Hi guys welcome to get Curry and today I'm going to make one of my most favorite Mexican party starters Mexican tacos Las Vegas Boston Sports let's grab some vegetables chop an onion into small dice has similarly I'm going to cut this red pepper into small dices I'm finally a green pepper the vegetables are prepped and ready olive oil in a hot pan Wireless heated in the Pan American the prep vegetables onions and all the people Wendy's vegetables have protein make sure you saw this on a high plane and why this is cooking 

How to make? please watch the video below


I'll be hiding in the salt as required for the chicken and vegetables along with this some paprika you can adjust the spice level according to your choice and finally some roasted cumin powder how to spell why the chicken is getting stuff right let's throw in a few pots of garlic and giving this out of Bosch I'm leaving the skin on the cob that's how I like it running tonight roughly I know you have some crushed garlic in the pan a quick few stores and just make sure the chicken is completely well cooked the chicken is done and ready off cuz the flame and let's start making that compliments which is the salsa and the guacamole for the salsa 

I'm going to start chopping an onion next I'm going to cut some tomatoes with this just to spike it up I'm adding in some green chilies will ultimately you could also use the non spicy ones just for some additional flavor or also use jalapenos authentic lunch all this goes in the Cotton Bowl along with this some parsley list two goals in the tossing Bowl along with this appeal sprinkling of salt and finally juice of lemon I'm just collecting the seeds in my head because they may just to give you a better bite and then off mouthfeel mix mix my slime evenly and what you have your ready in just a few minutes is a salsa and just before 

I can announce that the salsa is ready let's hide in a few splashes of Tabasco for the typical authentic Mexican touch a quick few mixes the chicken is ready the salsa is ready let's not move to the next accompaniment which is the guacamole for which I'm taking some ripe avocados to pick up how do you cut an avocado during the knife Midway through the avocado can you find it a little hard at the center which is nothing but the stone or the seed of this route you not the knife on the head of the stone you give it a Twist and you pull it out oranga tip of a knife gently to the surface of the fruit with the help of a spoon to scoop this flesh in football make sure you scrape 

it all through because you do not want to lose any of this gorgeous fruit similar to process the other half of avocado do this I'm just adding a few sprinkles of salt some cream just to make it extra creamy avocado is a creamy and a battery fruit find me a few splashes of lemon juice with the help of a risk I'm just going to break the massive route make sure it remains a little chunky it does not become an absolute mass of cream and yeah you have this amazing guacamole which is not ready and finally the last ingredient which is like as I'm just reading the leaves of an iceberg lettuce unresolved is in a plate till further use 

I have the confidence of the Mexican tacos which already has the chicken salsa guacamole lettuce and what I have your with me at these ready-made both like taco shells let's begin the family the first thing that goes in is a bed of lettuce on this a spoonful of the chicken mints find me a dollop of the guacamole similarly that Assemble. You know you have your Mexican tacos with your done and ready all that's left now is to pick your phone and call you Amigos over for a lovely party signing off

6 Extra Thin Corn Tortillas I used Mission

6 oz Cooked Chicken Breast chopped or shredded (or your choice of filling)

1/2 C (56g) Shredded Cheddar or your choice of cheese

STEP1, Preheat the oven to 400F.

STEP2, Microwave the tortillas for 30-45 seconds so they're more pliable for folding.

STEP3, Add the chicken and peppers (or your choice of filling) to one half of each tortilla. Top with cheese before folding over. Gently press down to seal each taco. (If you notice any tearing in the tortillas, you need to microwave the tortillas for another 15-30 seconds.)

STEP4, Place a baking sheet or flat surface with a bit of weight on top of the tacos to press them down. This prevents the tacos from opening during baking and helps the cheese fully seal the tacos so they stick together after baking.

STEP5, Bake for 8-12 minutes or until the tortillas are golden brown. Be careful not to burn. (If you’re having trouble getting them crisp, remove the second baking sheet towards the end of cooking since the tacos will be sealed by then. Also, using a baking sheet instead of a wire rack on the bottom will take a bit longer.)