Okay to get started I'm going to make a seasoning rub for my chicken and here I have a bowl and I wanted to show you the brand that I use for those of you that like to know so to start off with I'm going to be using 1/2 teaspoon of paprika this is Spanish style paprika you could use smoked paprika or Hungarian paprika whatever you have this is the bottle I had so this is what I'm using I'm also going to be using one teaspoon of onion powder and again just to show you the brands that I use because I do know sometimes you know it does make a difference so this is why I wanted to show you I'm also going to be adding a teaspoon of garlic powder a teaspoon of lemon pepper and this is a salt free lemon pepper and for the salt element 

How To Make Baked Lemon Garlic Chicken Recipe? Please Watch The Video Below

I'm going to be using Lowry's seasoning salt now if you don't have this just use salt and I'm adding one teaspoon of the seasoned salt and now I'm just going to give everything a mix okay so everything is mixed now I want to show you I will be using 4 lbs of bone-in chicken thighs this is basically ate chicken thighs and this is bone in skin and the hall if you want to use a different kind of chicken legs would be another substitute for this recipe you could also use chicken breast I would suggest with skin and bone in maybe to get a closer to time to what I'm doing here but it is up to you so today I'm using chicken thighs and all I'm going to do is just teasing them on the skin and underneath and I'm going to let them sit in the fridge and marinate for at least 30 minutes or until I need them okay so why don't my chicken is marinating I'm going to show you the other ingredients I'll be using here I have a pound and a half of these smart bite potatoes basically they're just small different colored potatoes you can use the potato of your choice but for this recipe I do recommend chopping them into bite-size pieces so it took so long with the chicken or you could roast them separately it's up to you but today this is what I'm doing I'm also going to be roughly chopping or just in large chunks two medium onions that I need to use I am just going to be using yellow onion you can use again the onion of your choice I'm just using what I have okay so it does actually been over an hour that my chicken was marinating I went ahead and took them out of the fridge to let the chill off of them for around 15 to 20 minutes I do suggest doing that because what I'm doing now is going to preheat this pan and I'm going to be adding a little bit of oil and basically Browning the chicken and I failed to mention earlier I'll go ahead and put it when I edit that you need to pat dry your chicken before seasoning this also helps in the Browning process so you get a nice golden brown color and crispy skin so I am putting the skin side down first I'll give it a flip and on each side I'm going to be Browning them for five minutes make sure you do this because it does make a difference when you're baking and the bake time if you just Brown them for like 2 minutes with the time that I'm going to be baking in the oven you might end up with raw chicken or undercooked potatoes so I sort of suggested make sure you at least Ramen for 5 minutes on each side if it gets the cooking process started and remember there is a bone in here so bone-in chicken does take longer to cook now if you're using boneless chicken thighs you probably don't need to bake it or brown it for as long but I do have a gun in here so I want the chicken to cook through so I just flipped it and again 5 minutes on the other side so all in all it's 10 minutes for this Browning process and I'm just going to do them in batches because this is the largest stainless steel pan that I have but if you do have a larger pan than you probably could get this done in the batch or two but it's he patches of Browning on each side so again just a reminder 5 minutes on each side and by the way I am working with a medium to medium low heat nothing on high I have learned my lesson when you walk away or you have the pan too high you could start Scorch the chicken before you have a chance to really Brown it so keep that in mind I am working with a medium to medium low heat okay so the last batch of chicken need to stop Browning and I'm going to show you what it looks like and do not talk out the renderings from your chicken by the way I'm going to be using that in a minute so here's my chicken is nice and brown a beautiful golden brown color so I'm going to start building this lemon chicken baked so here I have a 9 by 13 ceramic casserole dish and in goes my potatoes I have pre rinse them to actually come pre rinsed and ready to roast but I just rinsed them anyway okay and now what I'm going to do is add around three tablespoons of that rendered chicken fat from the Browning process you could use olive oil you could use melted butter use what you have but I like using this render chicken fat it's great flavor and it just adds to the dish okay so once I've added my three tablespoons I'm also going to season beef potatoes with that leftover chicken rub seasoning that I had from earlier and then just give it a toss by the way the ingredients and measurements will be located in the description below this video so be sure to look there if you're curious about the measurements and ingredients that I used in this video I will also put things to other videos I think you might like okay so now I have one large lemon that I have Finley sliced I'm going to layer half of that slice lemon on top of the potatoes now I want to add I totally forgot to do this when I was filming this part but at this point you do want to add one cup or 8 oz of chicken broth this will also add flavor to the potatoes and ensures they get tender now I'm also going to be adding my large chunks of onion and I should have done that before I laid that chicken down but again I was in a hurry and now after laying the onion down you want to go ahead and put your chicken on top of all of that because what's going to happen is while it bakes it's also going to render the chicken fat and delicious juices and drip down onto the potatoes and onion and all that good stuff so now the rest of the thinly sliced lemon I'm going to layer on top I will be making this uncovered in a preheated oven at 400° Fahrenheit for 45 minutes or until the internal temp reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit or until the chicken is completely cooked and the potatoes are tender okay so there's about 20 minutes left of bake time so what I'm going to do is make a garlic lemon cream sauce so if you did not like garlic this might not be the cream sauce for you because I used tons of it in here so here is the pan that I brown the chicken I just remove some of those renderings and now I'm going to add around a tablespoon of butter and just kind of milk that into the pan while scraping off the fond okay now I'm going to add 5 to 6 minced cloves of fresh garlic now I know what you're thinking that is copious amounts of garlic and yes it is this is why we love it we love garlic but if you want to scale back on the garlic maybe use one or two close that's fine but we can handle the five closed so now what I'm going to do is basically cook and sauteed with garlic and again I want to remind you my heat level is at a medium to medium low heat and when I bring the pan up to temperature or when I preheat it it's just slow and gradual so I don't burn anything especially burnt garlic is the worst so now I'm going to be adding some dried seasonings 1/2 teaspoon of dried parsley and 1/4 teaspoon of dried dill dip put that this is optional but if you do have it or if you want to buy it and try it I recommend it Dill lemon garlic those are all fantastic flavors to go with chicken now I'm just going to continue sauteing and the heat will allow the dried seasonings to sort of start becoming aromatic and waking up so again I switch to a wooden spoon I should have started with a wooden spoon by the way but I definitely want to start scraping up more of that van so it just doesn't burn their sitting at the bottom of the pan ok now I'm going to be adding 8 oz of chicken broth to because the pan and definitely work in that fond okay so here comes my favorite part this is a quarter cup of lemon juice now fresh squeezed lemon juice works the best but I do want to show you what I'm using today I typically don't like using bottled citrus juices but this particular juice really does taste close to the real thing will know it is the real thing it's not from concentrate and there's no preservatives or additives to it so it's basically organic lemon juice so if you want to see what I used to date this is it it's Buy Lakewood organic lemon juice okay so what I'm going to do is continue scraping any fond and allow my chicken broth lemon garlic combination mixture Reduce by half in the meantime my chicken is done so I'm going to take it out of the oven and allow it to rest until my cream sauce is ready but you want to let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes okay so my chicken broth has reduced pretty much by half and I want to make sure I get everything off the sides of the pan and just sort of give it another mix and now I'm going to add 2 cups of heavy cream definitely want to use heavy cream maybe half and half would work but you'd have to reduce it to get the sickness that you want so this is why I suggest 16 oz or 2 cups of heavy cream and this cream sauce is so delicious and at this point I'm just going to work in that heavy cream into the chicken broth lemon juice mixture and then I'm going to Salt and Pepper to taste and pretty much allow it to simmer for around 5 to 10 minutes and it's done okay so my cream sauce is ready my chicken has rested so it's time for dinner and I'm going to show you how I decided to Plate this today here I have a large flat bottom Bowl kind of like a possible and I just added some fresh baby spinach you could also saute the spinach but I like the wilted spinach with everything on top so here's some sliced lemon and chicken I'm going to scoop up some of these tender baby potatoes and onion and finish it off with his delicious garlic lemon cream sauce so today a cold front came through and it is definitely a cold snap for Texas weather so this Delicious lemon chicken bake is perfect to warm us up for dinner I certainly hope you guys give this recipe a try I hope you like it and thanks for watching