trader joe’s lacey cookies (dark chocolate, almond & orange lace cookies) 
Elegant cookie I have a great recipe for you it's a lacy almond. Orange cookie and it's really easy and fast to grind up half a cup of slivered almonds with 3/4 of a teaspoon of either anise or fennel seed in a food processor flower lights when it's ground up at it to a small popcorn tablespoons of unsalted butter this cookie got a little bit before it gets baked sow to the stove now what you want to do is you want to take your butter almonds and aniseed and cook it together with a quarter cup of sugar 3 tablespoons of honey and a half a teaspoon of coarse salt 

How to make? please watch the video below


you want to melt everything together and then cook it for one minute at a boil start up when you make sure has boiled for a minute turn off and then add a quarter cup of all-purpose flour and a tablespoon of grated orange zest very finely grated stir that in your done it's fast easy and delicious all great things on a parchment lined baking spoon one teaspoon of the time working quickly and leave about 2 in between cookies breastfeed makes about 24 so do about 12 / seat make sure that you rotate these ones during Baking Addiction killed their gold and brown for 6 minutes on the parchment paper and then use a small spatula to run underneath them to lift them off 

I don't know if you can see the holes in there but that's why they're called Lacey cookies cuz they look kind of like lace it's a light Airy cookie for the New Year enjoy simply Divine you shouldn't feel too I got it thanks for watching this video be sure to click here if you want to subscribe and click over here if you want to continue watching more great videos like this so today we doing another of the technical challenges from the Great British Bake Off which is florentines On the back of them he is on the Block at www. How to make cakes. Co. Uk on two separate plates because there are two distinct processes to making them so fastly we need 50 g of butter we need 50 g of Demerara sugar and 50 grams of golden syrup I put all of those on that flight and then we then need 50 g of plain flour we need 25 grams of cranberries which took Chop Top we need 50 g of mixed pale Chop top and then we need 25 grams of almonds and walnuts Again full finely chopped 

so I prepared all of those and they will go in the mixture shortly the break these I did it you need two or three of these baking sheets I've actually only got one baking sheet like this so I've also just use a baking tray you need to put some baking paper on top you don't need to grease it again so I just put some underneath and then start the greaseproof paper on top of it and that should be fine he will send need a relatively large sauce burn everything into it the first thing we're going to do is we're going to put the butter or sugar into the source button 

and we go down then liquid we will add everything out so first of all just put everything in and then we'll take it over to the hall and just put it in on hello hate so on a fairly low heat just put the sauce pen on I'm relatively quickly that will all melt down together continue until all the butter has melted what she can see just about to pass now you can fail any sugar just make sure that will dissolve and it would take over the heat on to the next stage so all we need to do next is mixing everything else that we've got off so just get all the other all the other ingredients all the dry ingredients and put them into the melted butter sugar and golden syrup and we mix that all together to make the flour and sayings can you think on this is not too use any more ingredients need to be very precise with measuring because just a little bit too much or little bit not enough can mean they don't work properly make sure everything's mixed in while very precise you could way out till florentines but basically to get 18 it's about a teaspoonful / Florentine so about 6 on a baking tray like this 

because they were already spread out so just put them on Aaron Shake flatten them down a little bit and then the cooking will do the rest nice big space between each one so as you can see a lot of space between each one because they are going to flatten out and spread I just put six on each page and try to cut them in two batches so-called and then they spread out nicely so let's see what happens it's just a little bit more than 8 minutes I think these are definitely ready and see that just starting to brown right around the edges they spread out nicely 

I think they may be need another minute but no more just leave those in on the wire rack just so that otherwise I would hold fold a pop so after few minutes we just need to take them off his I just using a Pilot Knob something underneath list of off Announce the water cooling rack that's still too soft that would just lose that shy these no I think it's just hard to move florentines according now Cole fairly quickly so we can prepare a chocolate now I'd rather than just putting your chocolate in a ball and melting a temperate which is quite a complicated process about Heating and we have to do is get the chocolate up to 53 degrees Centigrade or an easy way to do it half of it in a bowl and then once that's mounted I'm then going to add the rest of the chocolate so it's 200 round go together a hundred in that and then 

I chopped up the other hundred much more finely and then I'm going to snow bring the temperature down again and the chocolate broken into pieces in a ball I want just put a over some simmering water. So when's this chocolate is melted if we were tempering it with a thermometer we would be checking that this is 253 degrees Centigrade temperature off of the hate will bring the temperature down the required temperature of 26 degrees Centigrade or 79 degrees Fahrenheit and you're not left with lamp you could grate it to make it even finer so all this chocolate chocolate so what we need to do once the door mounted on it at the right temperature is we need to put it on to the Florentine scientist turn them upside down on the rock