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My kitchen today I'm going to make for you earthquake cake and it's a cake for my hometown I first discovered it in Sulphur Louisiana and I've been making it ever since for all kinds of festivities and parties that I've thrown because you're cooking all day so you need something simple and impressive for your gas so far some starting out with an 11 by 13 well greased pan I'm going to put a cup to a cup and a half of coconut on the bottom we're going to start making a crust is what we're going to do with this coconut all over the bottom it already smells like an Almond Joy and you sprinkle it down there

get it nice and coated yay and then I'm taking two cups of chopped pecans and I'm going to sprinkle that all over the bottom on top of that coconut you wouldn't believe the deliciousness that this makes in a crust no more two hands are better than one sprinkle it all in there looking good get my Bass Down all right and we go and we're done and then over here I've already pre-mixed a box cake mix according to the directions on the box now my mom always tell me if you ain't using one of them moist cake mixes add another egg it actually makes the cake moister and as you can see this one's going to beg for a while

it's bacon for 45 to 50 minutes so we want a moist cake today I'm going to use devil's food and it's also good with German chocolate but we're spring and summer so I want to do devil's food just because it's a little water the temperature is a little better for spring and summer I've made this at Fourth of July and texted let me tell you all that's hot so with the devil's food it went like gangbusters and I'm using this 13 by 11 pan instead of a 9 by 11 pan because an earthquake cake essentially make the frosting inside the cake and it comes up and it makes every piece delicious you just let it cool

cut it and serve it you don't have to frost the cake it's a genius so here we go. With that in there I'm going to give it a little spread just code it evenly all the way across its well-greased we're all right down and around and on top of all that luscious coconut and scrunches pecan I live in a neighborhood called Pecan Grove no stranger to Pecan all right now in this ball I'm going to start mixing my wedding gredients for my frosting I got my Philadelphia Cream Cheese ham using a lower crab today you can go. But I'm using this devil's food it's a little lighter

but I really don't find that the mythical has any difference in taste from the full-fat cream cheese you know the leaded and unleaded like I like to describe my coffee instead of caffeinated and uncaffeinated is leaded and unleaded that's how I do it so we're going to just put this 8 oz block of cream cheese in there I have one stick of softened butter one teaspoon of vanilla and I'm going to start mixing all that up get that all mixed together this is why you going to cream cheese and your butter to sit out for a little

while get up to room temperature so it works better together then I've got 16 oz powdered sugar and I'm just going to add that a little bit of time skip a little sticky and I'm going to keep on incorporating all this together already smells like heaven and whenever I'm done I can taste the sugar in the air dog done with this I'll come back and tell you how to put it together with my cake all right I think we just about got it all Incorporated here all mixed together do you want to look at that at creamy goodness just all

I'm are there we go now I'm going to pick out my beaters and that beautiful my kids lick the beaters it's just what you do when you're a mama so here I go I'm going to show you how to frost this cake you take a spoonful of this frosting and you're going to just dump it on top know what's going to happen is this cake it's going to bake around each dollop beautiful it doesn't have to be perfect it just has to be good earthquake cake is like a little piece of art cuz they all take on a little character of Their Own little bear little there and now I think we're just about ready to go

I got all my cream cheese frosting mixture in there I have a preheated 350-degree oven I'm going to stick this cake in there for 45 to 50 minutes but I'm white cake is moist cake mixes is the best choice for this recipe without a moist cake it'll dry out on you and nobody wants to drive cake earthquake hurricane any kind of cake hurricane can't find him and I'll see you back after it's cooled I'll cut you a piece I know you can't eat it from where you are but maybe you'll take on the idea of cooking up one of these for yourself all right see you back in a bit all right we're back already fed my family dinner

gave them some steaks in the perfect follow-up to that is it earthquake cake it's been sitting on my counter I took it out after 45 minutes and it out of the 350 degree oven and doesn't it look awesome it just reminds me of Hawaii walking around those volcanoes over there the bottoms they are they were cratered up like this with a lava rocks it was just gorgeous so let me cut their we're going to get us a p through the nuts and all that goodness and as you can see it climbed up on the side it almost went over my oven but not quite so it stayed smelling delicious the entire time okay as you can see I'm not sure why I'm taking a good hearty piece for myself

you can talk this with some powdered sugar to get a little duster powdered sugar on top of that and then little mint leaf on the side so I got to do it so good and this is fabulous at party so easy one-step baking you get it all done one pan don't have to cross it cuz the price people love me and I'm convinced good night because of me it's because of the things I can do in the kitchen please come back and watch my next video I've had so much fun sharing this earthquake cake to you in the my heart and happy Philadelphia Real Women of Philadelphia cooking y'all just keep coming back keep cooking and let's go for it hello and welcome to my three eggs a third cup of oil fourth of water and mix it together really good and then you'll have your cake mix okay and then right here 7 a half a coconut all right now what

I'm going to do with this is starting out you take your cup and a half of them on the bottom of a you can use a glass glass 9 by 13 dish or you can use it on the bottom this makes for a wonderful Craftsman re-buy them to your Facebook but and I show you how I kind of top it off with toasted coconut try that out put over your pecans in your coconut spread that out there and this is a really really easy cake to make again like I said it's not the prettiest cake that you'll ever make cuz I just very not very pretty

but are you get it all evenly over 7x step during to do as you're going to take pull up powder for a cat box of powdered sugar in a pound of powdered sugar are you or whatever and you need to go ahead and microwave your butter and your cream cheese first to defend Dunkerton cheese and they're already done it to get it good and liquidy and turn around and they're going to go ahead and Sakura Japan pretty good poured over cake mix and this really does it have to be even or anything like

that and just dump it on there however you want it new Sprite over if you'd like I can just leave it however you dumped it on there okay your case is ready to be put in the oven and it's going to stick it in there this is the earthquake as you can see how they have the little Quakes in there where looks like their art is crack and Saturday if you want it to look prettier than that you want to put this in there just kind of cut you a piece of cake out a little bit of whipped cream a little bit of the spray whipped cream really quick and then put some cookie C there you have it

so wonderful earthquake cake I hope you all enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy the cake as well cuz it's absolutely delicious on to it right now good morning everyone I am making a cake and it's called an earthquake cake and it's for a snack for my Co-op class tomorrow we are going to be studying the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 and so I'm going to make an earthquake cake and it says that when it comes out of the oven it will look like it has exploded it does not actually explode so it won't mess up your oven that's why it's called an earthquake cake

the cream cheese mixture sinks and the nuts and coconut rise and it looks really funky but it tastes delicious so let's go over the ingredient list I have a box of chocolate cake Now the recipe calls for German chocolate but all I could find was devil's food so I don't think it really makes that big of a difference free eggs a cup of water third cup of oil and I use sunflower oil a cup of coconut a half a cup of chopped nuts now it called for walnuts but I'm using pecans because that's what I had handy and I don't think it's going to make any difference in 8 oz package of softened cream cheese one stick of salted salted softened butter 2 cups of powdered sugar one teaspoon of vanilla and one package of chocolate chips so that's all the ingredients and let's get started on making this cake do is preheat the oven to 350 degrees so I got my oven preheating and they're going to take a 9 by 13 cake pan and spray it with cooking

spray and I've already done that then what you going to do is put in the bottom of the pan sprinkle the coconut see better here I think that's better sprinkle the coconut in the bottom of the pan and the nuts and you can send send set the Hanna side then what you're going to do is you're going to make mix the cake mix according to the package directions to let me get my machine set up here and I'll be right back okay so That washed and Okay

so you just read this evenly over this mixture so now I have to wash my pan real quick because I need to use it to mix up the cream cheese so I'll get that washed and I'll be back for I have the soften cream cheese the butter which I accidentally soften too much and a teaspoon of vanilla into that I'm going to add 2 cups of powdered sugar and then I'm going to whip it until it is smooth so let's get the powdered sugar in there powdered sugar is just wipe it says it very powdery it's probably going to poop everywhere when I turn the machine on okay so let's get this mixed up nice and smooth oh yeah what did I say I pooped everywhere

okay I'm going to go ahead and clean up my mess and get this mixed up and I'll be back when it's all mixed up by so this is the mixture after it's been Blended till it's floppy Now the recipe says I'm supposed to spread it on this batter and I have a feeling that's going to be a little bit challenging because this is not exactly in all this is very runny and I don't know how this is going to work so let me attempt it and see what it does this might be funny might just have to put it like in blobs yeah I think I'm going to have to just kind of blot it and spread it yeah this is you know why are these recipes always look so much easier than what they really are all right I'm just going to sit on here and you can't really spread it it's impossible am I get this all ready

I'll be back and hopefully it's not going to complete disaster so what he ended up doing is taking the rest of the mixture that was in The Mixing Bowl and I put it in a glass bowl and I microwaved it for like 30 seconds and got it much thinner and I then drizzled it over and it went much easier so if you're making this recipe do that microwave you are cream cheese mixture just till it's slightly runny and then pour it over don't try to spread it that was kind of silly for them to even think you could spread something on basically a liquid material so then the last step you need to do before you put it in the oven is sprinkle the chocolate chips on top and it says to use the whole bag so we'll see I'm going to go slowly and if I think the whole bag is going to be too much then I won't use the whole thing but I think I'm almost out already so I think it's going to be just fine there we go so now what you need to do is put this in a 350 degree oven for 50 minutes and when it's all done

and out of the oven I'll bring it back and we'll see if it turned out like it said it's going to and resemble a earthquake okay so here it is as it came out of the oven I don't know if it's really picking up on camera how it kind of exploded up but it kind of did and I'm telling you it smells wonderful but I won't be able to eat it because it's got dairy in it but I'm hoping the kids will like it so there it is and if you want to give this recipe a try I will put it in the description box below and you can let me know if you try it and if you like it so thanks a lot for watching everybody and we will talk to you later bye friends