Swiss steak is tender and delicious. Interestingly enough, the dish is not Swiss. The process used to tenderize it is referred to as swissing. This means that it is pounded in order to tenderize it. I love swiss steak served up with a side order of mashed potatoes with the juices from the steak spooned over them. Watch the video and give this delicious dish a try.

Swiss steak is a method of slow-cooking a relatively tough cut of beef, such as a round steak. The meat is browned, and then braised in a tomato sauce.

According to The American Century Cookbook, recipes first starting showing up for Swiss steak in the 1930s. Reynolds Wrap Aluminum popularized it in the late 40s by promoting the recipe as a use for its foil. Their recipe had you line a roasting pan with foil and cook the steak in the oven. (Ours below is done on the stovetop.)

The “Swiss” in Swiss Steak has nothing to do with Switzerland, but refers to the process of tenderizing a tough cut of meat. The recipe below is my mother’s method for making Swiss Steak.

How to make? please watch the video below


Hello everyone welcome back to cook and share today we're making Swiss steak ironically enough this dish does not come from Switzerland. It's the process we use to tenderize the meat and that was going to show you so let's begin with our ingredients for us we have garlic bell peppers mushrooms onions flower do tomatoes and these are homemade stewed tomatoes you can use the can type if you wish spaghetti sauce now any type of dude just use your favorite salt pepper cooking oil Andy stick can you search for any type of if you want here we just use the cheese cutter because we are going to tenderizes and using the process known as Quizlet the first step is we put our meat in Saran Wrap and I'm going to begin just pounding it up nicely and still it's nice and slap start sound of this for about 2 or 3 minutes and you can see 

I've just about reduce the width by Bible tasks and I've doubled the surface area is a steak so that should be nice and this is the process known as now that we have our meat tenderizer twist and then I'm going to slice it into about I'd say four in pieces doing a cut all my teeth that way now that I have my meat cut the next step is we're going to drink some eating flour has nicely covered on each side I was going to set it aside and repeat this process for the rest of the meat the next step is to add some oil to a preheated pan add my Beats to the pan and some Port not to overcrowd the pan so that you have some nice space between between the beat I just got this for about a minute and a half on each side now using the same pan going to have a little more oil I'm going to add my onion and my garlic 

and I'm just going to stir for a minute until they're Franklin call the DMV in garlic herb fragrance and the onions my mushrooms and I'm going to stir for another few minutes these for about 2 or 3 minutes after the point where the onions are again translucent and things are just starting to tenderize in the water I'm going to transfer everything into a pot starting with my vegetables stewed tomatoes my spaghetti sauce until it's well combined and we'll season with some peppers and some salt and we'll give it a stir again I will let that simmer over low heat for about an hour an hour and a half until the meat is tender about an hour and 10 minutes are Swiss steak is done nicely the meat is tender and we're ready to serve and this is our Swiss steak with a side dish of mashed potatoes believe me this is delicious you're going to love it. Matt has always have a great day and enjoy 

I want to make some Swiss steak so here is round steak a very tough cut of beef I'm going to use use garlic and celery and onion and I mean some ground mustard and some paprika and oregano I have a can of diced tomatoes in Worcestershire sauce some beef broth tomato paste and onion mushrooms and I have most of the stuff out and let's get going alright sliced my mushrooms about half inch thick or maybe a little less. 3/8 and I actually wash my mushrooms and I know that's going to turn a lot of you people off but I actually do and pure celery just like a one big stalk of celery that sliced onion the ice wife and two cloves of garlic that I just chopped up and here's my round steak it's pretty tough I want to go ahead and salt it pepper turn it over salt and I happen to have one of these things that tenderizes be any cuts of meat let's go to kind of help push that salt and pepper into the beef as well and tenderizer don't worry if you do not have one of these this recipe will work without it it it just it helps guarantee everything's going to turn out nice and tender so I have that all tenderized and here is my flower she's Plano flower when a little bit of salt to the flower and this is one and a half a little over one and a half pounds I'm going to cut this into serving size pieces that 50 Cent flower then go to our frying pan wear pants when heating up over medium-high heat. 

Add some oil use vegetable oil or can you use lard whatever you want really add these to be. It's flowered Oh I thought he did to that poor longer than that I expected the sizzle what are brown leaves today get color brown 55 minutes I'm going to turn them over it's been another 5 minutes and there are Browning some light on the other side take him out and what I'm going to do is I'm going to put some vermouth in the pan for use red wine which would be really a better remedy glaze with this about 1/4 of a cup maybe a little more just give up all the bits you can completely skip the red wine or vermouth and then go to the vegetables which will be the next step to through this around and let the alcohol evaporate it's only taken about two or three minutes and it's pretty much evaporated and kind of getting sick 

I'm going to add the celery and the mushroom and let these go for a little bit what's cooked about 8 minutes and you can see the mushrooms of shrunk down and your stuff plenty of liquid in there so I'm going to add the garlic I'm only using two cloves of garlic that way it will not burn and I'm going to add the onion is sliced onion and I'm going to add some salt I'm salt fourth teaspoon have two spoons somewhere around in there and let this continue to cook and kind of get dry it's give me another eight minutes in the pan starting to get dry onions are mostly cooked all the way the ad good glob of tomato paste maybe a tablespoon and a half maybe a little more how tbsp in half correct measurement that I'm just using this phone let's cook this up for about a minute or two it's been a minute and a half and I'm going to add some seasoning now dried mustard or ground mustard clumpy 

I'm going to add that a teaspoon of that teaspoon of the oregano meaning of DM paprika your dad and briefly add 1 and 1/2 cups of beef broth and the can of tomatoes and these have no salt helps me control the salt I'll let this come up to a bubble I forgot the Worcestershire sauce add a tablespoon of that almost up to a bubble come up to a bubble so now you have three choices you could bake this on top of the stove submerge your beef and put that in there very low he just so it barely barely bubbles for hour and a half where are you what's a top on it or you can put a top on this and put throw it in the oven for an hour and a half at 3:25 you can do that as well. I'm going to put it in the Crock-Pot add my beef to the Crock-Pot jumping in there good enough gravy I need to know if you wanted to use put some potatoes on top I'm not going to set my Crock-Pot for 8 hours cook 8 or 10 hours on low we'll have a delicious meal I decided to cook it in the Crock-Pot for 5 hours on high and I have to admit I love my crock pot because it will keep things warm after cooking for 4 hours stuff is beef is just so tender good I hope you try it thanks so much for watching