the best tandoori chicken restaurant style without oven
the best tandoori chicken restaurant style without oven

Hi guys did the Bombay Chef Fernanda and welcome to get cash when I bring tandoori chicken chicken chicken and what I'm doing is I'm creating a few gashes in this so by gashes I mean these infections and the chicken has gotten ready now is the time. So what I have here with me is some fresh yogurt red chili powder ginger garlic paste turmeric unsorted list has two pieces of chicken make sure it's nicely. 

I'm just making sure the Modern Nation reaches each and every cock an incision of this piece I'm not going to rest this for 30 minutes at room temperature now that the chicken is not needed and ready let's begin the frame for the first thing that goes with some oil in the pan and along with this a little bit of salt and vodka when's the oil is moderately hot I'll start putting in the pieces of chicken just have to make sure

How To Make Tandoori Chicken Restaurant Style Without Oven? Please Watch The Video Below

I could do not over counter pain otherwise they start releasing a lot of liquid in my stomach the chicken has been cooking for a minute-and-a-half on the first sight I'd give me the flip and I feel see the color is nice and golden brown exactly like a thundering chicken bacon give me 25 minutes the chicken has nicely cooked on other side it is cooked in right through the center of the flame 

I'm transferring this in 20 Bolt what is a magic trick to give this chicken that taste and flavor of a Tandoor have a piece of charcoal which I'm now going to light on the gas and then I show you what I do with that find me the trick to create smoke like under some using a small stained glass and on top of this place the red cold let's create the magic smoke a few splashes of oil let this be nicely covered for like a minute 

and a half let all the chicken pieces can the flavor of smoke and then we'll start leaving until the chicken is ready opticals a piece of charcoal and now let's start dating so you have this beautiful and rustic tandoori chicken for you and your family wait for what negative Bombay Chef gets in your kitchen