easy creamy chicken marsala recipe

Mega Chicken in Marsala I got over here the breast of chicken I find already airports or a black pepper I'll slice over here the baby bella mushrooms I got over his sunflower ask for the salt a block of pepper I got a chicken broth I got Masala I got you some butter garlic I chop already I got Charlotte yeah I got it I'm okay now we start the wood of mushroom the First Weber oil look at the beautiful oil I got over here a little bit of oil with Port Charlotte and the gallic it wouldn't leave a Coke a little bit to the shallow to the gallic

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okay we got it the baby Bella mushroom a with Porter guy over here inside it would give a nice turn on this Lela Star I got a block of pepper not busy you know got a cuckoo too much and only thing that sucked a little bit today after this you got to go together with the chicken is done after we put it together and I put it on over here on the side of the gas off a live over here and now we started out with a chick now for the chicken I put oil or a piece of garlic got the Galaxy got to start a little bit AI like Bora Bora that we started with the chicken but 

I want to turn it up louder. The black pepper with turn a little bit it dissipates retrica look a beautiful chicken make a sugar flower really good in which order are you over here on this part yeah I got it Mom not Willy Rococo there's a couple of minute but side that we got to make a nice and beautiful color okay not with flip the other way. The color of the chicken it's really good it would do the same thing on the other side now we live just a couple of more minutes on the other side have to be ready for the Masala okay now before you put it in the gas cap fits in a restaurant with a big fan of everything and I don't want to be the house in fire this is okay now we leave a coke with a marsala little more take operated 

the marsala after we got over here the chicken broth with a marsala I'd give a really good flavor okay now it's time of the chicken stock with liver boil a little bit and we got to put her the motion room together look how beautiful you look nice this is start of the boiler to get disa to the mushroom not we got to load the flame take to boil really low slow at the chicken but the really nice attending nice juicy I like to give a nice color it would give a nice like this turn of the poor all over the place it's a little liquid and what I do I got a little extra chicken broad over here 

I put Little Flower right over here like this hey you got to make a shield the Scrambler really good that you do the way I do like this game no, crumble inside the one you pulled this is going to make it there gravy more thick not with cookie this really low for 10 minutes okay not the chicken is already we've done it now we've been crying over here on the table, I wanted to taste my chicken marsala I want to take one piece I want to test it look a beautiful look it look the great nice gravy green pasta looking nice and tender this chick in the middle of mushroom the chicken in melt in your mouth launder your mouth in methanol in my mouth I want to see David salute a chin chin David Banner or something you I want to look I want to say thank you very much thank you hello everybody today you would make a chicken cacciatore