Back to my channel I finally perfected my oven fried chicken it is crispy on the outside juicy on the inside and seasoned all the stuff you want to see more please stay tuned keto approved oven fried chicken right here I have some already made this last night and it was absolutely delicious but these word three boneless chicken thighs that I had leftover in because it was so good yesterday I'm like you know what I'm going to go ahead and make me some more by so yes this is my very first time using stymie I usually use breast and because the coating is on it is still very moist on the inside it's not over drying or anything like that  

How To Make Perfected! Crispy And Juicy Keto "Fried" Chicken Recipe? Please Watch The Video Below

but I just wanted to try it with by me because I need traditionally has more flavor and it's just a little more juice here so that was tried and true last night it was so so good so yeah try it with both try it with the chicken breast and also try it with the size of a so this is a size I already have like I said and It season or just seasoned it with my normal seasoning seasoned salt pepper garlic powder a little bit of parsley and that's pretty much the next thing I'll be using is this Mac's BBQ pork rinds what I did was I just smashed this up really fine inside of the bag with my hand and then I use a rolling pin to kind of like a roll it out and make it until 4:50 but this is kind of what it's looking like inside the bag this is what I have left over and then I mixed this mixture with a little bit of Parmesan cheese I don't have any exact measurement or anything like that 

but I just mix the pork rinds with a Parmesan cheese and I also added a little bit of almond flour as well so you'll see me mix that up I don't have an exact measurement I just kind of put it all together and then I sees in that home mix and I don't seasoning too much because the barbecue flavor already have some seasonings in it it doesn't taste like barbecue I don't know how to describe it as but it is already seasoned so next I'm just going to show you how I mixed up the breading and I'm going to go ahead and crack an egg I'm going to dip the chicken in a egg heavy whipping cream washed 

and then coated with this and then we'll go ahead and put in the oven pork rind dust in hand looking why and then I'm going to take some Parmesan cheese and I'm just going to freehand it sprinkle some of that on top of their a little bit there do want to let you guys know that you do not meet the this is my first time using my almond flour and I'm not sure if I saw a huge difference so I'm not sure if it's really needed I normally just use the pork rind in the parmesan cheese and not as fine so and by the way it's less card if you don't use the almond flour actually is 0 the parmesan cheese is 0 and the the parmesan cheese is zero and also the pork rinds are zero as well 

so if you want to keep it really low carb just go ahead and leave out the almond flour that a little mix with my hand and then I'm going to go ahead and lightly seasoned it with the seasons of my choice and you guys use whatever you like going to go ahead and take a phone and I'm going to make my egg wash since I only have three thighs I'm just going to use one egg and I think that should be enough and here is heavy whipping cream and I'm just going to probably put about a tablespoon so this is kind of what it's looking like I'm going to go ahead and give that a mixed case so now we have our egg mix we have a chicken in our bread crumbs and now you're pretty much done this is the easy part cuz my pan 

I'm just going to go ahead and it will the bottom of it lightly so that none of the mixture will sick spread that around your hand so I hope you guys can see everything okay so first thing I'm going to do I'm going to get a boneless chicken thigh mixture both sides top just if you just in case you can't see that well just give it a good mix I put some on top and I just keep Kodi and it should look like this down once you are done with them Friday this is what it should look like so I have three main pieces here this is connected either like this little fall off pieces is kind of like a little maybe popcorn chicken or something like that do you want to take your remaining make sure that you have when you have a couple of little crumbs you can go ahead place them where you might need them but this is what it's looking like so far 

and then it what I do is I'll put it in the oven at about 400° or maybe 20 to 30 minutes just as long as you know if it is done cooking regular chicken so just eyeball it until it's my golden to dark brown head and put this in the oven okay guys so this is the finished product this is what it's looking like I swear it feels like you're eating real Fried Chicken is supposed to be if you have some kind of sauce is something to dip it in its crispy and crunchy on the outside and on the inside it is super juicy even with chicken breast so normally what I'll do is I'll plate this would like some kind of French dressing or a low carb BBQ sauce so that I can get the chicken and yeah that's pretty much it very very delicious I promise you guys will really like it I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did don't forget to give me a big thumbs-up and I'll see you next by