the best crack chicken and rice casserole
Let me know I will get back to another edition of cooking Christmas dishes with the Good Ol Boy we're cooking at bishan street from recipes that crock. Com which is my beautiful wife has well over 600 we really should check the tally on that and see where we're at are we there hey buddy that's a lot of cooking I know Anthony Rapp you're still you're still being picked on by the pinky deep breath exhale and today we're going to be cooking up some cheesy chicken rice casserole this is a recipe that is prepared by Aunt Lou so this is going to be one of those times where Aunt Lou's going to be telling me what to do don't expect that very often Lou 

How to make? please watch the video below

I thought you were going to say this is going to be telling me what to do through the block and it's okay there's nothing wrong with it it just don't seem natural when it comes to me and her so anywho of long grain rice not instant rice not Minute Rice not Uncle Ben's you want a long grain long cooking rice and you call Megan Basmati this is a long grain basmati rice and I'll show it to you right there if you want if you want to just a few out and put them in my hand looks like that there long grain long grain rice still believe me don't use Minute Rice 

I don't know don't put that in your mouth while you here about to eat don't I was really crunchy and dry on to the second ingredient now that we've taken 10 minutes you need one can of cheddar cheese soup one can of cream of chicken soup 1/4 cup of chicken broth why you keep saying yes you think this is a Baptist Church or something 1/2 a cup of milk he's wanting to check my reading level to see if I can leave through the book and you need a 4 cups of cooked chicken now I hear it says cubed chicken for the video Chris cooked up a huge batch of our shredded chicken where she used I use it's our shredded chicken with will link down below which is chicken breast and then we use ranch seasoning and Sherry or chicken cook out the chicken and it's a great kind of all-purpose chicken for casseroles freezes well at work I just made two batches of that chicken well I figured out how much chicken wings need and but really I mean what you need is for 4 cups of cooked chicken so you figure for you for big chicken breast and also a half a cup of milk have a cup 1/2 a cup 1/2 cup of milk 1/4 cup of butter that is sliced or it's about to be slice that is 1/2 stick of butter and then 1/2 cup of onion I just took a half of a large sweet onion and you also need salt and pepper to taste and then to finish it off it's going to be one cup of cheddar cheese fries in a mild cheddar sharp not so sharp whatever you want to use again this is your dish so if you want to add a little or to take a little while he's totally can't so the first thing

 I want to do in a ball is have my my 4 cups of cubed or shredded chicken and then my dad and chop up my onions real quick and my butter but aunt Lou says to spray your Crock-Pot with a cooking spray so this doesn't stick is this is a Cheesy dish were using a knot or non-stick Cuisinart so I'm not too worried about things to do if you're using a ceramic slow cooker that might be where you want to spray some cooking spray olive oil in there so it doesn't stay if you in if you like to use the slow cooker this would be one of those recipes again you're using cheesy soups as well as cheese on top and that she's on top when it Cooks on this dish if you're not careful it's so hot cheese to stick and then that's just going to give you your mixture flavor but aunt Lou now says in a large mixing bowl mix together your rice soup broth and chicken chickens already there here is the rice now one of the questions I get all the time on recipes like this is those are condensed soups use the other side or not those are condensed soups do you follow the instructions on the can and add the extra liquid according to the soups or do you just do not add the liquid like what the can says what are you thinking answer is 

I sure hope it's not cuz I did it it isn't if if we want you to add the liquid that it says on the can will put that as an ingredient on on Big D blog but the bottom line is most people who are using condensed soups in cooking they're either not adding that liquid or they're using another kind of liquor to add some liquid which is brighter SC rice soup and broth I got my slow cooker in the way there so you just got to trust me that I'm mixing this up with a half and look over the top of the Seahawks when Lou tells me to flu do this one she'll be here tomorrow comes to visit I know it did me but that's because I was using a smaller every me a little nervous cuz I wondered where all the liquid is coming cuz that's a little thick I mean we had it for dinner and we were afraid I was going to be crunchy and it totally wasn't it was alright so now we picked up our rice or soups are broth in the chicken now you add your milk butter and onion stir will get everything started I know I'm making 

I'm driving somebody crazy cuz I'm scratching my nuts on them on The Cutting Board to bad habit sort this out in there and I really like the onion in this dish Canada butter mixed in you can see it all going in there that's good Octavia says thank you it wasn't it was is that it yes we should have called her call in nope only one of you sisters is going to boss me around at a time and there goes and I will spread that evenly in my slow cooker you want this to cook even just like you would any casserole so if you have a casserole or if you have it doesn't matter if it's a casserole crock or whatever kind of slow cooker you got if you use your slow cooker and you don't we say where you get to know your slow cooker if it has any hot spots very very careful in fact be so careful don't make this kind of dish in it I post about how you can have a successful rice dishes because I will tell you rice is one of the more difficult thing to get to come out right if a slow cooker that doesn't usually cook very evenly then you're going to have problems so if you if you've cooked with something and like once 

I get done faster than the other then you're going to want even rotate your Croc or just use a different look a bit of pepper to your taste man is not going to be delicious enough with chicken and rice with cheese and dairy and all kinds of stuff going to take a cup of cheese which is 1/2 package cheddar cheese and sprinkle evenly on top such a pretty color scheme going on there and since this is something I'm going it's not too much just a hair more cheetah just going to even it out just like that and now and losses to cover and cook on low for 3 to 4 hours she said that hers was done perfectly in three but your crock may be different so watch closely the first time so that you know how your crock coach this recipe again kind of finicky with dairy kind of finicky with rice so make sure this is a slow cooker that you know and trust which honestly is why were you that we use the ninja first and we use a Cuisinart second is because we know both of those cuz very evenly which is why we are using those now I will show you did you get the big bowl someone ate something in yourself a hole in my casserole we have been cooking all day the kitchen isn't a disaster I like to do a pan around shot in the kitchen but somebody would call in and have us condemned and on top of that the dishwasher was kind of down and out for half the day so o rotation of trying to get things back under control but it is what you doing all right this my friends is what she's a chicken casserole cheesy chicken and rice casserole food very very much so so you got your rice you can see all in there it's done it's soaked in a lot of those juices and and bra off and milk feeding cuz we white velvet it reminds me a little bit of 

I don't know why because it's not the same thing but it reminds me of little bit of like the hashbrown casserole at Cracker Barrel. I can see that yet for the cheesy on the top chicken and rice dissect and then there's chicken and it's all it's kind of Taken on the same color of the soups and then you got some onion well let's just see how we did IU Church ladies are going to want to take out the church and I guarantee you they'll be saying yeah before we were getting ready to shoot that reminds me of going to a church potluck and that's like that delicious thing that you're like oh I'm going to go back and get some more of that I know that's why and you're going to say well Scott chicken she's going to say yeah Prescott cream of chicken soup yeah that's why you was doing that well it's got my belly saying this cuz this is really good you're going to love this call you got the job at Lu actually listen to Aunt yeah. 

My favorites are you been telling me all this time she's a bad influence we want to thank you for watching another edition of cooking Chris's dishes with the Good Ol Boy we also want to thank Aunt Lou for a contribution of these recipes we out we couldn't do this without you little that's a winner right there if you like what you seen Down Below there's a subscribe button click it and you will become a member of the Crock-Pot see also check us out over at Facebook that recipes that crock on Instagram at recipes that crock and on Twitter at recipes crock and y'all keep watching and will keep cooking