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Please watch a video below on how to make it FROZEN TREATS THAT WILL HAVE YOU MISSING SUMMER!

Are a fool that's right I'm going to show you one of my favorite all-time summer fresh fruit desserts but before I do I'm an answer a couple of very commonly asked questions about this first why is it called a fool in second is this so ridiculously simple and easy that even someone like me can make it well let me answer both those questions by just answering the second one yes it really is that simple is I'm just about to prove so let's stop fooling around and start fooling around in the first step is going to be the Masquerade are fruit and to do that what we'll do is that are fruit to a bowl and today I'm going to be using three different kinds of berries I have some raspberries which

I really think people should pronounce raspberries as well as some beautiful sweet strawberries which I've holding quartered and then laughing always am I was going to have some blackberries would you can see it like a breakup first those are a lot bigger than the raspberries and the centers are a little bit firm so I do like to break them up a little bit and then once we're all set with our fresh fruit we can continue on with the rest of the ingredients which will start with some fresh lemon into forms will do some freshly grated lemon zest as well as a little bit of the juice because

I made mention about a dozen times before the great thing about zest is you're getting that lemon flavor without the acidity okay so it's essential oils in the skin that gives you that really strong lemon Aroma and flavor so we will add a good about a lemon zest and juice but that's really more ferocity that it is for the flavor and then at this point we can go ahead and add a little bit of sugar and I'm not actually try to make a joke you seen a lot of these fresh fruit. Is actually not a lot of sugar and then we'll go ahead and grab a smoothie give us a mix it is

I just mentioned this process is called maceration and what you should know about that above and beyond that you should pronounce it very slowly and carefully maceration simply means tossing fruit in sugar to draw those beautiful natural juices and you'll see just after a few seconds is already starting to come
Under what this cream it's going to sort of breakdown and we're going to have soup but if we over whip it and it gets too stiff that butterfat going to start to come out of the cream and it's going to have a greasy feel on your palate in fact Legend has it that the actor mr. T was one service with over whipped cream and that's where you actually came up with his famous catchphrase I pity the fool but anyway the point is not over with this and we're looking forward to make sure that has soft peaks but sharp lines so we'll keep whiskey

will keep observing will keep whisking will keep watching until we get to this point right here you see those pigs are nice and soft and flopping over but those lines formed in the surface are quite sharp and nicely designed so that is at least for a fool like this perfectly whipped cream and you will get much better look at that in a few seconds as we move onto final production so into some kind of appropriate cover glass we will start with some cookie crumbs followed by a spoon of are macerated fruit bars with cream mixture it will simply continue on building those layers until we literally can't fit anymore in this class and please know we're not just putting in fruit make sure you get him some juice or I should have funny what's hold on I almost forgot we need to add some crumbs here

we definitely want some crumbs in the middle and I do like to do this individual in the cops are glasses if I'm only doing a few if you're making this for a large group generally the fruit mixture is folded into the cream and then just serve from One Bowl but if I'm only going to do a couple I think they're much nicer like this cuz I really don't want these layers to integrated until I start eating it but of course that's up to you you are the Peter O'Toole of making sure your pool looks cool one other quick tip here I really don't recommend building these on black placement yes I had to stop several times of vacuums comes up which I did buy 2nd of my Pura straw which I did not feel it but

I should have so go ahead and finish this up with some more cookie crumbs and quite possibly a few strategically-placed drip sauce as well as I guess more crumbs for whatever reason I really want to finish this but eventually I did and that's it our fresh Berry fool is done and definitely looking like something most people would want to eat considering the fact that took very little effort and even less cooking skills it really does look impressive but wait that's not all it also tastes and feels very impressive so let me go ahead and grab a spoon and again by taking a little taste of that perfect whip cream first I'm right here you can really see how those layers can emerge together as you work

this with the spoon and that's exactly why I don't like to make the cream in the fruit ahead of time when I serve this okay think I keep those layers a little bit separate as you survive the experience of eating this is that much more enjoyable I mean the way are fruity tart sweet juices kind of mingle with that Ridge whipped cream is just amazing that is just an exceptionally enjoyable spoon a food it's light refreshing just sweet enough sort of rich and decadent but not heavy if I could shock in the area but anyway that's it one of my all-time favorite dessert using fresh summer fruit and usually these videos on making a fool of myself well this time I made a fool for myself what you got to say was a nice change of pace

so I really do hope you give this easy beautiful and delicious dessert a try soon head over to for all the ingredients to a more info as usual there's always enjoy hello this is John from with that's right if you're looking for an easy to make incredibly gorgeous and super sexy dessert to serve your Valentine look no further because it's ancient Italian recipe is all that and more because let's be honest the whole point that serve in an extra special dessert like this after a Valentine's meal this is significantly increase your chances of getting a lot of compliments this was easy I wasn't kidding besides the first fruit garnish there are literally three ingredients in this okay so let's go ahead and get started with the aforementioned fruit would you like he's going to be some strawberries in the preppies all we need to do is cut off the top and I was supposed to end half and then into quarters you could stop right there but I'm going to make one more cut across like this in the days and we're going to end up was basically a large Daiso strawberry and by the way you can do this with all kinds of different berries and other fruits for example red berries are very popular choice but personally for me there a little too tart which is why I do prefer the strawberry

but anyway the point is you are the Michonne have your phone so you can choose any fresh fruit you want and then what will do after I strawberries are cut up we will transfer those into a bowl and sprinkle over a spoon of sugar and we will get those are toss it as you may know when you toss fresh cut strawberries with sugar drops of the liquid and it's going to create with basically an all natural and Incredibly delicious strawberry syrup but the one catch it does take a little bit of time will wrap it up and leave it on the counter for about an hour tossing occasionally or until you feel your fruit is sufficiently Juicy and by the way. You can do this ahead of time and leave food in the fridge for a few hours but I don't like to leave it too long cuz you kind of lose that freshness

so I just left right now for about an hour like I say tossing occasionally it would point we can spoon that into whatever we're going to serve it in there for me these cocktail glasses are just the right size and shape you might be thinking why are you pushing the fruit you haven't even started the recipe yet well that's because start to finish or is that the only is only going to take about 6 to 7 minutes and not only is it fast but it's also super easy it is I mention requires only three ingredients so when's our cruise portion will go ahead and grab a metal mixing bowl into which we will add the following ingredients three large egg yolks and then to the Oaks will also at the sugar as well as some kind of flavor full liquid traditionally Marsala wine

and if you're not familiar with marsala will go over that on the blog along with some very delicious and interesting Alternatives but it's basically an Italian wine a little bit on the sweet side and then what we'll do is we'll grab a whisk and give this a quick mix before heading to the stove to make magic and I mean that almost literally so give that a quick that's awful mix which point we'll head over the stove and set our heat to low or maybe just a hair above low and then what are whiskey in one hand and a towel to hold a bowling the other where they cook this directly over that low flame drink play until the mixture gets very thick and hot to the touch and trust me there's some color instructors losing their minds right now because this procedure is never done over a direct flame even a long one but instead is always done my place in this bowl over a pot of simmering water and the reason for that is so you lessen your chances of ending up with scrambled eggs so then why do

I do it this way well because I think it's faster and easier and way more dangerous so feel free to use a double boiler if you want but I really do prefer this method especially my Valentines watching this looks way cooler and yes of course if you want you can use electric mixer for this but I highly recommend you do this by hand when you wish I had you sweat and when we sweat we release pheromones and pheromones are Nature's Way of chemically saying to someone you're interested in hey there how you doing so for that reason you should go to the Whisk so I got cooking and stirring for about 7 minutes or so until I ended up with something that look like this like

I said if you didn't Pinky and it should feel hot to the touch and once we reach this point believe it or not we're done I mean how incredibly simple was that so we'll turn off her heat and we'll go ahead and Spoon that over or fruit slowly and seductively and by the way the rest me about going to give you for this is going to make enough for two generous portions although and I do realize this applies only a small percentage of you but you could stretch into enough for 3 tablespoon that in and there's two ways you can go here we could fill these up not quite all the way to the top with does probably look a little more elegant but when it comes to elegant versus a couple extra spoonfuls

I always go for the extra spoonfuls somebody. As much as humanly possible plus a little more and then for the Final Touch which is optional but please do it we will take our blow torch and just Brew it at top ever-so-slightly and how do I do I think that makes you look better but that little bit of caramelization on the top as just a little bit of complexity to the flavor profile and we don't really want to go too far here just a little light since you're there what's be careful that was almost too much so we'll go ahead and the tops and that is it or is that a neonate is done and ready to search where Valentine has been watching this whole process and is incredibly impressed with you right now come on pretty sure whatever you're trying to seduce is really going to enjoy this one quick tip and this is mostly for the guys you're going to want to have some chocolate around just in case or it in the business they call that hedging your bets so not a bad idea to have a little bit of chocolate around as well as a couple of spoons would wish to dive into this and there's just nothing short of a spectacular dessert this just has such an amazing contract between that warm custard a foam and those Cold Juicy berries I mean a really wish

I knew more than seven or eight adjectives I would definitely use a mirror while this really does feel and seemed incredibly decadent and Truth is surprisingly light in case you have some plans after dinner this really is not heavy at all and by the way do not forget to tasos strawberries in Sugar ahead of time because hopefully you can see here the way those strawberry juices kind of mingle with that custard is just I don't know let's just go to vent attic anyway just to decide I would consider this just when the ultimate Valentine's desserts of all time so I really do hope you give this a try soon head over to for all the angry as usual and as always enjoy hello this is Chef John from with panakota that's right buttermilk panna cotta to be exact and if you're not familiar this is basically the answer to the age-old question what is the most beautiful easiest and best tasting summer dessert of all time plus it is very fast to make well except for the fact we got to let the chill overnight but that little bit of time management is very quick to put together cuz you're about to see so let's go ahead and get started and first up we have to do something called Bloom the gelatin which is just a fancy way of saying we're going to take our package of powdered unflavored gelatin and sprinkle it over some cold water and I will give it a little star with a freakishly small metal spoon then all we need to do is let that sit there for about 5 or 10 minutes

and what's going to happen is that gelatins going to absorb that water is going to kind of swell up and turn it to a basically looks and feels like rubber and we'll get a good look at that when we add it to our picture but for now that's it will just make that up and set it aside while we move on to the remaining ingredients so into a saucepan we're going to go ahead and that are heavy cream and sure if you want you can switch up the types of dairies some people go with milk or half-and-half for combinations with cream that's up to you you are the Jake LaMotta of this panna cotta speaking to Raging Bull let me continue with my narration we will have a little touch of sugar and then we'll go ahead and grab a whisk and give that a stir before heading to the stove or we're going to cook this up

so we will place at on medium heat and all we need to do here is cooked this stirring occasionally until it just barely starts to simmer so despite the name Panico domini cooked cream in Italian this picture really doesn't cook much at all I'm over waiting for that to come up to temperature we can go ahead and toss in a little bit of lemon zest if you want like most deserts all the flavorings in here are optional and then like I said a while until it just starts to simmer and basically this is what we're looking for right here you'll see some small bubbles forming around the edge and then eventually you'll see some bubbles breaking up to the surface here and there and yes it would have been a little easier had a focus the camera properly but you get the idea and as soon as I make sure just starts December what we'll do is take it off the heat and add the rest of the ingredients so we will start with an incredibly tiny tiny pinch of salt okay completely optional but I do like to put a very tiny pension

I mean tiny nose like 10 crystals I'll also add a few drops of vanilla extract of course the real in the pier so we'll do a little touch of vanilla followed by are now fully bloomed gelatin which is I warned people turn into something that looks and feels like rubber it's a little scary but don't be afraid and as soon as that bloom gelatin hit that hot cream mixture is going to dissolve pretty quickly or is it melt you know what could be both but regardless keep asking until that disappears completely it which way we can go ahead and that are called buttermilk which in my opinion is going to provide a very important anus to the flavor profile as is the next and last ingredient some fresh lemon juice so go ahead and add about a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice and we will give that a final whisking and that is going to be up for our panakota base and then what I like to do this point I'd go ahead and turn this real fine Civ which of course will catch her lemon zest and or any lumps we have which we didn't have any and you almost never do bubble strain it anyway ideally into some kind of container that's easy to pour from because the next step is to feel some kind of appropriate containers and what you use hear depends on which of the two methods you're going to use the service so my preferred method in the easiest way to serve this is just to let it set in some kind of cup for example these vintage sundae glasses at least I think they're vintage it looks like some kind of design they would have done in the olden times so the first method would just be to fill up some cups like this and then the second method would be the slopes of ramekins which we could then unfold and serve on a plate which does look a little fancier but it's not quite as easy to serve as you're about to see but anyway regardless of how you're going to serve this or what container used once those are feeling we're going to go ahead

and wrap those with plastic and chill them overnight before we serve him and I stay overnight so you're not tempted to eat these too soon see if you make them during the day you'll never be able to wait those for 5 hours it takes to get him cool enough so do not tempt yourself chili knees overnight is my recommended procedure but either way once we could unwrap them and enjoy what is nothing short of an amazing dessert don't be going for clothes up here so you can see that amazingly shiny perfect service just so beautifully unblemished and as far as a garnish goes fresh fruit is very traditional either pure right into a sauce or hold like this so I'm a go ahead garnish with some fresh raspberries no finish up a little spring event which is going to look pretty and annoy some of my food bloggers friends and that's it are Panic code is done near a deterrent how to admit for the amount after we put into this that is an impressive-looking desert it's certainly not just impressive-looking this should also be incredibly impressive feeling and tasting for me the whole key to this is

just enough gelatin to hold it together without it becoming rubbery so what you can see we're getting beautiful sharp lines as we go into this with her spoon butt on a pellet there is no rubber oenis at all it is very smooth very luxurious and as far as the taste goes I think you can be very pleased she's very light very refreshing with a beautiful little tanginess in the background from the Lebanon buttermilk so I really do love everything about this okay so that was easy way to serve these now let me show you the hard way if we want on mouldy's and serve them on a plate will want to do is give these a little dip in hot water as well as probably go round with a knife animal do is kind of turn it over and shake it a little bit and it will come right out super easily here we go come on all right here we go getting close and no to the problem here is suction so what you end up having to do is kind of stick knife in the gun like this and hopefully break that seal and then continue with the Old Shaker Shaker and eventually should come out and that really isn't too bad but as you can see from our manhandling there are few divots here and there so to distract our guess we'll go ahead and garnishes with a little fresh fruits as long as again the obligatory and possibly gratuitous mint sprig and then to provide further camouflage Will Go Ahead Tours over a little bit of Honey attritional garnish for pentakota you can see it also does a pretty good job at hiding those flies so anyway that would be your second and more challenging way to serve it so it is a little trickier to serve this way but if you can pull it off it doesn't kind of impressive but anyway that's buttermilk Dakota or panna cotta is I usually pronounce in real life what do you serve it in a copper on a plate you're going to be enjoying one of the most beautiful easiest and most delicious desserts of all time so I really do hope you give this a try soon head over to for all the ingredient amounts and morphle as usual and as always enjoy hello this is Chef John from Food Wishes.