the best easy beef fajitas recipe | stove top beef and chicken fajitas

To get started I will be making a marinade to this large cup I will be adding one cup of fresh orange juice it took around four medium-sized oranges to get this they want to hurt you see I'm also going to add a third cup of fresh squeezed lime juice now the next ingredient you can substitute with soy sauce but I like to use one tablespoon of Maggi seasoning sauce it basically has the same flavor of soy sauce but it comes from wheat and soy so I'm going to make sure I get most of it out of this container next I will be adding two teaspoons of chili powder and that the next ingredients that I will be adding you can definitely change the ratio if you want more or less I'm also going to be adding one teaspoon of paprika and actually I'm using one teaspoon of smoked paprika but you can use regular I'm also going to be adding one teaspoon of onion powder one teaspoon of garlic powder

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I will also be adding a quarter teaspoon of ground cumin again if you want more you can add more of that but I think a quarter teaspoon is good for me not for the final ingredients I will be adding salt and pepper to taste here I have a 1/2 teaspoon of salt and I'll camera I added freshly ground pepper to taste and then you just want to combine it well be sure to check the description below this video for all of the ingredients and measurements used in this recipe okay so after this is combined well I am going to add it to my meet I will be using a 2-pound flank steak now I want to show you something you can leave this whole just like this and add the marinade if you are going to grill this outside but I am making this inside so 

I am going to actually pre-sliced mine and marinate it sliced but again if you are going to grill it outside you probably want to do that whole okay so I've added my marinade to the meat and I'm just going to zip up the ziplock bag you could also do this in a bowl I'm going to refrigerate and marinate this for at least 2 hours but overnight for best results and also if you are using a Ziploc bag make sure that you get most of the air out so that the marinade covers the the meet your marinating I'm also going to be making chicken fajitas so I'm going to marinate one pound of chicken breast and I made the same exact marinade but I just have the recipe because I'm only making one lb the flank steak was 2 lb and the chicken breast is only one pound of chicken breast and I'm doing the same thing pouring it into the ziplock bag zip it up and marinating it I actually prefer to marinate them overnight but since I'm doing this the day of I'm going to let them go for Round 2 to 3 hours in the fridge before cooking them and again I'm going to actually pre-sliced mine 

I did that off camera okay here I'm going to make a simple topping for my tacos so I am I have the added three Roma tomatoes to a bowl I'm also going to add one chopped jalapeno I remove the seeds in veins if you want heat leave it all in or you could also use a set on a pepper I'm also going to be adding 1/2 to a full cup of chopped onion I really didn't measure it I take more 1/2 cup and the ratios of these ingredients are up to you I just wanted to show you what I'm going to make a cake as a topping for for our fajita tacos later I'm also adding some chop cilantro and pretty much this would be considered a pico de gallo just add some lime and salt you got to go I'm actually going to be adding some fresh avocado as well I have one large avocado that 

I just chopped up and I'm adding it right into the bowl and then I'm going to finish this off with fresh squeezed lime juice and salt to taste give it a mix and that's it it's done it's simple and it's one of my favorite toppings when I make homemade fajitas now while I continue to make this I just want to mention you definitely can use the toppings of your choice when making homemade tacos I know when we go to restaurants they like to serve shredded lettuce shredded cheese I'm just going to keep things simple today I'm going to make this fresh pico de gallo with avocado I'm also going to be adding some sour cream and that is it I also sometimes like to make a zesty lime garlic butter sauce but I'm going to skip that today just fresh and simple because I have other things to make and Company will be arriving soon okay so this is combined well 

I'm just going to cover this and place this in the fridge until I am ready to use it so I think I'm ready to start preparing and cooking beef I hate that I want to show you I did slice fees they're both slice and ready to be cooked now I'm going to show you the peppers and onions that I will be using I'm actually only going to use two bell peppers and one medium sized onion I'll slice these and I'm also going to cook these because it just goes fabulous with your homemade fajitas just like the restaurants again you can use more if you like but I think want to peppers and one onion is a good ratio for what I'm making today okay so I'm going to take you over to my stove and show you the setup I'm going to be using one cast iron skillet this is around 10 and maybe nine in and I'm also going to use the middle griddle on high stove I'm preheating them you want to make sure you have well heated pants or griddles because you want to get a good sear on these 

so I'm going to add oil because there is sugar a natural sugar from the orange juice and lime and what have you in the marinade you don't want it to burn before it has a chance to see her so I'm adding some oil and you probably could add oil to the marinade and give it a good shake to emulsify it that also helps now on my griddle I'm definitely using a high heat and on the cast iron skillet I will be using more of a medium-high heat because that really does get hot as a smaller vessel but this riddle I want to make sure it's nice and hot and as you can see as soon as the meat hits the griddle is starting to sizzle and see if that's what you want if it doesn't sizzlin's here when it hits the pan you definitely need to turn up the heat know how you like your meat is going to determine how long you cook it my family likes it well they don't like to see much red in the meat 

so I'm going to do my best to cook this well done but if you do not like it overcooked or well definitely adjust the cook time it is up to you but I want to show you this beautiful fear that the meat. And it smells fabulous it smells just like restaurant fajita no when it comes to making your funny cuz you could also use Beef skirt that is another cut of meat that works well with this marinade and I know when we like to grill it outside we typically like to go with Beef skirt we just marinate a whole bunch of those and put them right onto the barbecue pit but today I decided to go with flank steak because there was a sale at the tour for it so I went with it but definitely use what's convenient for your budget and for what you prefer okay so I'm going to take all this beef off The Griddle and start to cook the chicken now this is 1 lb of chicken breast so I can pretty much fit this on The Griddle and then be cast iron skillet I'm going to start cooking my onions and peppers okay so while the chicken is cooking and it's actually almost done and ready to flip I'm going to start cooking the onions and peppers which actually are not going to put very long unless you really want to cook them through I like a little bite to mine and they also continue to cook as they sit in the pan so bear that in mind by the way I did add a tablespoon or two of oil to the bottom of a cast iron skillet before adding to peppers and onions okay so once everything is done I'm going to place everything right on top of the onions and peppers and does cast iron skillet and that's how I will be serving it let me show you what it looks like okay so dinner is ready this is how I will be serving this right to the table and this definitely serves 4 people comfortably I'll go ahead and make a taco for you guys just to see how we're going to put them together I hope you give this recipe a try I hope you like it and text her watching