Baked Sweet And Sour Chicken Recipe

Jared's favorite recipe baked sweet and sour chicken we love to go to Szechuan open kitchen here in Gresham for our Chinese takeout but if we were to feed our entire family we would need to purchase five orders of sweet and sour chicken $10 a pop that would come to that $50 so it's much more economical to just make it here at home for this recipe you are going to need chicken breast and then we will address it and cornstarch and egg for the breading and our sauce is going to be made out of sugar soy sauce ketchup apple cider vinegar and some garlic powder and we were done baking it all service over some rice most of these items
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I already had in my pantry I think we all have things like sugar and soy sauce and vinegar cornstarch so I really only had to purchase the chicken and some rice so compared to the $50 that you would spend it take out on takeout I can make all this for 16 people for about $15 or less so it's a way better deal you're going to save a lot of money and according to Jared it taste better than Szechuan so let's get started so the first thing we want to do is fry up our chicken chunks and oil temperature is really important if we don't have the oil hot and then are breading is going to be soggy but it burnt oil is too high it's going to cook too quickly and it'll burn you'll have pieces of the breading fall off in the pan and it'll become Smokey so it's really important to get the right temperature and really to me the best way it's just give it a little test dip a little bit in and

I know it's kind of trial-and-error but you definitely want it hot enough to fry it's better to err on the side of too hot then not hot enough soggy breading is the worst also you want your oil deep enough so that your chicken chunks are not submerged in the oil but at least a quarter of the way covering the chicken pieces we are not going to cook the chicken in the oil the cooking is going to be done in the oven we are simply creating a nice Brown breading so we're going to fry them up fast scooped them out with a slotted spoon transferred into a baking dish and we'll finish the cooking in the oven so we're ready to make the breading

I'm going to let you in on a little secret for the perfect breading it's called double-dipping and what you want to do is take a chicken chunk you're going to dredge it in the cornstarch dredge it in the egg mixture ended back into the corn starch so we have a double coating and this is going to create that nice puffy reading that we think about that we know when we think about sweet and sour chicken so you know this is kind of a labor-intensive recipe particularly for our family when I'm sitting here frying up 5 lb of chicken it does take me a while if we were a family of four I wouldn't be such a big deal kind of one of those recipes if you want to save for a night that you have plenty of time put on some music and Treadway cuz it is going to take awhile so I'm noticing that my oil isn't popping as much as I would like meaning it's not quite hot enough

I don't want to try that too much more it's also very very important when you're frying with a breading that you do not handle the chicken too much in other words we don't want to be moving around and flipping it over you don't want if you want to flip it over one time one time the britons pretty fragile like I said earlier if you start having pieces of the breading break off they're going to burn and it will add a burnt smokey flavor to your meat so there's no way that I'm going to be able to get all this dreads and in the pan to cook it went so while I'm dredging and adding the pieces I'm going to be having to flip other pieces so it's definitely something like

I said you don't want to start frying until you have time to pray she can't just walk away and do something else so you can see this first set that I I put in it's already ready to flip and I don't even have the pan completely filled but I don't want these pieces to burn see that nice crisp I'm just going to turn it one messy hands and all I don't have time to go wash my hands I got to keep keep an eye on all these pieces cuz they're going to cook a different time right so I can see that these are still kind of yellow and mushy they're not ready to sleep yet but these first four pieces work so let's just continue on until it's a pan so the first four pieces that we already flipped are ready to be transferred to that nice crispy coating we going to take these out transfer them to a baking dish again our chicken is still pink in the middle and that's okay because we are not trying to cook the chicken so these other pieces are ready to be slipped that we didn't slip earlier and again you don't want to squeeze too hard you just finished no chilling with you gently as to not mess with the breading once they're fried these guys that braiding is on there and it's not going to go anywhere if

I was still crying it's kind of fragile so you can see these ones in the middle Stark into lot faster if that's okay they're not burnt so we're going to let these cook on the other side and again I've got a half heard can hear that I'm going to keep on dredging and frying up chicken chunks are done frying and they've been transferred into baking dishes a lot of times Brian gets a bad rap but really if you take the chicken pieces out with this slotted spoon most of the oil is left in the pan this is not an oily breading by any means. It's nice and crispy nice and golden so we've combined ketchup apple cider vinegar the sugar soy sauce in the garlic powder and we're just stirring it trying to get it nice and smooth I'm not trying to bring it to Rolling boil as you can see the the ketchup is still kind of chunky we just don't want any of those trunks so when's this is all heated through which will only take about three to five minutes record over the chicken and cook it in the oven what sauce is heated through we're just going to pour it evenly is making sure that

I reserved enough for the other fan cover every piece you have a lot of easier to Swiss people serve themselves they can chicken cover the rice with the extra sauce so here we have it now we are going to transfer it to the oven or oven is set as about 350 375 I like to put my oven on convection bake it takes about 10 minutes off the cooking time the original recipe called for an hour but I find if everything's nice and hot but hasn't been sitting out 45 minutes will do the job 20 so we've set the timer for 45 minutes when the timer reaches about 30 minutes left I'm going to start the rice and the green beans and that way everything will be done on time at once we have about 18 minutes left on the timer are rice just started to simmer the olive oil is heating up for the green beans that we take a peek so we've leave it in there for the entire 18 minutes the sauce is really bubbly the breading is nice and crisp so as soon as the rice and beans are done we are going to take this out and eat everything is done the chicken is out of the oven rice and green beans are off the cooktop and now it's time to serve up Brands plate we have our chicken chunks I make my chunks a lot bigger than the restaurant because it cuts the frying time in half we have plenty of sauce to put over rice and our chicken add some green veggies and now it's your turn