Chinese yellow similar with measles or attention but slightly different version of the Chinese version of it so you can purchase these two from your local Asian Wok Chinese grocery store or from Winnie the Pooh tablespoons all yellow green pee and of course the dragon mayonnaise know in case it will when did aquatic up of it easy to find in your local Korean grocery store 

or actually online as well and online is released by Linkin down below make sure you get the one that already start Friday that has a disa pumpkin sign right here beneath a already stir fry sauce that you don't need to start drive separately you knowing the different pain with a huge portion of oil and all that like you don't need to do that just purchased there over the store fried black bean paste stuff okay time for 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce nice Umami flavor and 1 1 and 1/2 to 2 tablespoons of sugar depending on how do you like your job if you like to be really sweet to tbsp but 1 and 1/2 tbsp do for me to makes all the sauces and vegetables that made all together by Yoda from youngboy the best the Chinese chef in Korea and he actually did the variety show that selling Korean Chinese food in China and if they will it or not and that y'all was freaking amazing I love this show and this whole time 

I was just craving Korean Chinese food and it was a great time me to making this recipe for you a lot of ingredients inspired from his recipes of hoping you guys enjoy as well even though your Chinese you know what you my love Korean Chinese food after all the sauces all makes the really really well or the moisture coming from the zucchini and onions start make the talking a little more Superior which is with love little more Saucier is a time to add 1/2 cup of chicken stock on my time and we are going to bring you some hard boil and let it just only about 2 to 3 minutes once upon a time I see food to go ahead and add the seafood when they start boiling all right while II sauce as a boiling away I'm going to make somebody real quick by mixing two teaspoons of cornstarch or potato starch into the same amount of cold water make them nice and fatigue and also make them really nice and shiny 

now I'm just going to turn up the heat Julian some cucumber for the garnish is my life skill like a really freaking amazing and I can look how even they are and my cup fast I didn't like like gorgeous so professionally today I'm going to do this to Korean fresh in New Jersey and this is actually my favorite want to use for my daughter now because they are nice and bouncy and the thickness is just perfect you can get these from frozen section or refrigerator section from Korean War Asian grocery stores really easy to find water is boiling back there right now and I'm losing my mind there's like so they will hit the boiling water or even a cooked by following the direction of the package you are using and make sure you are using large enough power and water otherwise you would go through the problem I just went through 

I don't know what stupid part of me that that pad and water was enough for that much of a notice I was too late to change it so I just made it happen after that I just rinse under the light a little warm water so they won't get rid of all the stars ship and not let nudist get cold now that's a pool that's a duck sauce my little honey boo boo I miss you guys serious you guys ready for this I sure this color that looks like the old fashioned the Chasm by childhood turn signal color looks like I should have got some ham Lucci too it's okay Stacy the moment of the truth do this is one of the most famous and it's like almost identical in here which is very old way to measure as long as Umami flavor from liquid Barn that soy sauce and oyster sauce the yellow bean paste with them black bean paste and oil together in the chicken is really good in here too 

I highly recommend to try this recipe guys and if you already love in my tummy recipe before you guys going to have a game for this this is like it from the other night so good eating after I explained how to enter my where did the March make this recipe I know I should wear this market today I just really want you to wear this nice clothes because I'm going somewhere later the guys enter my new t-shirt my merch giveaway by be a subscriber of my Tanner which is just a subscribe and give this to show me some love I love nooners you have to be 18 + old and I'll just for a little responsibility kind of a thing you know what 

I mean you have to do justice and comment down below leave a comment to say I love niggars I cannot wait you to wear my mother's take a picture and send it to me is going to be so awesome good luck to you all right thank you guys for watching if you guys are loved in my thoughts on your recipe my Giants. Sonia Challenger SE please give me a call subscribe my channel for more Inspirations in idea of Asian home cookie thank you so much for seeing me today and remember you can always good Asian food making it easy and fun I'm coming along gassed and this is Asian at home and I'll see you next time