apple cinnamon crepes
Cinnamon stuffed Crepes and Crepes stuffed with apple and cinnamon you can do anything you like with me or you can have them sweet pretty cool prank the feelings within the Crepes themselves as it being hooked or as in these kinds of the serving suggestion you can make the sources off to woods and serve them with your Crepes Crepes the perfect cinnamon and sugar or with lemon juice and sugar to get fancy and make crepes suzettes we have is a flown by the ingredients in the recipe box Slauson Finley and we're going to be repairing out in the semi shift okay so I think 

How to make? please watch the video below

I should drink now we're going to add a water butter and out apple juice concentrate this is really quite strong and has a very distinctive Apple fly that which is quite sweet now we just turned down to 80 degrees for Speed 1 that's what you should have residual hate in that water will now milk better butter or sweet repair and holes I was just feel the rebels were going to Mainland here and we're just going to see Swanson sounds cool if your finger is doing it this way what kind of a guy that apple slices as you can see this some big ones and little ones something doesn't matter to get broken up some 100° Speed Run for 1 minute okay after 1 minutes the source is bubbling and boiling the fruit is still intact just want to make sure that there's no 

she was stuck to the sides that old the fruit is in contact with the juice and we're going to give it the same again one more minute 100° on Spade one it should be ready okay a Crepes a warm you just going to learn on top of that crepes are apples a quite busy so we just kind of pulled a half a teaspoon of potato fly off into some mortar mix it all I am to thicken a sauce degrees going after 30 seconds on speicher as sauce has thickened the little pieces of apples that were left in there have broken up and help to thicken a sauce as well and we just got out of the top they have a cheeky Richard cinnamon and apple stuffed Crepes I hope you enjoy this little cooking demonstration 

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