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- Chicken fillets - 4 nos. (weighing around 100 gms each)
- Salt- 1 tsp 
- Crushed Pepper- 1.5 tsp
- Honey- 3 tsp
- Soy sauce - 1 tsp
- Butter - 2 dollops/ tsp
- Olive Oil- 3 tsp (preferable but can also use refined white oil)
- Crushed whole garlic with skin- 6 big pods


An event commuter the brand new series of recipes under 15 minutes let's make a quick grilled chicken today but before we actually begin with the recipe we need to do some preparation so let's have a quick look at it for the chicken we have to chop the garlic I have some fresh hopes I have some Rosemary Oregon on time I want to chop the hopes okay so get done with cutting and chopping

I have chicken breasts Gibbs lips you're going to transfer the chicken breast in a bowl I know let's start with imagination for the chicken breast chopped garlic chopped mixed herbs convection afflicts crushed black peppercorns salt olive oil and some Worcestershire sauce rub the magnet on the chicken with your hand and said that you can decide for 5 minutes and

I'm all in it what is the fattest hot chicken breasts I want to put all the marinade I don't want a grilled chicken breast on high heat for one minute once chicken is good from one side and we'll flip it give me one minute after which will reduce the Heat and cook the chicken for around 5 to 6 minutes more so chicken breast is Green from both sides won't be able to do is take a piece of aluminum foil transfer the chicken on the falls and coverage a chicken is grilled from both sides now.

Put it in the preheated the oven 888 minutes let's prepare the quick brown sauce for the chicken let's eat a nonstick pan and add some butter to it what is the buttertones going down in Cologne at some refined flour and continue to saute on medium heat for 1 minute what is the flattest Nike sorted into golden brown in color and the residue is left in the pan Maxwell a note to this action water I should be at the water mix well and add some salt to it mixed with and cook on medium heat for 2 minutes ready

It's Quickly strain the sauce the sauce is ready let's get the chicken a chicken is not perfectly cooked I want to stream the leftover marinade Indo sauce Mike Sidwell keep us off to side and let's start slicing the chicken and once we slice the chicken put it immediately on the serving plate and for some sauce on top I have some fresh parsley for garnish so just put a sprig of parsley on the chicken it's keep sauce boat from the side of the bridge quick grilled chicken along with the sauce is ready and I have made a recipe with in 15 minutes if you think you can also make it within 15 minutes don't forget to hit the light shade and the Subscribe button


- Keep the chicken fillets in a mixing bowl. 
- Sprinkle salt & crushed pepper evenly. Pour the olive oil over it & add the crushed garlic. 
- Mix everything well to coat evenly. (Alternatively you can add garlic powder or finely chopped garlic too.) 
- Set aside for around 30 mins.
- To prepare the honey-soy glaze, mix 1 tsp of soy sauce & 3 tsp of honey in a bowl. Mix well & keep aside for glaze to be used later.
- For boiling vegetables, take a saucepan & boil water. Once it comes to a boil, add salt, mix well & add all the vegetables. Boil the vegetables on high for around 5 mins. Should still be little crunchy.
- Strain & wash it with cold water to retain the color & stop the cooking.


- Take a grill pan & add a dollop (1 tsp) of butter. Spread it evenly.
- Once hot, add the chicken fillets one beside the other. Grill on high heat for around 3 mins.
- Turn them on the other side & continue to grill for 3 more mins. on the other side.
- Lower heat to medium & keep pressing the chicken pieces with the spatula for the chicken to cook & get the grill marks.
- Turn it on the other side & repeat. 
- Check if the chicken is cooked.
- Now take a basting brush & brush the chicken pieces with the honey-soy glaze.Turn the fillets on the other side.
- Again brush the other side with the honey-soy glaze & turn it over. The color should be evenly browned.
- Grill both sides for 1 min each or less. Take care that the honey-soy glaze does not burn.
- Remove onto a plate.
- To sauté the vegetables, take another pan & add a dollop/tsp of butter. Spread it and once hot add the boiled vegetables. Sauté on high for 2 mins, sprinkle some salt & crushed pepper. Mix & sauté for 2 mins.
- Serve the grilled chicken with a side of the veggies.