Be with you today it's 8 have Lova wreath which is really beautiful and really fun dessert for the holidays have you ever made a pub logo before it's made from a very simple meringue like a beautiful Cloud but delicious and Edibles and today I'm making a pub Lova that shaped like a wreath which is great for Holiday entertaining I've just traced a 10 inch round on my parchment paper and then in the center making a template just as a guide to pipe you don't need to do this but it makes it easier isn't the five and a half inch round so you just Trace those on your parchment paper or parchment paper so that the tracing side is down and this is where you will make your wreath to make the wreath you will need six large egg whites which is what 

How To Make Pavlova Wreath? Please Watch The Video Below

I have here in the sensor and you want to start feeding those until they form soft peaks and then you're going to add 1 and 1/2 cups of granulated sugar very slow so now we are coming to soft peaks start adding a sugar you want to add a very gradually so that the sugar dissolves into the mix if you try to I kissed a girl to Arley and could not get as much farts so it's a good idea to me if you can you talk to it and check to make sure going away like oh that's actually looking really good now the last thing that you add is for flavoring a teaspoon of vanilla extract and then a little bit of cornstarch a teaspoon this will help his stability MDK you don't want it to meet sometime tomorrow and go get the cornstarch will help with that and then Chris ability also a little bit of white vinegar that's it now you're going to type this on to your apartment 

I have the oven preheated to 250 degrees which is a very low temperature and it's the perfect temperature for baking what's another rhymes the idea is that when you bake it if it will get across on the outside but it shouldn't gain too much colored if you do it at too high of a temperature that will it will get hot I'm using a pastry bag with a pretty big tip it's about I'd say about three quarters of an inch the largest plane tip that you have will work you can also use just two spoons and dollop it on I just find that this is more even but for sure if you don't have a large tip you could just use two spoons do you want it to be a little fancy you can pipe using a star tip kind of up to you I like the Elegance of this though you'll see what I mean when your piping meringue it's helpful to just type up a tiny bit of the meringue under the corners of your paper to hold it down 

that way it doesn't lift up every time you move your bag so give that a try it works great when you're making eclairs and cream puffs to use do the same technique and then what you do is you just pipe we want about 10 Rounds on here and each of them should be about two and a half inches around so you just pipe straight down like that and go around your template you can always add a little bit more if you are nervous that you're not going to make it all the way around you can always go back I only made enough room for nine mines only have nine they're too big I'm just going to go with it because sometimes things like that happen in the kitchen and it's okay what you want to do is make little divots in here because this is going to be served with delicious Red fruits and sweetened yogurt so you want to make some room for that make a little divot using a spoon a little Hollow in each of these pavlovas okay to get this into the oven you want to bake it until it will lift off of the parchment paper takes about an hour and 10 minutes and then just turn your oven off and then leave it in for about 1 hour beaba is done it's nice and cool and now you can serve it what 

I like to do is serve it with a mixture of either scare which is a very thick type of yogurt or Greek yogurt mixed with a little bit of heavy cream I like to do that because I find Pavlov's are quite sweet there's a lot of sugar in them if you remember and I like to balance all that sweetness with something a little bit tart so I whisked together 1 and 1/4 cups of scare or Greek yogurt you can get scared rice carrots really nice it's got a great Tang plane and then just a tablespoon of sugar only if you don't want to you don't even need to add that you'll know I mean you'll see that the people of it is quite Tangy so it's up to you if you want to sweet cream or sweetened whipped cream if you want you want to risk your extra tell Iguodala football so 

I would say maybe soft peaks and then to serve what I like to do for this particular one because it's very festive and holiday eat it serve it with red fruits so I'll be here I have some cranberry should have been cooked in a sugar syrup some of which I left plain and some of which I've drained right out a little bit and then coated in Sugar are you can do both or one or the other it's completely up to you I have some raspberries some pomegranate arils and a little bowl of mint delicious with any kind of fruit depending on the season you can change it up spoon and a dollop of the cream mixture into each Halo so festive now what now what's going on inside here to have a crisper to exterior but there's going to be a little bit of chewing it and then when you serve this each person just gets one of these cute little individual pop Lopez and then just popped out real of your choice 

these are raspberries if you can find currants that's really nice fresh red currants are beautiful and generally available in December even though they're not in season the pomegranate seeds or else is there technically called I've Loved all these beautiful red colors together and these pomegranate seeds just look like little jewels to me plus they're delicious and then some of these cranberries again you can use the sugared ones or you can use the plane or a combination of both I like combination what is a good enough garnish with a few pieces of fresh mint Sprague's so fresh and pretty I just love it I just feel like it's the most festive beautiful thing isn't it so beautiful it's a beautiful and simple and festive holiday dessert and joy