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This keto fried cabbage and chicken is not only a great low carb, ketogenic diet, and keto recipe, it is also a super easy way to practice your stir fry chicken recipes. It is a healthy recipe that can easily be made vegan, keto, or even low fat nutrition.

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What's up guys welcome back to healthy recipe we going to be making a keto friendly recipe today is going to be really simple I'm going to make a fried Cajun cabbage with chicken on the walk is going to be really delicious and very easy to make so let's get right to work okay so we're keeping this one really simple with the ingredients today or try to make it short and sweet we have one half of a fresh head of cabbage

I have one red bell pepper minced and have one and a half pounds of chicken breast cut into 1-inch cubes have Cajun seasoning I also have organic coconut oil I'll be using this as as my oil to cook in the wok white cooking wine a half of a red onion diced garlic salt minced cilantro I have about a quarter cup here and some sesame seeds to add a little bit of crunch and also for some presentation at the end so that's basically it first thing

I'm going to do is we're going to get our Romantics going over and I walk in case we're going to drop one tablespoon of coconut oil and this recipe could easily be made vegan friendly basically all you got to do is just take out the chicken and you got a perfectly good vegan recipe I so now that I oil is nice and hot go ahead and start dropping or diced onion and I want the walk to come back up to temperature since I added the onion to it before I go ahead and add another vegetables use the peppers I don't want to over crowded because then the temperature will drop too far

okay so now I'm going to head and dad are peppers bring that up to temperature and then we're going to add our chicken and wild chickens cooking we're going to go ahead and chop up our cabbage there's a recipe that you guys can make in just a couple of minutes I can be an everyday a few times a week thing if you're doing keto or even if you're not doing keto is actually you know really healthy I'm all the ingredients in here really good colleges cheap chicken is cheap you know everything in here is very budget-friendly case and I'm going to start adding in our chicken now

we got the temperature back up to normal now I'm going to go over to a cutting board and when I go to chop up cabbage okay so we just going to take out this outside leave we just a little roughed up in this car. He's going to use know The Good The Good the good leaves and I also want to take this piece of core out of it just that the core solid I'm going to chop it bought a quarter of an inch a little less with and then I'm going to go ahead and drop it again right down the middle just to shorten those strands now we're going to get it over to a walk guess I'm out of chickens pretty much cooked all the way just about cabbage better that I'm just going to strike down a lot and this half a cabbage

and just that pound and a half a chicken will make quite a few servings for very low price super healthy and super cheap so somebody could definitely incorporate into your diet during a budget trying to eat healthy now whether you're being like I said you can leave the chicken out or if you're doing keto you could just add a little bit more of that coconut oil make it a little bit more higher and faster now you can pretty much make it fit any diet on a budget similar seasonings and we're going to add are white cooking wine are Cajun seasoning if you want Spice

if you don't want Spice you can just leave this out as a little bit spicy okay so this is where I like my cabbage I don't like it to music I like it a little bit of snap to a little bit so we're going to leave it at this pretty much we're going to go ahead and add has fresh cilantro and we just going to mix it up and we're good to go okay so there is the final dish of my fried Cajun cabbage and chicken I'm going to add just a little bit of sesame seed for presentation to make you look a little nicer and do it also a little bit of extra Crunch and texture so I hope you guys really enjoyed the video I like simple recipes like this that are very budget-friendly impractical if you liked it

give me a thumbs up if you want to see more recipes like this in the future and comment below let me know if you liked it and subscribe if you haven't already I'll see you guys real soon on the next one okay so I'm going to give this a try and let you know what it taste like I came out the Cottages nice and cook but is a little crunchy really flavorful my fresh cilantro really comes through on the end it's got a little bit of Spice from the Cajun seasoning it's not very spicy but it does have a little kick the chickens cook really well overall this is a great recipe super easy can be made in just a few minutes I definitely would recommend you to try it and see what you guys think