Hi this is Stephanie Manley with today I want to show you how to make a classic dish of called funeral potatoes and why do you call them funeral potatoes because this is often afraid to a meal after a funeral here in the South where I live so today I wanted to show you how to make funeral potatoes that this looks kind of complicated but I promise it's not it's really really easy to make we're going to use a bag of hash brown potatoes we're all 302 youth some sour cream butter chopped onion we're going to use a can of cream of chicken soup for going to top it off with cheddar cheese and some corn flakes of course bro is going to use a little bit of salt and pepper and some chopped onion these are really really easy to make the first thing

How to make? please watch the video below


we're going to do is we're going to go ahead and MCR hash brown into a bowl here so then we're going to start in a stick of melted butter that the half a cup of melted butter I just heated up this up in the microwave for about a minute we're going to add 16 ounces of sour cream okay and then we're going to add in a can of cream of chicken soup mix eventually it will come all right okay now we're going to stir these a very carefully together it's really important to use a bulb it's too small that makes me taste extra good the next thing we're going to add is or chopped onion are salts and our pepper be sure to click on the link in the description box for the actual recipe 

all right so I'm going to put a little bit of nonstick spray in a 9 by 13 inch baking dish and then I'm just going to pour these out in here I'm out I'm going to sprinkle a little bit of cheese on top alright this is probably the most controversial part of this recipe it's actually do you put corn flakes on top or not I don't know if your call but I personally like them speak Russian. Took a little but not a lot. You're going to stir the corn flakes in the melted butter this is what makes them nice and crispy and then we're just going to top are casserole with them 
next thing we're going to do is put this in the oven for about an hour and it'll be ready now at this point you could actually just put foil on top of it and go ahead and make this up whenever you get ready to serve this again it's going to take about an hour to go ahead and cook it up or you can heat it up and eat it right away so we've just made funeral potatoes if it's a wonderful dish to make and don't need a death in the family to have it you can have it at any time the please be sure to rate, and subscribe so you can see what's cooking next

 hi everybody and welcome Is the day after Christmas and we are having ham and one of my absolute favorites we are going to have what's called funeral potatoes for if you are familiar with the LDS faith that all this is something that the LDS or Mormon face serves a lot of funerals but it's also a favorite everyday side dishes so we are making glazed ham and we are going to make funeral potatoes so I'm going to call them funeral potatoes but these are comfort food that is either so good okay so right here we have a bag of 2 lb of hash browns right there 

so to that I'm going to add a whole stick of melted butter hey so to that we are going to add some of my dehydrated onion powder this is homemade are there and that is about two tablespoons that I've added to that and I am kind of doing a recipe and a half so you can double this and what I have here is sour cream the recipe calls for 8 oz for one bag or two pounds of hash browns and I am doing just a little bit more okay there we go so I mean okay now the recipe calls for either can a can of chicken and cream of chicken or cream of mushroom mushroom so what I'm doing if I added a whole I'm going to add a whole can of cream of chicken and mushroom and I have of cream of chicken so there you go that is mixed together and then add this reviews on your try this or if you've already tried it let me know how you do it there are different variations for this variation harder for right now and that's why I have two hands you don't normally see that in my videos okay okay so to that we are going to add set up a little bit and it's all going to go in this platter right here 

which is a 13 by 9 Pyrex dish add mixed together like this and when I add two and a half cups of cheddar cheese we're going to do salt and pepper to taste lemon pepper hair we go I like a lot of pepper I am also going to add some of my you know what Lawry's seasoning sauce it's my favorite I know anybody who follows me knows that it's my absolute favorite and I'm out of Lawry's seasoned let me know because I have not been able to find it for a few weeks now it's been out because of the holidays okay so we are going to pause this right now while 

I get this all mixed up and I will take you right back when I'm done okay so we're back so I added the other half of the cream of chicken soup cuz I thought I was going to buy it will not be dry but look at myself oh you guys this is still good if you've never had this this is the ultimate comfort food this is so good I will be serving the ham with this and with my canned green beans and mushrooms that we did this there is a video on this so that's going to be one of our side dishes we are going to put it in here can I spray this with nonstick spray you do not have to do that oh I can't wait to have this I had such a craving for this yesterday so angry hamster going to have yesterday we have tamales instead can you pause that for just a second okay put it in the pan like this 

and then you want to ask some corn flakes from quest of corn flakes to the top of this to make it crunchy and look at the stuff now I'm going to have to do a separate video on how this came out along with my ham dinner because we are not editing this video at all this is just going to go right up so if you guys have any questions before I get the finished product up just leave a comment in the comment section okay and these are french fried onions okay this is an off brand that can't remember who has these but this is what they look like french fried onions like you do in green bean casserole and he's go on the top and you just kind of crushing my little bit in your hands is it going to go in the oven at 350 degrees for 45 to 60 minutes and I have mine set my timer set for 45 minutes 45 minutes when we serve this I will show you what it looks like at the end believe me 

I want to know who really likes is happy try this and let me know who's tried it and who likes this and maybe even who has different varieties because there are so many different varieties of this recipe okay this is just RSP now how does that look good this tastes as good as it looks okay so we're going to put it in the oven and then I will do a separate video on funeral potatoes the result with my ham dinner and I will get back to you and I want honest honest feedback on how this looks and when you try it I want honest feedback on how it tastes so thank you for coming along with us on this journey and please try this recipe it is amazing thank you guys for watching please leave your comments in the comment section please subscribe if you're not already subscribe and follow us into the new year 2018 on our journey with the canning nass thanks for watching bye bye