All right guys so today we're making real Chinese remaining sweet and sour chicken can I use some rich vegetable and along with me going to use some sweet and sour fruit we going to learn step by step how to produce incredible let's go cut into small little to we're going to make the back up to code the chicken and deep fry them take 2 tbsp of refined flour 1 heaping tablespoon of on fraud and pepper Adam water full of dark soy sauce beat them together really works to make a nice black color 

How to make? please watch the video below
Sweet And Sour Chicken

weather Sports Backers into the chicken open and mix them up nicely together so they're all the part of the chicken get nicely coated with the weather you can keep this for around one and a half to two hours turn off lights in one by one once you get to see the pictures getting done from down so what you need to do is just twist the battery hope that you can do get very crispy once you get a nice golden brown color so soft take them out on the kitchen Road absorbs all Lexus oil remaining in the chicken chicken is fried and dumb use the same pan fried chicken around 3 to 4 tablespoons of oil in the same pan the sauce and the vegetable along with the chicken and produces dish to tablespoon of chopped garlic 

and the same amount of Ginger goes into the hard boiled eggs fried in around eight to nine green chilies depending upon how spicy you want your sauce to the Chili's in to have one onion which has been into cute cut into one big campus green capsicum which is being cut into cube and a small calorie which has been cut into Randall's goes straight so say them up nicely with ginger garlic and chili so they get nice flavor of them a piece of orange with his being cut into 1/2 go straight make sure that you watch the orange peel from outside cubes of pineapple around half a pineapple goes in soccer all the vegetable nicely so that get nice and crispy around 12 tbsp of sweet and sour chicken with just a really nice states to the dish as soon as you are starting to get sick so that is the time when you called around 1 or half cup of water all around 

so that it gets time to cook seasoning with salt I'm pepper add 1 teaspoon of ajinomoto a cap of white vinegar goes in dis the sauce and seasoning according pick you up at the chicken if you see the sources where you can add dissolve cornstarch into water if you want it to be really thick and saucy chicken goes in once you at the chicken in Soto slowly makes the chicken with the sauce so they're the coating of the chicken absorbs all the sources The Incredibles or do you just made very nicely the secret is not to make it very liquidy solo by a very Saucy consistency get them all in a nice big bowl it's a little lunch for your family a perfect sweet and sour chicken if you like a recipe of making this incredible sweet and sour chicken supposed to hit that like button and subscribe to my channel for more such interesting recipes and if you want so you can go to the description of this video and find all the ingredients One By One X come out