creamy lemon garlic shrimp pasta recipe
When is chilly today will be making spaghetti with Cajun shrimp and a lemon cream sauce I promise this is delicious comfort food so the first thing you want to do is season your shrimp I like to season shrimp with a bunch of different spices including brown sugar the balance the spices the brown sugar was a bit clumpy that's why you saw me trying to break it up with my fingers and of course the complete recipe will be down in the description box below I remove the tail is because normally when I make pasta with many small shrimp I just remove the tailed test with 6 colossal shrimp 
 How to make? please watch the video below

I would have certainly loved the tales on and let all of the spices get inside the little tale because that's where all the flavor all right so we're going to cook our shrimp for about 2 to 3 minutes careful not to overcook the shrimp about three minutes later I like to remove the shrimp from the skillet only because I like for the seasoning to adhere to the shrimp throughout the dish and if we leave it in the skillet must wash it off plus is also prevent us from overcooking the shrimp I threw in some butter into the skillet and we want to have butter to almost melt all of the spices stuck to the pan go ahead and add some fresh garlic you may certainly add whatever veggies you want to add at this point I just got this simple also you may add a splash of wine if you'd like so this is a bit similar to shrimp scampi only creamer go ahead and add the juice of one lemon you may do half a lemon but I like to really taste the lemon so

I got the idea for about 2 years ago when I went to a restaurant and Connecticut and I ordered a Parmesan crusted chicken scampi and it's one of the most memorable dishes I've ever had all right so I sprinkled in a little bit red chili flakes red chili pepper flakes and a little bit of lemons. So that it was a fried chicken cutlet served over spaghetti and lemon cream sauce all I was so hooked but for the city I decided to the shrimp because I already have a video for the parmesan crusted chicken all right so I poured in the heavy cream I graded some fresh parmesan I didn't have to add any extra salt and pepper only because of the shrimp release so much flavor and the parm is already salty but you may certainly add some additional salt and pepper that needs it the sauce to make for about 20 seconds until thickened up very quickly

I added some Capers and you may certainly add more cream if you want the pasta very creamy or of course you may At Last I place the shrimp in the skillet. Some warm up for a couple of seconds and if you want to make this for your significant other on a special occasion like Valentine's Day I would recommend using colossal shrimp and making the tails on that always makes them look even bigger you may even throw in a lily flower in the center and Bam better than going to a Michelin star restaurant all right so go ahead and tossed into spaghetti or any type of pasta is everything a good mix this is ready to start by the way I adore my new little possible 

I placed a cup of lemon slices on top of the pasta sprinkled some fresh parsley a little bit of grated parm you say you shouldn't mix seafood and cheese I can see that making sense with mozzarella cheese I personally don't like the way my Sorel and seafood taste combined however parmesan cheese goes great with everything great away cuz it's great Turkish with some wine and bread and he will be so happy it was so flavorful lemony and creamy just yell all around give this a try let me know if you do and I want to thank you all so much for watching