4 minutes spicy garlic shrimp
4 minutes spicy garlic shrimp

Hey guys I'm single longest welcome to Asian at home and today I'm going to show you how to make spicy garlic shrimp so I sure did collection recipe over here we can check it out right here and you guys and love this so much so I decided to share a little even easier version but more compact flavor a little different so let's get started in one tablespoon of honey tarte add 1 to 2 tablespoons of my homemade chili oil with the chili flakes in it the recipe to buy here go ahead and check it out or down below the lady Wicked after you watch this video you can use this in a store-bought chili over as well but make sure the children with a chili flakes and if you have a just regular chili oil the clean chili oil like a tablespoon of chili flake over here and I'm going to chop 10 cloves of garlic because in chapter 3 green onions 122 red chili with a slice them for you

How To Make 4 minutes spicy garlic shrimp? Please Watch The Video Below

but I think just having some red chili in the food and keep the people I seen that he's the hands if you say that spicy garlic shrimp you know I mean and if you cannot find the words Chuy's green chile Define have some cilantro it's also goes into the strength of our spicy collection will have a lot of flavor a lot of fragrance is going to be so good over high heat MLB 3 tablespoons of butter you know what's next to step into the butter butter and got a good start on the comment I get a lot of Vino question about why don't you put salt how much sodium in soy sauce bottle I got soul 2008 at that's why I'm using coupons of nicely clean no shells nicely peeled deveined shrimp are two ponds of it's a disease of 3140 size about like medium medium to large and my garlic is slightly getting there like the edges are golden brown I'm going to a shrink before we added I'm going to add about a tablespoon always shocking wine if you don't have the Fusion white wine that's fine too cuz he lays the pot that little policies that led to the possibility of him that's why I like to cook so make sure you do it over high heat quickly Fade Away lyrics 

I think they have all of us like 10 seconds to finish right now and this is a time I'm going to add the green onion chili and cilantro turn up the heat plastic bin Ali sprinkle with fried shallots or french onion crispy texture and the flavor and lemon wedges what languages make sure there's no seat supposed to eat it'll be really amazing with my macaroni salad or something I'll cook the rice with some free khaki like this you can buy any brand new they sell fell over for you but I really like it to Korean Won yes please yes thank you Miss spicy Queen doesn't want to chili to make mrs. spider a spider spicy cream 

I also like spaghetti linguine so good so refreshing delicious got it feel like Sam I spicy I was like what was the name for the station please give this inspiration to buy a idea of Asians delicious and fruit what is it good morning Inspirations and ideas of Asian home cooking and this is Asian hair at home this is Asian at home and we'll see you next time this is Asian at home and if you make my recipe please take a picture teaching and take me some young longest on Instagram and Facebook so I can shout out to you let your picture and comment on your picture what are you doing angel