If you haven't made homemade stock before, you can't imagine the difference between it and the store-bought version. That difference shines in chicken noodle soup - which I'm going to show you how to make in this episode of Basics.

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Babish for this week we're taking a look at one of the most Elemental elements of cookery stock if you haven't made homemade stock yourself you cannot imagine the difference between it and the store-bought version and that differ shines in chicken noodle soup something you thought you knew until you made it completely from scratch yourself let's get down to Basics

 okay so the first and most important take away from this episode is how to make a good stock homemade stock is one of the most versatile and important tools that you can have in your kitchen and you should always keep some on hand anything you have leftover fries it you won't be sorry the formula is pretty simple a few aromatic vegetables like carrots and celery no need to break these down into two small pieces next up we need something oniony I'm going with week this time around but you can just use white or Spanish onions scallions

anything with a nice smile dunyoni flavor I'm also going to have some root vegetables here starting with a large parsnip this can add some peppery bite just like the carrot were simply peeling and cutting into a few pieces I'm also going to add a nice turnip is going to add to the sort of winter vegetable nature of this stock but you can omit sorad as you like there's a lot of room for experimentation here but if you follow these steps exactly you will end up with a delicious sippable

chicken and or the best chicken noodle soup you will ever have in your life one absolute must is an entire head of garlic cut right down the center to expose all the clothes no need to peel it just slice them go and because you can't really have too oniony of a stock I'm also going to add a large Spanish onion I'm just peeling and cutting into quarters keeping the pieces whole now it's time to deal with the meat side of our stock and if you still have some of your reserved chicken spines from previous episodes or previous chickens related excursions were going to cut these into one or two inch lengths this is going to better expose all that good stuff inside the bones now if chicken spines or carcasses are unavailable a great option is chicken wings there inexpensive and full of cartilage and connective tissue which is exactly

what we want in our stock now I'm adding the last few drops from a bottle of good neutral flavored oil like vegetable or Canola bringing to a shimmer over high heat and then beginning to Brown are chicken pieces is optional if you want to lighter-colored stock skip this step but if you want a nice dark more richly flavored stock which I prefer at least in the case of chicken noodle soup go ahead and brown all of your chicken pieces or at least after that we just want to get some my yard reaction going this is where the roasty unctuous chicken flavor is going to come from as is the case with all things we see here and stainless steel pans were going to let them sit undisturbed for a few minutes until a brown crust forms and it lifts off the pan don't touch him if they're still Stickin now as you can see I only see you in about half of my chicken pieces and I'm going to add the rest of the chicken

and are prepared aromatic vegetables if you really want up the rose tea flavors you can also see are the onions or you can throw all this stuff in a high temperature oven until everything is good and brown is also no need to make this from pristine new vegetables like these you can make it from scraps and trimmings from other dishes that you've made but do not skimp on the fresh herbs and doing that a few sprigs of thyme and parsley along with a few whole peppercorns but no salt do not sell your stock you don't know what level this is going to boil down to earth in its going to be at think it's going to be and you want to be able to control the salinity of your final dish now as you slowly bring your stuff to a bare simmer you going to notice that some scum forms on the top this is just gross stuff impurities coming out of the chicken pieces and vegetables we want to skin this off using a soup ladle you don't have to do this but leaving the scum in there it will make the stock more cloudy we're letting that go for a bare minimum of 4 hours and up to 12 during which time I'm going to start prepping my vegetables for the chicken noodle soup I've got carrots celery a parsnip that I'm going to chop very finely

because it doesn't cook down as quickly as carrots or celery maybe half a turn up that I'm similarly going to cut into planks and into tiny bite-size pieces mainly just because I want the suggestion of turn up I don't want the gold chunks the carrots cell noodles and chicken are the stars of the show here everyone else is just a backup singers but together they will form a beautiful Symphony I don't know I'm not so great with metaphors you'll notice I'm setting the onion aside you'll see y later for now it's time to drain our stock ideally do this through a cheesecloth if you can to catch all the little particles but in a pinch a regular strainer works just fine let this guy drain for a good long way to make sure

you get every single drop the stuff is liquid gold now it's time to set the side and keep it warm while we get our soup started start by heating some olive oil or other little bit more flavorful oil over medium-high heat until shimmering and adding the onion first this is because while I want the other vegetables to retain some of their structure and vegetable this I want to make sure that the onions are really soft and integrated into the soup so after they have soften up a bit we're going to add the rest of our vegetables just warming through before adding are chicken stock and now over high heat we're going to bring this guy to a simmer as it's coming up to a simmer cuz it's going to take a few minutes
we're going to layer a few more flavors and then add some roughly chopped parsley

I'm adding this early on because I want its flavor to mellow out as the soup Cook's and one of several elements that pushes this soup from goodness to Greatness grated ginger and lemongrass you're not even going to be able to remember what canned chicken noodle soup it's like after you taste this stuff so once we get this guy up to a rolling boil we're going to add are chicken thighs boneless and skinless we want these guys to cook fast we don't want the extra fat that comes with skin and we want dark meat dark meat shredded in chicken noodle soup is so categorically better than white meat white meat becomes dry it gets chilly it is not a good choice for chicken noodle soup there's still some fat in these thy so we're going to skim that off as it rises to the surface and after 15 to 20 minutes of a rolling boil are chicken thighs

will be ready for extraction if they're undercooked it doesn't really matter because we're going to be adding the back to the soup and they will finish cooking but they're easier to shred if they're fully cooked using a pair of small Forks start shredding the chicken into bite-size pieces you can alternate Lee cut into cubes if you like but I think this is a bit more for rustic presentation and a better textural choice for the soup added back to the pot and if at this point your vegetables are starting to get to soft take the soup off the heat and now for a couple elements whose flavors I want to keep fresh and bright surrounding them right at the end some freshly chopped Dill a ton of it I love a ton of Dill but do you know this is personal preference and I want a little bit of fresh

crunch in the suits I'm going to add some minced scallions letting these cook for no more than a minute because I just want them to get to know each other in the pot now at long last it is time to season do not see them until your soup is complete and now you might be saying that Andy where the noodles calm down I'm getting to that to prevent mushy noodles in your leftover soup always store the soup noodleless and cook the noodles in the soup as you serve it so I am ladling out the amount that I want to serve into a separate pot and adding some egg noodles or whatever kind of pasta do you want but I prefer egg noodles there classic there eggy and they are spoon friendly that is the most important element in a chicken soup noodle season a little bit more as necessary because we're adding noodles in these need a little bit more and now it's time to serve up a bowl of what I can confidently say is the best chicken noodle soup in the world this stuff will cure the common cold it will Mend a Broken Heart it will improve your disposition and outlook on life in general and that will Ripple out endlessly across the ciety improving the world as we know it sorry I just really really love this soup and so will you