The Best Delicious Pot Roast Recipe

The Best Delicious Pot Roast Recipe
The Best Delicious Pot Roast Recipe

To get started I have salted and peppered 4 lb of beef roast meat this is top round roast and I've used 3 teaspoons of salt and two teaspoons of cracked black pepper and the meat I normally use for a pot roast or beef stew is actually beef chuck shoulder roast that's actually my go-to braising stewing meat you could also use a cut of brisket that's also another meat to that you could use to braise but today I decided to go with the top round roast I just like the way the cut look I thought maybe it might make a neat little slice for a thumbnail we'll see how it goes but I can see that it does have less marbling than a Chuck shoulder roast anyways here I am preheating my Dutch oven and I'm adding the last of my oil the couple tablespoons of oil and you want to make sure you get the pan nice and hot now I don't usually do this part on a high heat because I don't like to burn the fond but a medium high between medium high in a little high

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because you do want to get golden brown coloring on the exterior of your meat so here I'm placing my meat in my Dutch oven and I'm just going to Brown it on all sides this process will take some time so I would say somewhere around 15 minutes for again until you brown the meat on all side okay so now that my meat is browned on all sides I'm going to remove it from the pan and as you can see all of that golden brown van is at the bottom of the pan so now I'm going to add one medium onion to medium carrots and one stick of celery all sliced and chop and I'm just going to scrape any fond at the bottom of the pan and sauteed beets vegetables okay so it has been several minutes the onions are translucent and things have sauteed nicely so now I'm going to add three tablespoons of all purpose flour and I'm going to combine all of the veggies in the pan with the flour and cook out the flour to get rid of the raw flour taste and this is going to help thicken any beef juices and bra that I add to my pot when braising and before I forget I noticed

I didn't add my car like so I'm adding to mash cloves of garlic into the pot skin and all and I'm just going to let that warm through and cook as best I can you probably want to add that when you add the carrots and onion and celery but you know it happens so now that the flowers cooked out I am going to be adding three cups of beef broth this is just a store-bought beef broth like in a carton and I'm using 3 cups at first I'm going to only add like one cup and work out the flour and combined it with a broth just to work out any clumps in Love From The Cookout flower okay I have added the rest of the beef broth again that was 3 whole cups of beef broth and the next ingredient is optional next I'm going to be adding one cup of red wine now if you do not want to add red wine or you do not have it then just add an extra cup of beef broth ultimately if you don't want to use the wine just at 4 cups of beef broth now I'm adding three sprigs of fresh thyme 

and I'm also going to be adding one dried bay leaf and now all I'm going to add is my meat back into the pot and when I'm at the meat to the pot you'll notice that the liquid is not covering to meet the meat is not submerged in the liquid and you don't want it to be so I think the rule is the liquid should come up one inch on the sides of the meat I can't tell you how many inches is but you just don't want to dunk it all the way in and and have its immersion the braising liquid so I'm going to bring this up to a gentle simmer and once I bring it up to a gentle simmer just like this I am going to cover it with a lid and I'm going to let this cook for round 2 and 1/2 hours and again I'm cooking the meat on a gentle simmer covered for 2 and 1/2 hours and after that two and a half hours your meat is not done by any means this is going to take some time 

but I am going to remove the I'm going to set it off to the side and then I'm going to strain my braising liquid and press all the aromatics through a sieve the best I can but basically I'm straining this liquid and then I'm going to replace it back into the pot By the way I'd like to mention that this video is in collaboration with another YouTuber now I typically don't like to do collaborations but I guess since she's my cousin it's okay so please go check out daily dash of life for her version of her Crock-Pot pot roast recipe for those of you interested in making a recipe or a pot roast in a Crock-Pot she also does a lot of other recipes life hacks and showcases her daily life so please go show her some love subscribe like share some of her wonderful videos okay all of my strained braising liquid is back into my pot and by the way the leftover carrots and celery and onion you could actually blend these are pure rabies and add it to your breathing 

but we like to eat them so you do what we will so here is my saved strained braising liquid and now I am going to add some potatoes and carrots today I'm using 2 lb of golden Yukon potatoes and these are the smaller ones and I'm also using a bunch of carrots these are just thinly peeled carrots I cleaned the tops let some of the green tops just for her looks and I'm basically going to put my meat back into the pot and then add the potatoes and carrots for the last hour of braising time I also like to mention that you do not have to use this type of potato or carrot baby carrots or large carrots cut into chunks russet potatoes or even larger golden Yukons cut in half or quarters you just use what you have or find convenient but I saw these bags of potatoes and bunches of carrots and I thought I'm going with it today so once everything's back in the pan I'm going to bring it to a gentle simmer covered with a lid and cook it 

for one more hour or until the meat and veggies are knife Tinder not fork-tender because if the potatoes are fork-tender they will mush and disintegrate and so will the care so this time you want to use your knife okay so it has been a little over an hour and my meat is ready so at this point I am going to remove this meet once again I'm going to remove it and cover it with aluminum foil and allow it to rest for at least 15 to 20 minutes so once I remove it I'm also going to scoop up all my potatoes and carrots because those are done and I'm going to just put those in a dish and then I'm going to reduce my braising liquid I'm going to reduce it probably by half maybe not quite half but reducing it by half is a good way to go and that's just going to allow it to have a little more body and sickness do it again this is not a super fix sauce it's not a gravy it's more of a sauce and the flavors are just going to intensify with all the aromatics and the wine and beef broth that went in there and a little bit of this will go a long way when plating so again 

I'm just going to remove every sing and reduce the braising liquid it'll probably take around 20 minutes to do so once my liquid has reduced by half and I want to show you I'm going to just kind of move it around as you can see this is not a thick gravy it has reduced and it has to thicken a little bit but I like this consistency so now I am ready to cut my meat and what I'm going to do I'm going to show you I'm just going to cut this I'm this meat is falling apart and it's a very tender but I do notice again with a chuck roast the Chuck shoulder roast that has more marbling therefore it has it retains more moisture and this cut of meat is very lean so I'm going to cut it and put it right back into my sauce and once I cut all of the meat I'm going to plate and 

I want to show you how fork-tender this is again this is not as juicy as I noticed when I cook a chuck shoulder roast but I did try it and it's very tender it's a very good and it's flavorful okay so my roast is all sliced back in the pot and I'm ready to serve so I just served it with potatoes and it's great with a side salad and some crusty garlic herb bread or some fluffy soft dinner rolls I will leave the recipe for that at the end of this video ultimately I hope you guys give this recipe a try I hope you like it and thanks for watching