old-fashioned chicken and dumplings recipe
That is heartwarming for your soul and your stomach it got my folks through the depression the dust bolt what is it chicken and dumpling you're going to want some of these welcome to some Cowboy cooking my name is Kent Rollins and what do we do here A whole lot of grilling Dutch oven cooking something in the stewpot get it good and hot good old southern classic recipe called what Chicken N dumplings are y'all been asking for it and we are going to deliver that before we go any further I just want you to know anything that we used in this video or the recipe all that stuff will be listed in the description right below the video chicken and dumpling is an old Comfort recipe that goes way back during the Depression 
How to make? please watch the video below 


I mean it go down there two chicken house and grab them one up maybe have a little milk to put in their bull it up there is it was good even got them to the lot of tough time chicken and dumplings to me as a recipe that when you sit down with family at something special and that's what we're going to create today is a very special chicken and dumpling recipe made out of old traditional dumplings know there was all kinds of things you could use for dumplings and I've used canned biscuits I've used tortillas that you just cut up a little yeah the ones right out of the sack flour tortillas program in their pants off some of them can biscuits if you won't do that 

I used Pillsbury pie crust just cut them a little pieces folding them over where there's a little thicker throw them in there in just an old traditional dumpling recipe has been in my family for a long time it has soap without any further Ado let's get to this deal I have for 7 oz chicken breast as y'all so before I'm dumped him and me some hot water add a little salt too it blow them up till they get good and tender we used to use a whole chicken and do that but I do love me a chicken breast that way and got a bone nothing out when I'm finished this thing is just falls apart for Tinder so it is ready to go it is cooled off we going to cut it up into somebody's size pieces and you might be thinking my God where did you get that late night was it Paul Bunyan I like to get a hold of me some chicken when I reach down in them to get me a bite so you can see pokes when 

I say right size that's pretty well what I'm talking about for me cuz some of this is going to flake off as if it continues to some of this is going to fight and fall off in the bottom of that pot as we're cooking but you going to have to steal a good chunk pull out of there so me like this burner back get things back to go in and woke did y'all see that that just snuck up here remember quality control folks got a note will it work so so that's little saucepan over that we got about six cups of that chicken broth left in there we're going to add a half a stick of unsalted butter cream a little bit of salt and pepper to taste dump a chicken back in there give it a good old Story cover it and we're going to let it cook 20 to 25 minutes and while it is cooking you know what we're going to do we going to make us some dumpling start out with two cups of all-purpose flour and people always laughing at me if not flutter can't is flyer well here it is flyer I promise put his in about 3 teaspoons full of baking powder cuz I want to give him a little jump I do three tablespoons of oil after 

I throw these dry ingredients good as you can see so we've got a little in today we got more than a little when we have skirt alert dates in and for you folks that don't know skirt alert y'all ain't lived out here in Western Oklahoma of the Texas Panhandle because it'll blow that skirt Plum over the top of your head now you could have a weather Rock how many y'all got one of them you know it's more than rocks, string hanging from something at the Rock is sitting here like this not moving and unhappy good day if the rock is well what you doing raining if the rock is sticking straight out that wind is blowing and now we're going to add about 3/4 of a cup of buttermilk so we going to mix it around so we can get it to where it begins to come together and then we'll get her hands on it you may have to add just a little more liquid but we'll get to that point in just a minute find out we're going to go try to making this into a ball it's more consistency of a pie crust then it is a biscuit dough as you can see that's what 

I would call a little tough for a biscuit but it's going to make really good dumplings well folks we got her to that point to where it's in a ball in his Oklahoma breed can we keep some of this flyer on are you a little too soon so we going to put it there and we're going to need a little bit for five times and we going to call that a done deal right there now like a disorder try to get it to work sort of loan it's easier for me to pinch it off that way and Mama used to say you get a tablespoon at a time but I just don't like it it may be like pull them off like that they all come in all sizes so whatever size you want to make them for tell me does it make the right amount not known folks that want to roll them up and put them in there mama said you didn't and I'm going to go with what she told me so I'm just going to leave them just like this we got them all pink doll for doing a little dumpling deals we got to make sure that that is Moreland back over here on our chicken stock and I'm going to get it one more shirt before we go to drop and eat dumplings over in there and you might hear the wind blowing on that burner so here's contestant number one down in there he go here coming next in this is pretty good one you ain't even got to see him if you drop one in the wrong spot I guarantee you the Beagle will catch it 

I like to put about half of them in there and then we going to give it a stir so we're going to call about half right there and then I'm going to Stir It Up and I'm going to put the rest in there and we're going to let him just some of their alarm for about 5 to 6 minutes now folks I'm going to tell you I have had folks trying to sneak in my KitchenAid on that Ray right out the pot but I like to thicken this bill a little and you can do it with flyer my mother did but I like to use cornstarch cup full of water and two tablespoons cornstarch Cool Waters you want to make sure now that this is brought back to a good rolling boil and we going to pour this gradually in and stir it as a thickening agent continue to stir folks and it ain't going to take long we're about there two to three minutes at the most but usually about 2 minutes and you got you some thicker sauce for that chicken and we are nearly there Will folks it is a done deal and I wish I was here cuz I know my mother and my grandma would prefer would be proud of this old traditional Southern dish now I know
I hear some of you out there saying you didn't put no carrots in it notes El Reno onion it's called chicken and dumplings it wasn't called chicken and carrots and onions and peas and I want to leave it the old traditional method chicken and dumped and what have I got here serving apparatus now I want to reach down in there look at their chicken and dumplings and ever scoop I need me one more them dumplings to even the deal out did y'all see me on that macaroni and cheese like a burner top out of me permission by got to do a happy dance thank you Mama thank you Jesus that takes me back to when I was a child and I do love them or what I call really traditional sugar pie crust dumpling pardon me while I have another I want to cut one of these dumplings so y'all can see that in there now that is cooked to Perfection just a little bit of doughy right there in the middle that's the way of dumpling is supposed to be light this is one of them flavorful meals that will stay with you forever all day long and 

I guarantee you double the recipe because you going to get addicted to this stuff you going to sit down and just do one of them Jethro Bodine deal for you to take it up here to drink the whole thing so folks was hope you enjoy this today as we come down here on a very windy day in Southwest Oklahoma which is very common here we hope that you learnt something create some brand new memories or relive some from the past but we just want to thank you so much and enjoy it remember all the information will be below and I want to thank all our servicemen and women and all those who have served for keeping that old flag of flying over top of that wagon are every day we're going to have it there but I want to thank you all so much for what you do should hit the Subscribe button and I'll see you down there and dumpling trick