the best chicken gyros recipe
John from with Euros that's right I'm going to attempt to make with some people called mystery meat slightly less mysterious and while we will be taking some of the excitement of the comes from wondering exactly what you're eating I think we're more than going to make up for that with something that's more wholesome and I think every bit as delicious you basically the two ways you can do this is with whole chunks of meat or ground meat which is what will be using today since that's my favorite plus I think this method is a lot easier to pull off in the home kitchen so would that lets go ahead get started with our ground meat would you ask looks like a giant brain but it's really just a pound of ground beef are on the left and 

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I'm using the 80/20 levophed ratio and then over here on the right we have a pound of ground lamb and while the lean fat percentage wasn't listed I'm guessing it's about the same let me cite their ground beef and lamb blend raw skin that a whole bunch of diced onions as well as a generous amount of crushed garlic and then we'll go ahead and Herb this up with some freshly chopped Rosemary listen on Fresh dried oregano and by the way even if you have fresh I do prefer the dry oregano here cuz I think the flavor Works a little better and then as far as seasonings go as well as some freshly ground black pepper I'm also going to tell send some ground cumin as well as some pepper Rica and then we'll also do a very small pinch of cinnamon not too much be careful but 

I think a pinch provides a little bit of sweetness in the background nimblefish the seasonings with a few shakes a cayenne pepper which brings me to the last two may be most controversial ingredient I like to sprinkle in a tablespoon or two of Fine Dry bread crumb and if he can try to get most of it in the bowl and then once we have all that in there will do is give this until it's thoroughly combined there for me the best tool for this operation is your bare hand or hands and the reason I mention the breadcrumbs might be a little controversial is because they would be considered filler and added for the purpose of stretching to meet there by maximizing profits that are possibly unlicensed unregulated mystery meat Street cart but that's exactly why 

I added them since that's the exact extra I'm going for but of course if you do want to go. Meet you can leave them out I mean you guys are after all the heroes of your Gyros worker into the alternative pronunciation you could also be the Kurtis Blow over many people call a gyro which could actually be the right way to say it since there's no such thing as a gyro scope but either way like I said we will miss that very seriously with her hand and then once that set what we'll do is transfer that into this baking dish which I rub very lightly with oil and I'm also going to lay in this piece of parchment paper and we will get a little oil on that and then turn it over and press it in and that's going to make it a lot easier to lift out of the dishwasher has cooled and we'll go ahead and transfer in that meeting press it down there by the way if you're concerned that we're over we're going to meet because we just missed it so thoroughly with her hand and now we're working it again as we press it into this dish do not worry that's not a concern here but they were basically making a bad meatloaf on purpose and 

I don't mean bad tasting I just need something that's not tender right for the texture of the final product to be exactly what I want what's this is cook we want a nice and firm and not soft and crumbly so we'll go ahead and transfer our meeting at which point is ready to roast so let's go ahead and transfer that into the center of a 350 degree oven for about 40 to 45 minutes or until it's nicely browned it looks a little something like this and if you're not into going by time and appearances we want to shoot for is an internal temp somewhere between 160 and 165 and then all we need to do at this point is let it cool down room temp at which point will remove it from the day 

I want to play so we can wrap it up and pop in the fridge and while it cools if you want I guess you can slice a little piece off his side and give it a try and while it should taste perfectly delicious just like this keep in mind this is going to get even better when we brought it up in the pan which reminds me a lot of the Gyros recipes that use ground meat totally skip that step okay they think you're done at this point when it comes out of the oven they say they just slice it make your sandwiches pot that is not how I gyro so while I did enjoy this bite it mostly just made me excited for what's going to happen later so like I said we're going to let that cool down the which point will transfer it onto a plate and thanks to our genius parchment paper trick earlier we are going to be able to easily lift this out so we'll grab either side and look straight up well that was unfortunate so that didn't work but as you've heard me say before we never let the food win so we go to plan B and transfer this with a spatula and 

I know the paper store on the bottom I'll remove it later I'm too upset now and I'm overdue is covered in plastic and transferred into the fridge until thoroughly chilled so yes this is something you can make well ahead of time and then just keep in the fridge until you're ready to make sandwiches which after a couple hours I was what would you want say this foolish old is pulled out unwrapped it and proceed to slice it up in any shape or size we want generally my strategy for this cut lengthwise and I will just turn those and cut across into I don't know about an eighth inch thick slices are we doing them too thick or too thin but somewhere in between and that's it once are gyros meat is cut up we can move into final production it for me that means Browning these up in a pan over medium valve oil for maybe 2 minutes per side or until nicely caramelized it for me this is one of the Hokies the operation because while it does taste okay just after baking what's the ground up like this 

I feel like it gets even more flavorful and I think the texture improves and by the way this also stimulates the traditional Gyros method where the meat is rotating over the fire and is that surface cut the meat is shaved off and used to make a wrap or sandwich or whatever you're doing so I really do like this method if your Sam's rotisserie which most of us our and then once the brownie never meet is complete we will proceed to final assembly which is going to start with this homemade Lebanese Mountain bread which I will be showing you since I finally perfected it I know it looks like a peanut but it's not as far superior and what we'll do is spread that generously as well. I think it's pronounced that siki who knows but I do know we have a video for that and I also like to do a little bit of shredded Romaine as well as some quarter cherry tomatoes which are currently the best and sweetest made it available and imma go ahead and place down or meat which is just so beautiful and fragrant and then I'm going to finish up a little bit of pickled red onion which I will tell you how to make on the Block post and then laughing at least a little spring cleaning Aleppo pepper and that's it that's how I like to build my Gyros and then I should mention there's a very traditional way to roll these up but my flatbread was a little too small plus I don't know how to do it so 

I'm just going to hold mine over and get it up to my mouth like this and that my friends was incredibly delicious and shockingly close to what you may experience from one of the mythical Magical Mystery meat Street cards that are generally found in the most dangerous neighborhoods in America's most dangerous cities in yet despite that people will line up because that's just how delicious these are there by the way if you love lamb and want to go 100% ground lamb I've done it that way before and it's very good but for me half beef and half lab makes it just a little bit more mild in for my taste it leaves a little closer to what you get when you order these out but anyway that's it might take on a gyro sandwich be sure to stay tuned for the upcoming Lebanese Mountain bread video which is currently my favorite kind of flatbread actually forget flatbread is probably currently my favorite so stay tuned for the upcoming Lebanese Mountain bread video Bob regardless of what you serve this honor in I really do hope you give it a try soon so head over to probably ingredient amounts and more than usual and it's all we enjoy