chicken francaise recipe 

This chicken francese recipe has reached over 200 million views on Facebook and I kid you not.  It's by far my most popular recipe.  Let me know what you think. 

I believe Chicken Francaise, also known as Francese, was created in America by Italian immigrants. As with numerous Italian chicken dishes, they were originally intended for veal but taste equally as good with chicken. But back to the name, why an American Italian dish is called “French”, maybe it’s because of all the butter, maybe the wine, but one thing for sure, the flavours are superb! Enjoy it with a rich and dry white wine such as Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay, or even a light red such as Gamay or Pinot Noir.  This chicken recipe has gone viral throughout the internet with amazing success. Let me know what you think of this recipe.


Beautiful day if we make a chicken francese good evening. I got a chicken stock flour salt I got two eggs scrambled salt a block of pepper I use a garlic a pasta take out of the garlic butter lemon okay I want to go to f11 are used for the Jews in my favor wine and we got over he already the chicken I caught a really thin at Pine assault a block of pepper okay I got to the gifts under the pot so we started doing all right we got to do the chicken okay

I warm up to the oil now okay now let's start with the chicken I got over here too soft and black and Pepper would make us a little bit aristada flower I got to do all this at 1 pads okay now or the chicken with a flower done I got to put of the Galaxy at one of the Galaga the start of the jump around all right and eggs look how beautiful this egg is boiled beautiful color with low. The gas and would like to put on the chicken egg Abyss eggs I'll buy on the farm it's really fresh okay now this is for the last two piece and after we put on the border but this picture to the big one it's my okay now let's look like this let me wash my hands first before

I put the butter okay now we put a piece of butter the body melt the night after we check we got to cook the chicken couple of about 3 minutes but side after I got to take her out. We got to do the song The Garlic I can take it out already one I got another one right over here okay some nice nice beautiful color Okay decided to Dan and now we got a free for the other way already the smell it's so good I can't wait to eat the Mangia Mangia.

Okay now the chicken is already on the other side it looks beautiful and we put it right on this dish nice color okay now we put one piece of butter and we leave a message at the bottom nice guys are usually the flower of the mega nice gravy okay now I got a flower over here okay good it would give a nice mixed with a flower we make the gravy now for the chicken you got to go back on this apart okay now this okay now we go why and look at this a beautiful color is that already now we got to the chicken stock listen to all Mega chicken stock

I got it the inflammatory he not we live a bar in the bass one time is start the boy we got to put on low in the chickadee got to go back inside though he lying the lemon is a chicken stock okay now this is boil and now we put the chicken back if this is it got to cook a 10 minutes this is a dumb ass hello it got to be no boil too much you got to be real alone got them boys shlump let Sam know the gas if the five minutes I want to turn the other way at 10 minutes it's time to eat okay this is done okay nights of time of the test look up beautiful say I want to put a little Graven delicious delicious delicious this is a method mean your mouth is so tender juicy and the gravy I make with the wine the lemon chicken stock it's a really good look at that look up beautiful look inside it in The Taste it's really good how can it be by myself tonight

I want to send everybody make a list and you let me know this it's a really good dish I want to say thank you very much I gave up nice kisses everybody thank you very much it was sick next time thank you I swallowed a piece eggs I buy on the farm a lot of time the chicken it's over there a way to one of the chicken or the egg has he come out with a I pick her up it's a really fresh come on jump I did not wait for the eggs the one the welcome to ask her if it's cool, they Arts my name is Shih Tzus if they want to show you how to do a chicken francese it would you say your prayers brought in by the New York

they made it really famous will you some chicken breasts so first thing you want to do is get out nice a chicken breast at the happier I got my resume today I'm also doing a pan sauce with just a very simple dish to make so the first thing we want to do if your chicken breast is pretty thick like my where you want to split them in half since we're using a pan fry methods are very quick cooking method so we want to come down so they don't take a long time to cook otherwise we get him to take them around too much and also I want it inside is not cook so definitely

I want to think she want the first line up your cutting board with a piece of film and that's why it's easy to clean up you want to lay him down Okay so three press here and then we're going to start to pound this without making a mess everywhere clean up to can you play now you want to take your leave me alone with a plat Salt Flats I want their ponnappan Center you want to push it out so you don't want to hit your heart okay you want to put them or just take the whole East to put them over tomorrow I want some pasta so I got my pasta water simmer and back here I'm using fresh pasta which is going to take very quick to cook it doesn't take long time if you were to use like a dry pasta you definitely want to have you passed already cooked off

because and I'll drive past I usually think about 10 minutes to cook or 12 minutes so now I got my chicken and it really nice black and white should concealer Troy big and I want to do my egg wash I got some extra here make sure when you do this you want to whip you ask really well you want to combine the egg whites and eggs yolks really nice because egg yolks and egg whites cook at different temperatures if you live like this you going to see the some white spots when you're up I took the chicken when you were at 1 to check into it to cook it the same thing would be if you make them like animals you want to whip the ex really that really well before you start cooking them in lakehills cook a lower temperature than egg whites still also when you do this you're kind of Corporation

some air into that makes her so when you make it this are making an omelette for example Sprint Wags even more fluffy and we don't have to do this I mean they're going to be nice and fluffy here to when you are a chicken and again you can also do this this would be up most of time is more expensive a chicken breast can you call someone a little promise and she's here to make sure here to make a little paste just want to have more flavor now what time is this now I got a I got a little flower here see something else is well I'm going to start a chicken breast with some flower before they go on egg wash otherwise egg wash my stick very well to your chicken next we got the gun I think you want to do when you doing this you want to see signora protein here because you want to hear nicer and we do it one of them both size I missing some kosher salt to you I like it because it really doesn't stick to your fingers this will be used most of the time in the restaurant kitchen more easily operator nice

now the righteous and flour when I get my pan going here got a nice and hot it's one of the things you want to think about to the kind of oil you use in where you can find something based waiver by those I have a high smoke point so when you're cooking like this you don't want to burn the oil because that's going to affect the flavor of your fish so you want to think about that and avocado oil smoke points of oils out there so I can't find something when I had enough oil to let you know that the product you're not really deep frying it but you want to have enough oil in there to make sure that the product looks really nice hot pan cold oil that should be good enough and be careful you don't want your dad to stop smoking

so we're going to watch your chicken broth and flour you want to shake off the excess flour egg wash what is on his way here and also you want to put this down with a like the presentation side down which will be the site ahead of skin on first okay my fan is not too big so I'm only going to be able to put two up his ass in the air mice when you're playing frying something special there's no writing on it you want to see that it probably is going to stick to the pan let it go don't worry because when it's ready to move around so if you are see that your chicken or whatever protein you cooking sticks to the pan that's okay once it starts to get a nice are golden brown across is going to come off by itself and you can see it doesn't stick to the pan it just kind of moves around

so I'm sorry not to boil chicken me X lights tomorrow night you can also use chicken stock I'm just in case you wonder what's the difference between a broth and a stock you probably might have the question difference is when you use in their making abroad we make it with a chicken meat and when you're making the stock a nice and brown yes ma'am I have a question here the question was why do we put the chicken in flour before the egg wash while because we want some of that stick to that otherwise if you just do it by itself without anything else

or can I hear the X6 the flower so you seem like a nice a layer a back in there that's the reason why and the same thing would be if you were like reading this for like you know it's just a frightened you would definitely it yourself before you do anything you have your friend station setup to have you check in your flower you like washing your bread crumbs to the product in a restaurant setting you might be you know when your checking account when you flip it over you might transfer to a hot plate and finish it off and all that okay because she wants to make room to be making another home you might have to do that if you were working at Westmont kitchen you might have like 10 or 15 orders going in the same time and you only have so much a burner space in your brain so you want to think about that and you'll probably be finishing cooking is chicken breast in the oven she has a nice and golden brown hair dropping some of this song it's going to make a nice my sauce another thing I got here I'm a semi-permanent this is basically a mixture of flour and butter it's like making it real by without cooking it

so you mix equal parts in the best way to do this by by way so you want to wait to flour and butter unsalted butter as you make like a little and then you told me you're so it's whatever you making this going to act like using the rule by like I said without cooking it so this away that you are I would use to thicken up a sauce and you'll make it through the store Birmingham looking at beautiful colors that's what he want and we can all when your chicken is almost honest you feel this I mean I want to see you going to see if I can press down on you chicken breast and then so you want to think about that because you have to make sure this out the temperature so you don't learn these things once you get to what you really are trained and set an alarm at notice things just by looking at it okay being a cook I know we are by the way to smell the way they look in the way they feel so this is something that you also want the will be learning

cancel this is so much buddy you are going to see some clear juices coming out of there okay this is getting almost done and it's a sign that the chicken breast is cooking okay so we're going to remove this okay from here going to let him rest in my in my fish now I'm going to start making a sauce okay remind me to buy a little bit more oil here making a pan sauce this severity a quick and easy sauce to make hazel going to stop opening tomorrow little garlic down here once again I throw a lemon how do I go in life you want to be careful you don't want to burn the garlic might want to lower the heat just want to get a nice. Golden brown

if you get a stripper nail garlic when it burns up a spitter so you don't want to you don't want to do that in my white wine are you going to probably unblock you can use any kind of white wine just trying to get away from any sweet wines like Pinot Grigio will work a Chardonnay so now we can crank the heat on running reduces to a sec almost almost dry so yeah I got so much chicken broth I'm going to use him to make a sauce how to make sure my water is going back here it's you can see in all your multitasking in the kitchen and important that I do this just to be organized because you want to be doing this when you get to work in the industry if that's your goal reducing here
Going to be something that is important to do it because you're going to be able to do a lot more and it's important that I do this just to be organized because you want to be doing that's your goal reducing here if you see a some brown and extract the bottom of the pan I want to scrape the best cycle for the time I was just a lot of flavors from the sugar and that's where you want to scrape it but this one doesn't have a lot you might see that when you're just cooking the chicken breast without any breaded chicken breast you going to see some Browning and that's where a lot of flavor is concentrated and I was going to ask him make a nice sauce here and you can make whatever you want I only have a two piece of chicken if you were doing like am or

I probably used to know a little bit more stocking more wine so they're going to bring this to a simmer stop right here chop some parsley here I like to use Italian parsley I also stole Flatley this is a lot of people use it and liked our to cook with sparkly because that's what flavor has really it's really fragrant