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This Stuffed Shrimp Recipe is absolutely delicious and makes for a great presentation. While my stuffed shrimp recipe is spicy, you can tone the heat down by adding red and or green peppers in place of the habanero and jalapeno peppers. The marinade that I used is a perfect marinade if you are just looking to grill, or oven bake shrimp. I would highly suggest using the biggest shrimp you can find for this recipe. I used 13/15 count shrimp in this recipe. This cooking technique would be great using your favorite fish as well, so don't feel limited to just using shrimp.

Stuffed Shrimp Ingredients:
*Shrimp (The bigger the better) I used 13/15 count
*Diced red onions (Set aside some for stuffing)
*Diced Jalapeno Peppers (Set aside some for stuffing)
*Diced Habano Peppers
*Rough Chopped Cilantro (Set aside some for stuffing)
*Minced Garlic (Set aside some for stuffing)
*Olive oil (Some for marinade and some for stuffing)
*Lime Juice (Some for marinade and some for stuffing)
*Bread Crunbs (I used Panko)
*Mayonnaise (For Stuffing)
*Dijon Mustard (For Stuffing)
*Egg (For Stuffing)
*Seasoning of your choice

Adapted from:
Spicy Jumbo Stuffed shrimp - Shrimp recipe

Today is going to be some spicy jumbo shrimp we're going to stuff it and I've seen a few of these recipes online I'm going to do my own little spin on it cuz I do like things a little hotter than what most people do anything that's hot if I'm introducing Habaneros jalapenos leave those out run with you know any other vegetable of your choice do you want to keep it going to the Moon bell peppers and red peppers or something like that but really it's not about the ingredients because this is one of those things you can throw together on your room this is more about a concept so hopefully it'll at least put that on your mind and you thinking about doing some stuff shrimp hopefully

this can be some inspiration anyway once you guys come on in and take a look what my ingredients are then we'll get cooking this show is going to be this jumbo shrimp that we have their what we're going to do is go ahead and take the shell off of them they're already deveined we're going to kind of butterfly those down the road the other ingredients were going to need cilantro jalapeno peppers and got some red onion some garlic some habanero mayonnaise egg Dijon mustard and Panko bread crumbs or any other kind of breadcrumbs you want the only seasoning

I'm going to add to this is going to be salt because we should have enough flavor with this and we're going to need some olive oil shelled what I did was leave the tail on the bottom of that just for presentation purposes and a few of them didn't have tails so I'm going to go and boil those for my dog anyway and ingredient that I didn't mention earlier was limes so if you're going to be marinating this for long time don't add the lime to it you plan on going a long time let it marinate and then go ahead and add lime down the road but it'll start cooking your shrimps up this is only going to really have a chance to marinade for a couple hours so we should be safe on that right back

I'm just going to go to lines on that we're going to come with our cilantro I am going to reserve some for a stuffing later same thing with are jalapenos and again same thing with their onions same thing with our garlic and we're going to go with all the Habaneros I don't want the Habaneros in or marinade because I don't want it to be too or I don't want to be in our stuff in cuz I don't want to be too hot when hit with a little oil and then some song we're just going to cut to mix it then and then we're just going to go ahead and get it in the refrigerator minutes away from actually getting down to cook in the shrimp but

I want to cook these vegetables down a little bit so what Imma do is that little bit of olive oil to this Skillet in the skillet is how about medium we're going to go ahead and add that are onions are jalapenos in this is going to be all by fight add as much or as little as you want are garlic and then are cilantro we're just going to cook this down until it gets a little until it gets a little softened that's about all we want should only take about 5 minutes long enough to get soften this was about 5 minutes now what I'm going to do is I did remove some of those shrimp earlier and I chop those up pretty finally we're going to go ahead and have the shrimp into it can I know that I had mentioned that was only going to go with salt and pepper as far as seasoning on it but I have some of this old babe we're going to go ahead and throw some of that in I forgot I had that we're just going to stir this in and cook until the shrimp gets about 80% the way done then we're going to finish up this but I do want to do is

I wanted to cool all the way down got it to our stuffing component of the stuffing put together first thing where I do is add an egg for a binder a little bit more lime juice hit it with some mayo and I wish I could give you some exact ingredients on this but this is just one of those things you going to throw together just a tad bit of Dijon we're going to mix this together together we're going to go ahead and add our bread crumbs to it and I'm using Panko bread crumbs with a Q of whatever you want we're just kind of looking for a what kind of a creamy consistency

I guess a little thick because the bread crumbs shrimp and vegetable mixture cooling down someone that's done we're going to go ahead and have this in and that's going to be our study shrimp and are vegetables or cooled off enough to go ahead and add to this and the reason I didn't add it was cuz I had some egg mixture for some eggs in there and I didn't want the eggs to start cooking so having a cool as the best way to go to go ahead and add that to her bread crumbs and mayonnaise and all that and now we're just going to fold it in Mossberg unfolded and we're going to start stuff in this but we're not going to start stuffing or shrimp we're going to start butterflying or shrimp now we have our jumbo shrimp here if you really look close you can tell on the edges

it was starting to get a little pink so that meant that the lime juice was trying to cook a little bit so we're pulling this out the perfect time we're going to do is kind of cut it a little bit further down on this for that Kris was no we're just going to set it going to flip it over so bottom side down on our pants we're going to do that for all of these so get any of the Butterflies side boom we're going to set it butterfly side down butterfly it out really other we're going to do it's going to come back over it with stuffing Inlet trust me this is going to look ugly for a minute until it comes out of the oven I'm just going to add the stuffing right on top of the back of it these are all stuffed up I actually have two pans full of those so we're going to throw them in the oven I'm going to throw a minute about 325° probably going to take about 10-15 minutes is what they all look like plated up right here

I have a few more left over but this is kind of what I could fit on this plate let's taste critic if you're a fan of that the rock band back in the seventies and eighties Queen I got heavy Mercury over here going to take part in this taste test anyway he doesn't know anything about what I put in this anything like that so we're going to do is tasted them let you kind of see what he thinks as far as a taste goes let's go BJ's in there Google I want like cilantro Maybe really good it is a little hot not going to be really hot, you guys made me know Jay Hernandez you may not want to rock this out I know you're Mexican but I'm going to take away your Mexican card if you can't eat any hot stuff anyway this stuff is great. Thanks for telling me no hippie BBQ I appreciate it comment subscribe and I'm out everyone so is it is video I want to share with you guys to some of my resume about to how to make this Frank butterfly frames doctor waystar Pratt meet so actually Super Bowl of Frank and I have one errand and then whatever flavoring to bring onion are chop them into small pieces already I also have the same time these are for garlex already and emailed one bar of the unsalted butter to prepare for the stuffing first

I pulled the old off the crab meat together garlic onion it's about a quarter of a cup of coffee come together resume butter this is like half of the butter bar come together how much bro, you need actually is like that is the reason why you poop breadcrumb number while you make it more tasty number two is many because they are all you are going to make the crab meatball your crap you want it Borders of a cup to 1 cup of breadcrumbs will be perfect everything for your classmates down there for a while I need to also claim your strength in GTA V a net at a we are going to Butterfly it so after you leave

I know if you actually need to cut a little deeper like this way do not cut through a little bit deeper and then just like that easy and simple right they are going to do all of the friends like this way before and bacon butterfly how to make a better shave me for whatever you pray for whatever you like and then put it on top of the Frank just like this way right after we stopped all of the Meatballs into the friend you can look at it like this and now we're going to use the rest of the butter and Casa on top of this number one that will make the bake or broil meatballs look more beautiful it's beautiful and so you don't want to vacated dehydrator butter won't work for that I have to tell you

I prefer to a friend who leads the Shelf cuz that can also hold a better shape and then you do not like the shell you can peel off the shelf but you better put a like the people at the bottom of the tree that would be a better shape after you finish it off the whole bouquet and also for the shrimp have we Chinese people never with I usually cut it and I usually want to make somebody stood meatball were some seafood pasta out to get together but whenever you cook tasty and delicious