how to make best garlic shrimp recipe quick and easy
how to make best garlic shrimp recipe quick and easy

We're going to cook up a mess of shrimp Lookout Fantastical that is these are already deveined which is awesome but I'm going to go ahead and get the shells off of there and then we'll get going on this list with Gabrielle fast all right and boom there you go got the shells of them off but here the shell right here I'm going to save these here this is the all the yucky parts of the shrimp cuz that's going to be using I can use that for broth make a nice soup with that let's see I'm keeping my Skillet up got it on medium-high heat and I'm going to throw in a lot of oil a lot of olive oil this is going to be very oily it's going to be very garlicky


I don't want me to put it in banana pudding in like almost a half a cup of olive oil that's okay because it's going to be super duper garlicky is going to be super duper shrimpy and we're just going to have this with a salad and little bit of French bread so we can be stopping up a lot of that oil with bread is going to be super tasty then it could be lickety-split super duper fast food the same take more than three or four minutes and we'll be ready to Chow Down feeling old today but that's one of the drawbacks to being covered in muscle just muscle in your head all right so I think I'll is almost there so we can just hear Boom I got some red pepper flakes going to throw that in there why not go to throw boom my garlic know this is an Unholy amount of garlic give this is like 

I don't even know that's like I'm maybe a half cup this is a whole bulb of garlic and I got to chop up nice and fine you don't have to put this much garlic in it but it's garlic shrimp you know I'm on the road missing here what is through the surround alrighty so we're going to do our garlic boom not to be long cuz we don't want to burn our garlic color up a little bit Yeah you can already smell it it's been going on for how long hasn't even been a minute and now we're going to go ahead and throw in on shrimp maybe 3 minutes we just starting to get a little pink got some for pre-k here not shy with the freakiest and add a nice color and I had a nice flavor with that garlic if you want to see you can throw a little bit of white wine in here kind of semi think about throwing 

but I don't think I'm going to do it starting to curl up I'm going to throw in a little bit of salt and pepper boom boom boom of course to taste everything going to go crazy with the garlic go crazy with a heart tells you to do there's no wrong way to do this Furious 7 2 minutes boom got me some lemon and add some fresh lemon juice there's one half of a lemon I'm going to go ahead and turn the heat off they got a lot of color in them corset super freak at 2 add some more lemon juice I'm going to end up quitting about the Jews of to meet boom now you have a man that's it I'm going to get it off the heat and for the final piece de resistance will be a little bit of parsley going to had a nice flavor and a nice color you can throw cilantro in there if you wanted to you would meet you don't even have to throw anything in there 

but look how beautiful tonight's the red and the green the shrimp this is like a shrimp Christmas do you have a man that's all there is to it boom 4 minutes now we got some french bread let's light this up that's all there is to it semi get enough oil in each bowl and as you see I'm serving dinner bowl cuz it's going to have a lot of oil pretty wet. That stuff up the French bread the boom boom get your hands off my strength and make it beautiful on 39th trunk a hunk of bread on their fantastic garlicky shrimp you know what a nice I'd garlicky oil sauce you know nice oily garlic sauce garlic Boiling Shrimp you know so make sure you eat it with a nice piece of French bread some kind of bread you can soak it up with you know definitely give this recipe to try let me know what you think bon appetit super duper what's the difference between a shrimp and a prawn you got five seconds what is no difference the same thing just a different word you know I'm trying it's just a big shrimp generally speaking people usually apply the word Prime to shrimp with an overinflated sense of itself