How To Make Oven Baked Meatball Sandwiches Recipe

How To Make Oven Baked Meatball Sandwiches Recipe

Thanks to the Allrecipes member who submitted this meatball sandwich recipe one member Raves I love this I've been looking for an easy and yummy recipe for years this is it my whole family loved it even my two little ones first preheat the oven to 350 degrees next peel and mince two cloves of garlic chop a small handful of fresh parsley you'll need to tablespoons now put a pound of ground beef into a medium Bowl add 3/4 of a cup of dried bread crumbs two teaspoons of dried Italian seasoning the minced garlic 2 tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese need a large egg add it to the ground beef and the chopped parsley next ingredients using your hands or a large spoon until well Blended next new ship the beef into 12 meatballs one member offers this tip 

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Oven Baked Meatball Sandwiches Recipe

keep your hands wet as you shake the meatballs this helps keep the meat from sticking to your hands making forming meatballs much easier and faster play Stan evenly in a 13 by 9 baking dish bake in a preheated oven for 15 to 20 minutes or until the meatballs are cooked through well the meatballs are baking kind of French baguette in half lengthwise using a serrated knife remove some of the bread from inside Tamika well for the meatballs brush the cut sides of the bread with extra virgin olive oil using about a tablespoon and see if envelope with half a teaspoon of garlic powder and a pinch of salt place the baguette on a baking sheet and slip it into the oven during the last 5 minutes of the Meatballs baking time to lightly toasted well the bread toast for 14 oz of Jarred spaghetti sauce into a saucepan and heat it over medium heat stirring occasionally remove the meatballs 

and bread from the oven and using a slotted spoon transfer the meatballs to the heated spaghetti sauce spoon the meatballs with some sauce on to the baguette on top with four slices of provolone cheese return the meatball sandwich to the oven and bake for 2 to 3 minutes or until the cheese is melted talk about the remaining sauce if you like a suggested by one all recipes member and let it cool slightly and then cut them into individual sandwich servings hey everybody today I'm going to show you how to make homemade meatballs here's what you're going to need you're going to need to lb of ground beef you're going to need one medium yellow onion chopped going to need three whole garlic cloves you're going to need two garlic cloves chopped you're going to need milk 

you going to need basil preferably fresh basil if you have it parsley flakes pepper salt tomato paste garlic powder accent you're going to need to 28 Oz cans of crushed tomatoes or you can use cans of pureed tomato you're going to need a talion seasoned bread crumbs you're going to need shredded mozzarella you're going to need provolone okay and so the first thing that I would like to do I'm going to get some oil heated up on my stove over here and when I would like to start on first before we mix up our meatballs is I would like Stacy I have a pan here with just enough oil to coat the bottom of the pan all right and what I'm going to do first as I would like to sautee this onion let's get this onion salt 8 because I want to give it time to cool down before we mix it into our meet okay let me zoom in so you guys can see a good picture of this there we go okay there we go I'm not going to put the garlic in just yet but I'm going to go ahead and put that onion in there and you can choose between a medium sized onion and a large onion okay because we're going to use some of this onion for our meatball mixture and some of the onion is going to go into our tomato sauce all right just like that when this onion is almost done we'll throw our chopped garlic in okay so let's let that go for a while meanwhile we'll come over here and I have that on a medium high guys just keep a good eye on it you don't want it to burn okay just you just want that onion to get just just the golden brown just to sautee a little bit okay all right lazoom in first thing that we're going to do and also 

I meant to tell you guys I want to use two eggs all right let's go ahead let me get my eggs out here and I'll go ahead and crack them while I'm over here just like this okay let's go ahead and get our eggs in two whole large eggs go ahead and get some basil and today I'm going to use dried basil just like that guys let's get a nice amount of pepper in there okay pepper salt be careful with your salt guys let's get some garlic powder in skip some accent and right now we're going to let me get some bread crumbs and we're only going to put a half a cup of Italian seasoned bread crumbs now if you'd if you don't have bread crumbs you can use white bread or wheat bread if you decide to use those make sure you soak your bread and milk okay so these Italian bread crumbs I'm only going to use a half a cup there we go and anytime you use breadcrumbs you want to soak milk on top of your bread crumbs 

okay that's about maybe 3 tablespoons of milk great we're going to mix us up let me take my ring off let me check in on my onions here let me give you guys and idea what the onions are looking like here's are onions I guess they were just looking for a light golden brown because when we put onions in whether it's meatballs or meatloaf you never want to bite down into a raw strong pungent you know onion flavor so what you do is you sautee it up and it it Mellows out the flavor gives it a better flavor okay so let's cut these for a while here we go just like that guys keep an eye on it hey let's come over here I'm going to go ahead the mix this up and I'm not going to use this phone I'm going to use my hands sky sometimes your hands are much that you know it's much easier to mix things with your hands when you're in the kitchen just make sure your cans are impeccably clean okay just like this guy's 

and you don't want to handle it too much handling that too much and cause it to be tough as well as if you're making the meatloaf same thing you don't want to handle it too too much just enough to get it Incorporated here we go guys did Nisan Incorporated and feel free to use ground turkey if you want it to ground veal ground pork mixed with your ground beef okay just like this guy okay we have it where I want it let me come over here and wash my hands really well when you're dealing with raw meat after handling them with your hands you always want to wash your hands. So you don't spread bacteria around your kitchen okay so I'm washing my hands right now all right the mixture is done for now until our onions get done let's go back over to the onion and once these cool down will put these and back into our mixture here we go we're taking that you know that really strong punch that the fresh onion has away and it gives it a totally different flavor guys think it's a really good flavor just like that that smells so good all right now at this time I'm going to go ahead and put my crushed garlic in and my three garlic cloves fresh garlic 3 garlic cloves those three garlic cloves what I put those in there for is because this oil that's in there I'm going to pour that oil in my sauce guy and it's going to it's going to be like a garlic infused oil that were pouring into our tomato sauce and when you do that guy's it makes it makes for a tomato sauce to be just just perfect has a really good flavor when you do that and what you do with the whole garlic cloves as she will take him out before you pour your your oil in there okay just like this guy's let's Let It Go for a little bit keep an eye on it it smells so good in here right now guys and what I'm going to do with the meatballs I'm going to make meatball subs tonight now feel free to make pasta on the side feel free to make any kind of pasta you want on the side and put you some meatballs and sauce on top you got two dishes for one you can make meatballs you can make a pasta dish whatever you want cuz you can put your meatballs over top of rice okay just like this beautiful 

I can smell that garlic incorporating with this oil best smell ever just like this guy meanwhile let's take a look over here and are soft all right and like I said you guys still welcome to use pureed Tomatoes if you have that I do not suggest that you use spaghetti sauce okay because we're not sworn I'm making spaghetti okay we're making meatball subs we're making meatballs and you season your sauce the way that you would like it okay so here's what we're going to do want to go in and put us some basil in our sauce put a nice amount basil is beautiful and tomatoes running put some pepper and salt my Sonata pepper not too much sea salt right and okay and we're going to put accent little bit of garlic powder bright tomato paste we're going to put this is about 1 tbsp here okay we're just going to use 2 tablespoons of tomato paste tomato paste gives it a really in-depth flavor it's a beautiful flavor that's tomato paste just now going to turn this on a medium and we're just going to let that to me okay meanwhile they speak in that are onions and go Sam caramelizing just a little perfect this is just what we're wanting now what I'm going to do at this point I'm going to go ahead and take these large disease whole garlic cloves out okay take those out because remember we have crushed garlic in here those garlic cloves have has done their job it's released flavor into our oil are oil's going to release the garlic flavor into our saw let's take this off of the stove will let it cool down once it cools down enough to incorporate into the meatballs 

I'll come back okay everyone has been 10 minutes and the onions and garlic is nice and cool down Okay so we're going to go ahead and put half of it into our meatball mixture okay just like that all right and let me show you guys something to eat at Royal see all that goodness that oil in there that will is garlic infused guys when we put that whole garlic cloves in their want to put this in our sauce okay so half and the mixture cast from the sauce with the oil just like this guy. Get that in there just like this in the smell is so beautiful guys it smells so good when's the last time you guys had a meatball sub let me get a little spatula guys hold on one second text in a while since I've had a meatball sub and I've been yearning for one and tonight's my night guys we're having meatball subs and if there's some meatballs leftover tomorrow I'm going to make some pasta and we'll have spaghetti and meatballs that's simple in this to pound of ground beef it makes quite a bit of Meatballs get that in there just like that guys get all that goodness in there get all that garlic flavored oil down in there that that's how you make a beautiful sauce and I had I put a little bit more basil in okay and one so I'm just going to let this summer just let it simmer let it simmer let it simmer McCain what I'm going to do I'm going to put 2 tablespoons of white sugar in here don't worry about this sugar making a sweetie will not bake a sweet what it does is it kind of cuts to acid a little bit so for those people that normally if they get heartburn and things like that it cuts that asset so they won't get heartburn okay so let's put 2 tablespoons there's one tablespoon there's two this will not be sweet guys I promise you mark my word on it okay let's let this simmer Let It Go Guys that's beautiful it smells so good seat let me zoom in a little bit see how thick it is just like this guy's that's what that crushed tomato looks like just like a marinara sauce here you go just like this okay meanwhile let's come in over here guys back at the meatball mixture Go go in with my hands again and I'm mixing mix it mix it mix it just like this guy's I'm going to put that provolone on my submarine bun at the bottom I'm going to put shredded mozzarella on the top guys woo I can taste it now I can taste it now awesome okay let me wash my hands and I'll be right back okay everybody I'm back we're going to go ahead and assemble are meatballs let's go what you want to do 

I like to do like a golf ball size and honestly if you guys want to do a small one do a small one if you want to do real big ones do real big ones it's really up to your discretion okay just like that not too big not too little because remember we're doing meatball subs tonight and I want to be able to sit at least four four to five meatballs in my and my bread try to make them all the same size so they all get done around the same time okay cuz if you make some of them small those ones who get done before the big ones okay you don't have to worry about that just like this guy hey kind of all the same size if you can this mixture smell so good and you know what I'm just going to have potato chips on the side you can have french fries on the side mix it up just like this guy this is a very easy recipe it's a fun recipe it's a recipe you can get the kids in you know in the kitchen to help you can get the kids to make your meatball mix up for you while you get things done that you need to get done a lot of times I'll do that and the kids don't they don't mind they they like playing with the hamburger you know I'm making the balls up for me just like this and feel free guys feel free to like 

if you wanted to you could brownies up round them up in the oven right let him cool down put them in the freezer bag and when you want spaghetti and meatballs or meatball subs you just take them right on out that freezer throw them in yourself and you got a meal that's simple just like this guy's nothing hard all of my recipes that I make or a lot of fun they're not hard and not complicated it but they taste so good guys they taste so good just like this okay now I'm going to do a few more and then I'll put the video on Paul so I can continue and then I'll be back that was kind of big let's take some off of that one there we go just like that Hunter just a few more in our sauce is simmering on the side I put my cheese back in the refrigerator so that it doesn't melt you guys could use a sharp cheddar cheese if you wanted to you could melt a Swiss cheese on top in type of cheese you wanted uses its would be just fine I was looking at a smoked a smoked provolone in the store today and I said no I'm just I'm just going to use regular regular provolone just like this guy's and you see how much I'm getting out of this I'm getting quite a few for 2 lb of meat will be eating these for a couple days and that's okay with me that is okay with me guys okay I'm going to put the video on pause everybody all right and then when I come back we'll be Brown in these bad boys up okay and getting them in our sauce I'll be right back OK everybody I'm done rolling out the meatballs about thirty-six meatballs that's not bad for 2 lb of meat okay now you have two options you can take these meatballs and you can put them on a baking dish and you can bake them in the oven on 375 today I'm going to fraud mine okay so you guys can see the brown beautiful crust that these meatballs are supposed to have and internet inside of so nice and soft and beautiful okay but let's go over here I have two pans here okay and I'm turning them on medium-high and as you can see I want to show you I'll put some oil in here okay 

I have oil and both pans we want to heat those oils up and then we'll go on and put our meatballs let this oil heat up and I'll be right okay guys I'm back and what I've done was I've put a little bit of flower just a little pinch of flour down in my oil and its Sizzle so when it sizzles it let you know that it's ready you never want to put anything and oil without your oil being hot enough okay because if you do if you put things in cold boil whatever you're cooking will be oily okay you always want to make sure your oil is hot enough and look at this Panda Spanish shoe absolutely love this pan now we're not aiming to cook these fully what are purposes for this right now as we want to get a nice brown crust on the outside of them okay because after we get that crust on there what we will pass these dry to drain the oil off the outside okay and then we're going to let these Timmer in our sauce and that beautiful sauce that we have and it'll simmer for quite some time 
I'll let you guys know how long it simmers but this purpose is to get it nice and crispy on the outside get that crust we want to see her it so it's so it holds those mashed juices inside just let your stress UK and then I have another pan I'll do these one over here and you don't have to worry about them falling apart or anything like that because that's why we put our egg and our breadcrumb to Holders to bind us together that's the good thing about bread crumbs and eggs when you make a meatloaf or meatball and holds it together for you so we don't have to worry about it falling apart just like this cuz I think I got just enough room in these pants are all the meatballs that I made I think some of these meatballs might get Frozen I cannot do I have a room there we go to wash my hands and I'll be right back okay guys I'm back I just want to show you what the meatballs or look like pretty nice and round on that other side and my house has the smell of Italian it smells so good in here guys oh my house smells so I was just downstairs and I could smell it downstairs smell is so beautiful that you see that one let's turn it over it's not ready but I just want to show you what it's looking like the nice brown crust that's what we're looking for a guy and don't be afraid to touch it it's okay to touch it like 
I said they won't fall apart a good a good 5 to 7 Minutes in this can they become you know like movable you can move them without them breaking apart okay you let him go a little bit longer on that side so they're getting beautiful just what we want then nice brown crust like I said earlier and brown crust on the outside if it's crap the moisture in the inside of the store shoe but you're going to have a juicy meatball every time and like I said there is times that I put the meatballs in the oven you don't get that brown practice you're looking for but you know they tasted also but this right here this is the way to go and I've also done is another way guys and what I've done was when I know for a true fact that I have a lien I will go ahead and make some meatballs and prom write down in the salt straw and just let him simmer all day guys and they firm up nice nicely in the song but this is not a lean meat that's why I didn't want to throw them in Rock just like this guy I hope you guys are enjoying this video thank you so much for watching I'm always making something fun in this kitchen guy this is awesome I think that's over here looking at these ones look like they might need to be turned over check in on her making a lot of noise over here I'm going to go ahead and turn some of these just like that if some of you might want to use a fork to turn it look at that beautiful crust guy that's exactly what we're running I know some people like to use parmesan and their meatball 
I don't choose to use parmesan inside of my meatball because I think that it makes it a little salty okay I've tried that years ago and I think it makes a little salty I think that's a cheese that we have that we're going to put on our meatball sub will be just enough for we don't need any more cheese hahaha look at this guy's I'm really happy right now I'm starting to get excited oh beautiful beautiful this right here guy is meatballs 101 very simple but come in over here and see these ones some of these are ready we'll go ahead and turn those over like I said feel free to use the fork if your spatula isn't working for you just like this guy beautiful sweat smells so good I cannot wait to eat these oh man eee-eee-eee where we go nice and simple I have these on a medium I've turned it from medium-high to a medium that way I didn't burn them okay adjust your temperature if you see 
I'm cooking too fast turn them down okay but you do not want to start them on a low temperature all right because they will kind of start to fall apart on you look at this guy we're moving in the right direction look at this beautiful right let's let these go I have this beautiful salt all right I'll come back guys give me a few minutes and I'll be right back okay guys I just wanted to show you the small batches came out already see I got one down here I'm getting ready to pick on okay and then we're just waiting on this one to get done okay NFL is turning out beautiful it is turning out just beautiful when want to do well these cook me turn this water off sorry guy I want to get I want to cut it open and show you guys what it looks like and zoom in really good so you can see it okay and see how I have it on the cookie sheet so that we all can drain all right muscle men on this one and take a bite of it and I'll show you guys what it looks like I cannot resist this here we go okay let's do a man now the point was we wasn't trying to cook these but this one's cooked see that we was just trying to get that crust on it look how beautiful this is look at it guy look at this I am getting ready to devour this guys like right now this is some of the best meatballs ever and you know what does it for these meatballs when we sought a that onion and garlic and you do not put it in raw that makes the flavor of these meatballs with what am I looking for what what what word am 
I looking for that makes these so delicious guys look at this look at this look at that Beauty look at that beauty guy and then you put that accent I make sure guys when you use that accent can you use that accent I use a nice amount of accent okay you need that extra that actually was beautiful and like I like to tell everybody when I use the exit don't worry about it being salty because it's not a salty spiced but it makes things so flavorful and then another key is you use those Italian seasoned bread crumbs and you pour that milk over top of those breadcrumbs it really does something to these meatballs it does something to your meatloaf makes it so tasty even playing when I tasted that meetball the first thing that I thought of was oh I don't even need this off just like this are so good I'm going to do another video for the barbecued smokies in the barbecued meatballs I'm really excited to do that video but I make the meatballs the same way except for I enhance the barbecue sauce these are almost ready I'll be taking these out I'll be right back okay guys that I've taken all of the Meatballs out I got one little one but still not done hard time it's almost done a beautiful and you know what's funny when I had this video on pause I literally ate two more my husband came in here and he ate one my nine-year-old came in here and he ate one so alright this one's ready just tried to give me a tough time but he's ready okay guys let me clean off my stove okay everyone I'm back or sauce has been simmering away I've tasted the sauce the sauce is beautiful 
I'm one thing that I put some more up I put a little bit more salt I put a little bit more Pepper and a little bit more accent when you're making things make sure you keep tasting it so you know what you need okay we're going to go ahead and put these beautiful meatballs in and I have this on allo allo simmer okay it's been simmering the whole time guys and that's the key to making a beautiful sauce you always want to let it simmer okay when things simmer they they say they get beautiful all right let's get them in there well it looks like I'm not going to freeze any so that plan is out the window I'm going to go ahead and make them and it looks like everyone's going to eat them all tonight these meatballs are so good guys they are delicious we're going to let these simmer probably for maybe an hour or should I you you see the oil let me show you how much oil we have not too much oil but there's a nice amount see the oil that's the oil that was left out of the meatballs so you can see that the meatballs weren't they weren't really at all I want to do don't cover this don't cover this with Aaliyah don't cover it with One thing I wish I had you know 
I went to the store I hate this I went to the store to get me some fresh basil I get there and they don't have any and I'm like oh shucks okay so I went to the other store and they didn't have any and I'm like it's okay it's okay I'll I'll just you know I'll use my dried basil and be happy but when I taste the sauce I don't even need it the drive basil did the job guys look at this Museum in a little bit look at this guy they're lined up in here guys my family my husband and my boys they are lined up and they are ready to eat all right beautiful let me show you guys because it tastes that right there over this way towards the What's up moms that I'm going to be using today okay it's just in Italian sliced 7th and that's what we're going to use today know I've made a Philly steak and cheese sandwiches let me Zoom so you guys can see it a little better I've made Philly steak and cheese sandwiches I've used this and it turns out she's fine this is a very nice Bread is made by schwebel's and if you can get that give it a try that's what I'm going to do I'm going to toast this a little bit once we get our meatballs and cheese on here or on a toasted okay you always want to toast it when you're making a meatball sub okay just just to get that crust because you have a saucy you know