how to make perfect soft & layered chapathi
how to make perfect soft & layered chapathi

Download Buddhist kitchen time channel to subscribe to my channel for more recipes soft layered chapati roti to make this year I have around three cups of whole wheat flour I'm going to add 1 teaspoon of salt around two to three tablespoons of olive oil mixer editing well together Add Water mixer dough medium soft it should not be too soft or too hard now it is ready I'm going to apply some oil on the surface so that it won't dry latest for minimum 20 minutes know after 20 minutes on the floor knead the dough divide the dough to make chapatis Sierra making five types of foldings the first one and making as a triangle take window ball and roll it into a quick disc for this apply some oil and folded into half and 

How To Make Perfect Soft & Layered Chapathi? Please Watch The Video Below

I didn't apply Somali impress the address to Sylhet all this is ready the second one throw this and I play summary ice cream calorie floor and cut it enroll this like a cone shape between now this one is ready now the third one roll it into a thin sheet and apply some oil and sprinkle some flour police like athletes and roll it and tuck it in now this is ready another next one I'm making us a square Orochi a place a mile and Foley that has a show notice ready now the last 151 listen to succeed and apply some oil and folded as a show now this is ready notify types of dough is ready let's roll cage now I'm rolling chapatis now the role once already lets roast a chapati importadora shabati earring making the triangle one look how it is popping up you should 

I make this triangle shape body Adela sprayer equipment adding mixed with soft chapatis the second one and roasting rastas on both sides now this is ready the third one I'm roasting which I have folded as a hexagon but while rolling I didn't get that shape roses on both sides this is ready May 4th 1 the square shaped body 

I pretty much try to retain their shape Rosita's little said that are chapatis little it has a cone shaped Ross this to on both sides with some oil now this is also Marvel show you the chapatis you can see the cows of kitties it's full of layers this is the triangle chapati which I usually make at home do give it a try and share my feedback if you like my video hit the like button and please don't forget to subscribe to my channel to adjust kitchen time see you soon