the best cube steak recipes fried

Greetings!  It's Monday night again and the beginning of another busy week.  I made some menus for this week to make dinners even easier.  This way I have some Idea of what I am going to make for dinner that night and I can have everything ready to do either before work in the morning or at least know that I have everything I need on hand.

This week, cube steaks were on sale at the grocery store.  Buy one package, get one free.  So I got these 4 cube steaks for less than 5 dollars.  I believe that cube steaks are under appreciated!  We call upon them for chicken fried steak, Swiss steak or pepper steak, but in truth, they make a lovely "steak" for a quick dinner.  Pan seared is the way to go along with a really flavorful seasoning blend.

These are super fast and delicious.  I hope that you will look at cube steaks a whole new way and give these a try.  I know you are going to really love them!


Marine welcome to my kitchen and another episode and I showed those another video I will be showing those of another video oh and they smell so good makeup linen and mrs. dash sea salt, sorry Himalayan pink salt anyway we're going to Stearman or cast iron skillet I have a tablespoon of oil in here and I have it sitting over I don't want the oil starts smoking underappreciated cut of meat it's really cheap in fact these for cube steaks were less than $5 because my cube steaks are on sale this week at Meijer grocery store one free so I got all these cube steaks for less than $5 and that's a meal for us

is round through a cubing machine which is basically tenderizes it it it really it runs looks like it's been there several of them and it runs it in earlier times it was called tiger seasoning salt here because I'm trying you can use Lowry Seasons hell if you like but I'm trying to use the Himalayan pink salt instead or the sea and so I've made my own here and this is seasoning salt his for this recipe has two teaspoons I've Himalayan pink salt 1/2 teaspoon of granulated sugar a teaspoon each of onion powder and garlic powder and 2 teaspoons of paprika and you can use your choice of regular or smoked in this is just regular

Hungarian paprika and I'm only seasoning one side and when we're going to do now can I bring this over to the stove I'm going to kind of press the seasonings into the night here I'm going to run season side down and there is a method to my madness it's mostly because I want the season has sugar in it that's in a bird so I want the other side of the meat to cook first if I can't move this play I would not advise you to do this but I want to fit all four of these people has been here at 1 I don't know how successful I'm going to be at that but it is what it is right all right now we're going to cook these on the one side for I know for 5 minutes he be pretty or 4 minutes and I'm just going to kind of Franco

and distribute I don't want to waste any of that good stock when it's time to flip these over I'll come back and show you what they look like turn and remember that's how you when it's running or turning it on to the seasoned side then what If you like on this side the only thing you should season both side and then cracked black pepper like that be good now we're going to leave these for just a few minutes to cook on that side and then when I come back and take these out and we are going to saute up some onions peppers and mushrooms so when it's time to do that will be back

Beaverton it didn't take but three minutes or so to finish come by side down first because all the seasoning carne cook into it while I was cooking soap I'm going to put these like 5th and then what I'm going to do is I'm going to take his juices like this and this pan is extremely heavy if you have a cast iron skillet you have problems with arthritis or things like that then please don't let sit by yourself have your husband do it or one of your children because because well I didn't want it to burn now what we have I've got a little knob of butter is about to tablespoons Horse Show what's up meltdown and this cube steak tastes really good cuz I just had mom and get the taste test and I did too and I got to tell you it tastes delicious no fair you weren't home probably fix that though you know now you just have to remember that when you're eating a cube steak it's not going to be a sirloin steak it's a cube steak yes it is it delicious container cremini mushrooms that are flights have one large Vidalia onion that I sliced and quartered and I have the remnants of of half of a large green pepper and the tops and bottoms of a yellow and an orange pepper that I had in the fridge so we're going to use those up for babies

in that butter this is going to take a few minutes I'm probably going to season this up we come Timbaland salt and some Worcestershire sauce when we come back we're going to fix you a plate of poor man's cube steak sauteed veggies and potato wedges and you will think that you're eating like a king and so will your family on a weeknight on a work night and they won't even know that you hardly done any work for the Common Table we're ready to fix you a plate so let's get one of these steaks on here just like that and are mushrooms and peppers

and onions yummy and then I threw some garlic in here to I totally forgot before when when I was with you and I was putting this together and let's get some potato wedges no I have another video where I show how to do these all right I don't know about you but I think that looks fantastic not bad for a quick beginning of the week weeknight meal after a busy work day does cube steak the underappreciated cut of meat I hope you try this and I hope you've loved it and until next time out