How To Make Grilled London Broil

How To Make Grilled London Broil

Out on the grill got a lot of questions about how to do these first you got to kind of know what a London broil is you can find them in the supermarkets but often times are really miss label London Broil is not a cut of beef is really pertaining to the way it's prepared and it's usually just a roast that has been marinated it's been seared on the outside and finished off in some heat to a medium temperature and it's great for slicing now the cut that you see often labeled as London Broil in the supermarket is what I have here if it's really a top round roast this is why is in about three and a half pounds and that's pretty normal so the first thing we're going to do this London broils get it ready for the marinade in a roast like this is tough it has a lot of connective tissue comes from a part of the cow hours worked a lot and it's a big muscle so it's not going to be you know it doesn't have a lot of fat doesn't have a lot of marbling you want to get it tender what 

I like to do is use my card tenderize a little of what it is it's going to light a little sharp needle-like points on it and it's going to go down into the meat I tried it and it just breaks it down a little bit tender and also if you don't have it your car and you know you can use a metal skewer knife even if for just a penetrating you just want to make some little hole now we're going to get some seasoning on it first start with a little salt pepper and garlic you see me use my AP mixture not real heavy we want to get some seasoning on it now

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How To Make Grilled London Broil

I can drop the Rope for the next part or marinade we're going to get our wedding greeting in Salem starting with about a cup of my barbecue sauce use any sauce you like here we got some balsamic vinegar some extra virgin olive oil in a little bit of chopped garlic whisk you want to pull this right over the road we want to roll it down is possible make sure the roast is covered now all we need to do is refrigerate this roast for four to five hours we're to be ready to cook it will show you that just a little bit caught in the refrigerator for 4 hours in the marinade took it out of the bag just called up the excess it's okay if it's wet it's okay if there's a little like garlic still stuck on it so I'll give it more flavor tenderize it with your card I know it's going to be tender is going to help us out there only thing we need to do now is get some more seasoning on it and that's where I'd like to use your favorite Montreal if you want to mix up your own that's fine to flip it over do the same thing this is a good time to notice which way your Grange running because when it's done just like a brisket flat we want a slice just let him roll across the grain is going to make it even more tender now the only thing we need to do is go outside fire up the grill but I'm using the reverse sear we're going to keep this between about 275 at 300° we're going to slowly bring the internal temperature up in this roast you're going to need a good thermometer to do it I'm going to be using myself alarm just got a probe that I can stick in the London Broil I want to make sure 

I go in the middle of it where I can watch those temps if you don't have a probe like this at least get you an inexpensive one like the new thermopop they have on the market these things are going for on their website they're super fast now though r e tent with a three or four seconds so you at least need to have one of these we go outside and fire the green egg Negril it started my big green egg and I've got it fired up today with some good lump charcoal I use the little wax Cube to get it started want to make sure I can get in the bottom get up through the fire great once that long calls ready texted about 20 minutes spread it out a little bit go ahead get your wood on it I'm going with a couple pieces of pecan and a couple pieces of going to be plenty of smoke got my vents just kind of cracked open to get it to come up and then I'll turn them down what's the temperature gets up in about 250 275 degrees the bottom should be open just about an inch of snow be plenty of air float you're going to have your heat shield in there so we can keep those tips down because the first part of this cooking process for the London Broil is just going to be the smoke process in DirecTV 

you can do this on any Grill you just going to need an indirect side first that for some low temperatures hear the London Broil you're going to need a hot side with a wrap those tips up to get us some good grill marks on it let's get this London Broil on the pit I've got my meat probe in it already should have taken place it on the center here straighten it up a little good to go the first first temp setting we're looking for is about 110 internal that's going to bring it up nice and slow in the smoke and let it absorb some of it then we're going to take the grill off get the heat shield out but that lump charcoal get real good and hot we're going to put a grill Gates on its ear this London Broil really turning into something special at the end clothes and going to alarms going off and you can see we don't crap up to about 1:12 that's as high as I wanted to take it on this reverse sear part now it's time to go ahead and get the London Broil off I'm just going to sit on a platter here you little aluminum foil over it I'm going to take the grade off and set the heat to great right back in now we're cooking open up the grill set it all the way open crack at work and climb up I wanted to get up to 500° pretty quick or the Egg temp up to 500° I want to keep letting it climb a little bit I'm not really worried about shutting it off we want to do is barely raise the lid was so that the heat also don't flash you not put my grill grates in as well so they're screaming hot to not going to put the London Broil right back on, the angle get the look close we're going to set a timer for 3 minutes what we're going to do is 6 minutes each side we're going to give it that twist we get some really good GrillMarX alright been 3 minutes I'm just going to give it a Twist here Hot Spot close the lid three more minutes will be time to flip all right we're ready for the flip that's been 6 minutes 

I'm just going to use a grill grate spatula help me out here so we got some good grill marks on it go let this side cook about 5 to 6 minutes but I'll check the temp here like 2 and 1/2 minutes to see where it's at 1 to make sure I get it off when it's a good medium medium rare degrees we'll go ahead and check it with a thermal see where at 135 130 it's right in there register where we wanted 129 I might let it go just another minute on this side that's going to be perfect all right I know this London Broil is ready stepping out a hundred thirty degrees internal little bit more what you want to let it rest especially with one more cooking like this I mean look at the marks that got on it it's beautiful sky pretty pretty color to it can't wait to try it I know it's going to be just right in medium rare London Broil inside. Just let it hang out in that platter for about 15 minutes I really wanted to stop cooking calms down I don't lose as much juice that way what are you going to keep that too as you can use that for dipping later on boy cutting across so I'm going to start again now the end of a little more done if you got people to like it that way that's fine

I kind of like to keep my knife on a little bit of advice, angle and just make sure you want to keep them kind of thin as we get over to the middle it's going to get a little more rare what I want to see now we're starting to get into some mediums to get some good paint color to it or across the grain so that's going to make our slices tender there we go now we're getting into some medium medium rare that's when you know it's good I still got some good juice in it you talk about make a good sandwich or go with some mashed potatoes and gravy

that's what I'm talking about. Keep slicing it smells good still hot I'm going to give me a piece out of the middle ear did you know this is my favorite part of the day when I get to try this London broil types of peppers taste the sauce for 4 hours London Broil just how you prepare it brought it home took it out of the package your car and it got to tenderize to see end it with a little salt pepper BBQ sauce balsamic vinegar olive oil garlic chopped up let it marinate for 4 hours Grill going indirect heat for the first part about 250 to 75° doing a reverse sear we brought it up to a hundred and ten internal then we took the heat deflector is fired up to 500 Degrees 6 minutes each side we got those beautiful GrillMarX about turning it every 3 minutes then we let it rest that's all you have to do to cook this London Broil I promise you is grain check out this video you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter will see you next time hello this is