Everybody today I'm going to show you all how to make a honey garlic glazed chicken thigh here's what you need you will need chicken thighs chicken thighs are bone-in skin-on you will need garlic powder black pepper honey soy sauce salt ketchup Sofrito I have 5/7 garlic cloves chopped fine and I also have says on packages so now the first thing that we need to do is come over to these chicken thighs my hands are impeccably clean I'm going to go ahead and season are chicken thighs now I wash the chicken thighs and clean some

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I use lime vinegar and cold water to clean my chicken now this says on packet is definitely optional you do not have to have the sezon package in order to make this dish I just happen to love sezon and I literally cannot live without it so that's why I'm using it but this dish does not you don't have to have the Samsung packets okay alright so we're putting some garlic powder on and season a boil we're going to put out some black pepper a little bit all right and we're going to turn the other side where the skin is we're going to season it again meanwhile over in a large frying pan

I have oil just enough to coat the bottom okay and I'll show you how much oil I have in there I'm just using vegetable oil today all right this honey garlic glaze by is such a beautiful dish it's such a it's a wonderful taste guys if you've never tasted it you want absolutely love this let me get my other package here here we go that says only on there like I said sezonas definitely optional I love the color that it gives it gives a beautiful color all right little bit of pepper meanwhile I'm going to go ahead and turn my oil on medium-high okay now we're going to use some garlic powder not a lot just a little bit okay cuz we don't want that garlic to burn in that oil but we want to get a beautiful color on here okay okay just like so now I'm going to kind of rub

the seasonings and just like this guy's I know I have a bit of a glare from my kitchen window the sun is shining bright guys and it's about 76 degrees out here and I'm right in front of the kitchen window and it's gives me a little glare okay I'm just patting my son's own in this beautiful color that it gives okay just like this guy's and I've had this chicken sitting out on the counter for about a half an hour I never liked to cook my meat straight out of the refrigerator because they don't cook a they don't cook the way I like them so I always let my meet set out for a while before I cook okay now what I'm going to do at this point any time you guys are dealing with poultry or any other role meet you always want to wash your hands because you never want to transfer bacteria and salmonella into your dish that wouldn't be good for always always wash your hands after dealing with raw meat can let me wash my hands dry I'm up can

I have a towel right here now the other day I made chicken wings and I saved the tips so that I can make a chicken broth and right now I'm taking those wings and I'm making a chicken broth because I want to put like 1/4 a cup of chicken broth in this dish towards the end of the cooking okay so I have a little pot of rock going on the on the stove okay so now what we're going to do everyone imma show you the p.m. that I have and just how much oil I'm going to put in it must move this inside come over this way here's my p.m. this is a large frying pan want to show you the oil that were using if you can see this that's about how much oil we're going to use today okay cuz we want to fry that skin up and we nice and crispy okay so like

I said I have this one in medium-high let that go for a little bit mean while I'm going to show you how to make our beautiful sauce okay let's come over here to our pan well that will heats up okay in the first thing that we're going to do and I'm going to give you guys measurements at the description below right now I'm just going to eyeball it because I have quite a bit of chicken to cook tonight okay so now the first thing that we're going to do we're going to go ahead and put our honey in just like so isn't this beautiful you cannot lose when you cook with honey right there's our honey everybody let's get all of that out of there yeah I have a large amount of chicken that I'm making so this is going to be a different measurement than what

I give you all okay there's my honey all right you're going to need soy sauce current that that was about a half a bottle of soy sauce and so when you you know soy sauce is salty in your honey is sweet so you going to have that sweet salty it's just beautiful and then you have that note of the fresh garlic do you have to use a lot of garlic guys because that's why it's called a honey garlic glazed Wing nowhere using ketchup here the pet catch up in the air just like so and now for our Sofrito back in the back and are garlic we're going to use that after we're going to put that in after a chicken gets them but that's going to go into Pam with the chicken okay so now what we're going to do let me get a spoon it would just going to stir this up the honey the soy sauce the catch up Stir It Up nice and well right just like this get that ketchup in there and what doesn't dissolve right now while we're mixing will definitely dissolve when we bring this to a boil cuz we're going to bring this to a boil

okay and then it's going to reduce down to this nice thick beautiful sauce all right so our sauce is done for now it's done let me give it a taste and make sure that's the flavor that I'm wanting oh yeah oh that's beautiful that's exactly what I'm looking for guys okay we'll take this instead of the side on the stove but we're not turning the stove on yet okay all right my oils not quite ready yet already I'll be back and we'll fry this beautiful chicken out okay everyone we're back our oil is nice and heat it the way I'd like it to be and now we're going to go in skin first okay when I pop it in skin first and then don't touch it once you put it in don't go you know like with the spatula Little Fork session it just let it go so your skin can get nice and crispy okay all right display on the American flag show this is such a great dish guy really good fish

now you can do this with torch how you can do this with lamb chops the same exact recipe sisters this is an like mistake-free such an easy recipe k GTL get born in here all right turn my heat up just a little bit higher we're going to get an ice crystal meth skin I have two other chicken thighs that I need to fry up I think what I'll do once I take two out then I'll put the other ones in what's ya might be able to scoot them see I might I might have room and it looks like I do I have the room okay let's give this a try go ahead and put that in that your oil will drop the temperature once you put this coat Chicken in soda because the soil will come right back up to temperature okay don't turn the heat back up any higher okay it'll be just fine I think I'm going to go ahead and sit this one in there just like so okay to wash my hands done took his can up I'll be right back now that's one of medium-high closest kitchen curtain to to see if I can get some of that glare off of that chicken finish washing my hands there we go perfect okay in towards the back

I have the chicken broth cooking that we're going to use had chicken pox almost done it's only that the tip pieces of the wing are we KO now we're in business guys I'm going to turn this up just a tad bit but not don't turn up any higher okay then once that temperature comes back up to the heat on or turn it right back down okay I want to try to make this this years ago guy and now I actually tasted it on pork chops and it was delicious and all you need on the side guys as white rice and then you want to like spoon some of that cell phone to that plain white rice and oh my goodness mouth-watering guide for a little bit but it can I stream Chris want it and when I'm ready to turn it all be back okay everyone I just want to take a piece in at our chicken and let you all know that I did turn my heat back down because always when you put your cold meat in that oil and always bring that oil temperature down so I turned it up a little but once

I see that the oil came back up to temperature I turned his back down okay cuz we want the skin to have the most beautiful color we don't want any burn marks on it okay so I just want to take a peek in at one of them oh that's beautiful not ready but it's beautiful okay so let's just get the nice Brown Christmas on it I'll be back okay everyone I'm ready to go in and start flipping some of these know what you want to do is start turning the ones that you put in first of those over because those are going to be the ones that are done and I'm not done first but those are going to be the ones that are most crispy first and then the ones that you couldn't last don't you know of course they'll get Dunlap here we go this is what we want to see that beautiful crap perfect and you see what that said this is why

I love says on you see that beautiful color that says longest beautiful color every time I'm a sheep that one turns over it's not quite ready to flip I'm not quite on that one that's one's perfect here we go guys okay let's see what we got perfect and it's okay it's okay if you have a few of them that are not ready see this one's not ready to turn and this one but it's okay nothing will go wrong with it because it's not ready okay alright we'll wait on those other two to be ready to flip I'll come back and I'll show you what we're going to do with us okay everyone loves Kiki and at the other side besides that doesn't have the skin look at that see that she is getting nice and brown we want this to get the same color that we had for the skin side because we want this to cook all the way okay because after this after we Brown this site is when everything else happened so fast okay