raspberry lemonade yogurt ice pops recipe
What you might get a welcome to Charli's Crafty Kitchen today or making strawberry yogurt popsicles ye a big thanks to AI media for doing captions on some videos if you want to see some more cat she let us know what are a part of strawberries and some vanilla Orchid some Pappadeaux sticks and some honey reverse I got some plastic spoons a blender and a popsicle Mall Island to put the stories in the blender I don't think that's it reaction to strawberries in YouTube 

How to make? please watch the video below

put this down now just going to blend it up into a puree Yokai gnashed my time next up we have to open up the lid smells pretty good to me and we have to pull in a little bit of honey I can put in a little square in the school remix stuff that it's not very Story games we are going to push down the blender button that it plays up the honey and makes it so nice with his job next step. Linda popsicle molds just like feeding a baby 17 to the popsicle his name is Jacob JN Phillips Highway I just turn this around Michele gets delicious now I'm going to put it on the screen and strawberry Inn 

I want to talk with me again again so be a really good healthy treat if you want to have a healthy birthday party you got to scrape off the Earth again how you doing right now what's a spatula how to make it super neat because I do like meet Miss now I'm going to get a popsicle sticks and each one Snapchats put in the freezer make sure you leave it for overnight now I'm going to pull them out wow these are what I look like that's delicious 

I'm going to take some yoga this is good enough. I'm going to buy ice truck to eat sometimes healthy for you can be pretty tasty too and also looks cute try to put up pictures every single day please don't forget to subscribe to YouTube channel and like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram Coach store the first step is to put the strawberries in the fridge Play song professional but it's so delicious how can you think it's healthy