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This is one fun (and tasty) way to use that leftover taco meat.  I would love to hear any ideas you may have!
Here is what is in this dish:
Leftover, seasons, taco meat (I used turkey)
Noodles (like macaroni) cooked al dente
Diced Tomatoes
Optional Olives, sour cream, avocado, etc.
*flour to thicken, if needed
Mix all together until hot and bubbly! 

We had Taco Tuesday for lunch yesterday I thought it might be kind of a fun video to show you what I did with all of that leftover turkey it since we had it for lunch and it was just a few of us I had a lot left over so this is how I repurposed it the first thing you're going to do is cook any Hollow pasta here I just got basic macaroni noodles to all that day so you don't want him to overcooked because they're going to cook just a little bit more
here in a minute leave a little bit of the pasta water in the bottom of the dish because you need some water anyhow and then add a can or if you have any more two cans of diced tomatoes if later on down the road when you're trying to get to reduce there isn't there's too much liquid and there's not enough sauce you can a little flower to it that'll help picking it up so you don't have to be precise that's the beauty of this recipe add your leftover ground turkey this has the taco seasoning already in it so it's going to have a lot of flavor to this dish
I don't really know what to call it a. And then give it a nice big stir this has all of your seasoning already in it you don't need that salt or pepper unless you want to course you would also ask me if you'd like this had to be a kid friendly dish in our home but yeah just give it a good stir get this nice and cooked up and then add some cheese whichever cheese you like your I have a blend you can add I mean if you want to just add cheddar you can do that you can that Jack you can add pepper jack if you wanted to be a little spicy or whatever you'd like and then give it a good stir
I did add a can of Olives just to kind of a turtle make it a little bit more exciting but that is not necessary at all but I mean there's other things you could add to it to make it really however you like but I wanted to share with you guys the way that I use are leftover ground turkey one more way to kind of repurpose it make a completely different meal out of it something that the whole family really truly enjoyed so I hope that you guys like this video if you did please give it a like we'll just call it may be repurposing leftovers taco meat Meowth
I hope this helps if you guys have any other fun recipes for repurposing taco meat I would love to hear him down below and I will talk to you really soon okay I'm going to go ahead and show you how to make my beef taco casserole and go ahead and watch the video and then if you decide you'd like to make this recipe yourself