sweet and spicy baked honey sriracha chicken
Honey Sriracha chicken wings that's right not only are you going to see a super delicious and unbelievably easy chicken wing glaze but besides that I'm also going to show you the ultimate method for doing chicken wings in the oven that come out just as crispy is the deep fried ones and yes we've done many other oven-fried chicken wing recipes but this one quite frankly blows them all the way and the cool thing is you would never think in a million years would go on a chicken wing okay so let's get started and of course none of this is going to be possible without some chicken wings so I have about two and a half pound to Euro a fresh chicken wing sections you got your flats and you got your drums and you can usually find these already cut up like this but if you do by the whole ones we posted videos to show you how to break those down so 

How to make? please watch the video below

I put a link to that somewhere we can move on to the spice rub which is going to start off with some kosher salt rocks can add some freshly ground black pepper and then we'll add a little bit of smoked paprika so so far nothing too out of the ordinary but that do this word add two spoons of baking powder no I haven't been drinking we're not into big spoons of baking powder not baking soda baking powder and we'll give that a mix I believe it or not that baking powder is going to cause a chemical reaction on the surface of those wings it's going to very very closely mimic what happens when you deep fry them so once that's mixed up we're going to sprinkle over about half that will toss to coat then we will jump over the other half of the mixture give it another time is okay we want all these chicken wings perfectly and evenly coated with that mixture and what are wings at the toxin or spice mixture will go ahead and transfer the sound of a sheet pan and what I like to do here to put down a piece of foil and then place a baking rack right on top and then 

I'll transfer the wings on top of that rack and this will still work if you don't have one of those but by raising those wings up a little bit we're going to get heat convection underneath which really does help the crispy process and of course going to places down thoughtfully we don't want them on top of each other every one of evenly spaced and what does it mean pandapool go ahead and transfer those into the center of a 425 degree oven for 20 minutes at which point will pull them out and give him a turn and do not expect these to look good at this point the fact they look the opposite of good they look strange and scary because they have baking powder the Skin's going to take out a very dry can a white powdery appearance that one saturated with the natural chicken fat in the skin is going to turn unbelievably crispy those are turn and we're going to put them back in for another 20 minutes it 

would point will pull them out and repeat the process and how you can see most of that dry surfaces disappeared you may still see a little dry spot here there no big deal those are you should get saturated with the fat is East cook but if you're nervous you can always dab some available chicken fat on those spots so I guess I will put those over and then we'll do is we'll pop those back in for another 10-15 minutes or so until they're brown and crispy that's going to depend on the size of your wings and other variables to glaze which is a mansion is incredibly easy effect this is so simple it's almost got a recipe so let's have some honey to a bowl and then to our honey we're basically and add the same amount of sirach which is how I've been told to pronounce it three distinct syllables SI Racha although you know what that sounds kind of weird I'm going back to sriracha and besides the two main 

I think it just has that perfect balance between sweet and heat and above and beyond that magnificent taste the texture really is almost identical to what you get out of a deep fryer and by the way if you're wondering why does it matter of the Wings are crisp if you're going to talk to me what size anyway that's a great question but the reason that deep-fried buffalo wings are so much better is because the surface grabs on it holds the sauce or it's almost as if the skin kind of fuses to the meat and really sucks in the sauce until those little micro blisters where is a baked Wing has a much smoother much more slippery kind of flabby surface and it just doesn't hold on to this house as well okay but anyway that's it honey Sriracha chicken wings every year about this time I get tons of email asking Chef John of all your oven cooked a chicken wing methods what would you say is the best and I never knew how to answer that because they all were about the same now I know how to answer that this is the best so I really do hope you give it a try head over to foodwishes.com for all the ingredient amounts and more info as usual and as always enjoy