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This Ranch Chicken is one of the most delicious chicken recipes you’ll ever try. The outside coating is crispy and packed with flavor and the inside is tender and juicy!

Thinly sliced chicken breast
Pepper parsley 
Ranch powder packet 
1bottle buttermilk ranch 
Corn flake Crumbs 
Baking sheet / cooling rack 

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Everybody I'm back and today it's lunch time at the youngs house we are all starving we want something quick and simple that's going to be tasty I'm going to show you all how to make an amazing ranch chicken breasts it's simple it's lots of fun listen here it tastes so good here's what you're going to need to make zeny Youngstown ranch chicken breast okay everyone let's get down to business and if you hear a little bit of noise in the background please excuse me for that that is just my washer and dryer that I have going that's close by okay so then we are going to season our chicken breast you want to make sure that your hands are impeccably clean and please make sure you wash your chickens now what I've lost my chicken with was the line I use a half a lime

I rub the lime all over the chicken I use sea salt in cold water and then I packed them dry with a paper towel it's the weekend everybody and I'm so excited I hope that you all are having a beautiful weekend I hope you all had a great week as well this recipe is amazing and the chicken breast they always turn out perfect they turn out nice and juicy nice and juicy and crispy on the outside solutely Perfection so let me show you how simple this can be if you wanted to season your chicken breast with any seasoning that you like you can do that no problem there if y'all haven't seen my video for the ranch pork chops feel free to check that video a child is absolutely amazing as well all right

so then but what I'm going to do I'm not going to use my seasoning this time I'm going to use the ranch powder packet that I'm going to season the chicken breast with its going to give you an amazing flavor trust me when I tell you this and then I'm going to use cracked black pepper all right now the ingredients that you will need you're going to need corn flake crumbs these are corn flake bread crumbs right only it's not made out of bread it's made out of corn we're going to use a bottle of ranch me personally I like to use the buttermilk dressing alright the buttermilk ranch of coarse black pepper and parsley flakes to put on the table just as a garnish all right you're going to need two balls and

I just happen to grab my walk here and this bowl here first thing that we want to do is open up your corn flake crumbs and here's what they look like they're so fine very fine and they have an amazing taste you if you use these corn flake crumbs in a meatloaf you will lose your mind because it's delicious in a meatloaf okay so we're just going to put these crumbs and I used the whole bag put them right there in that bowl just like so and again I'm going to want to get a cookie sheet like I have here and on top of the cookie sheet I just have a cooling rack and the purpose for using the cooling rack is because

I want for the heat to circulate all around my chicken breast and I don't want the bottom of my chicken breast to become soggy so instead of just sending your chicken breast just on a baking pan or a baking sheet lift it up a little bit let it get nice and crispy on the bottom as well by using a cooling rack and really is that simple so there are next bowl or your pan whatever you decide to use would be just fine this was the first thing I looked at so I grabbed it all right I'm going to put the ranch dressing right down into and I use the whole bottle right down into my walk because we're going to need to dip every single one of those chicken breast down in to this ranch dressing to use the skin on boneless skinless all right

I don't prefer to use the skin on you can use any part of the chicken sorry about this guy part of the chicken that you would like to use all right but like I said I don't prefer that you use the parts with the skin on next let's go ahead and season both and I'm going to take some cracked black pepper just like so both sides were going to season both sides my mouth is watering and we're not even halfway through because I know just how good it is it's amazing cracked black pepper and then are Hidden Valley ranch dip powder so much flavor in this little packet here believe it or not now be careful don't hurt too much because like I said we're going to season both sides and what

I don't want you to worry about don't worry about the seasoning coming off in the ranch because mysteriously somehow it doesn't come off it stays on there even when you dredge in the ranch okay there we go now let me grab a fork and we're going to turn these over just like so get a picture on this one's there we go so then I'm going to turn them over we're going to put cracked black pepper and ranch powder on this side as well beautiful and it smells amazing and one thing that I don't want you all to do don't take these chicken breast out of your refrigerator and think you're going to cook them right away you want the chill to come off the Chill from the refrigerator to come off because if you don't eat your meat will go into shock and you'll have dry me we're not trying to have any drive me right

everything we make out of our kitchens we wanted to be nice and juicy and moist so then cracked black pepper I'm going to let these chicken breast and on the counter for 20 minutes before we get this into our Ranch powder right and then I'll come back and then we'll continue with our recipe after the cheel has come off of our chicken breast now I'd highly suggest that you do not use the really thick chicken breast or if you wanted to use the thick chicken breast you can just slice them down the middle and you know kind of butterfly I'm so they can be a much thinner because when you get the thick chicken breast listen here when you get the thick ones it's going to take a long time for them to get done and during that long cooking process your there's a possibility that your bread crumbs will burn so you would want to get a chicken breast this thin these are the thin cut one's all right but like

I said if you go out and play why so men have or take a little bit of parchment paper lamb on top and pound them out until they're nice and thin okay that's what I highly suggest after 20 minutes of our chickens sitting on the counter I'll come back and we'll finish our recipe OK everybody it has been 20 minutes the chill has came off of our chicken it's nice and room temperature the spices have had time to marry with the meat and kind of go deep down inside of this beautiful protein so then you're going to go in you're going to take your come on camera follow me you going to take your chicken you're going to put it down in that ranch don't be afraid to get this Ranch nice and saturated and cover or your chicken don't be afraid to get it nice and saturated in the ranch okay and you can kind of give it a nice little Shake Source like this to take any excess off now like
I said never fear of your spices coming off because mysteriously somehow it doesn't come off you're going to take let's say bring everything in camera view beautiful we're going to take our chicken you put it right down in there okay and then you do this in this manner and you want to pack everything on get it nice and cold it okay if there's any parts of your chicken that's not well cold it then you just make sure that it gets hey I'm just grabbing a paper wipe my hands what a great lunch everybody said mom what are we having the right that's what my husband called me that in the boys are called me that what are we having for lunch and

I said well how about ranch chicken breast and Rice-A-Roni and they said that sounds amazing so that's what we're having for lunch Saturday doesn't sound too bad to me so I figured why not make it a video I'm taking y'all see that almost looks like a better piece of fish but it's not it's chicken and it's going to be unbelievable can y'all see that may bring it a little close to you that's what it's supposed to look like and you packed those breadcrumbs on there or those Corn Flakes on there until it becomes well packed on there so then let's continue to do our others just like so don't be afraid to get your hands down in there you can always wash your hands afterwards given a nice Shake in this manner how many excess off back into our beautiful crumbs well coated make sure that you turn your oven 375 degrees and

I'm going to let you know the exact time that you should cook yours mine typically Cooks for 15 to 20 minutes but don't be aware because every oven temperature may vary really every oven temperature may vary so just keep a nice eye on it and you know if you've bought the thin chicken breast you don't have to worry about it not being done cuz it's going to be done and by the time you achieved that beautiful golden brown color that we all love your chicken breast is going to be done now if you went out and you bought the biggest fattest chicken breast I honestly I can't promise you this are going to be done okay that's why I said make sure you go out and you get the thin ones or if not you make sure that's just life someday the pork chops let me tell you all about the pork chops the pork chops the ranch pork chops day or two solutely die for once

I eat one I cannot stop like really like really as soon as I'm done eating my dinner I seriously need another one that's how good they are that's how tender they aren't crispy on the outside and so flavorful I've never had a baked pork chop that was so juicy and so flavorful I mean I have but you all know what I'm saying what I'm saying that's how good that pork chop is the ranch pork chop is amazing as well as the ranch chicken breast if you wanted to use chicken tenders by all means you can use chicken tenders oh yeah you get if you wanted to you could put a little bit of Dijon mustard and with your ranch dressing that would make for an amazing flavor as well oh yeah this right here this is right up my alley. Love Rice-A-Roni like I am a true fan of Rice-A-Roni I love it I keep it stopped in my pants right because it's absolutely amazing you know there's no fuss with it you just kind of mix it up Let it Go and you have the perfect rice every time I love it I hope I can make it through

I'm trying to make room for that last breast let's see if I can make the room or do I need to do a number like this improvised Dana you can't provide everything that I can make in my kitchen you all can make as well and it's going to turn out exactly like Minds wood I love to tell you all that because it's the truth follow the recipe step-by-step yours will turn out the same as well this one right here this was a big boy that's a big one my goodness all right I'll let me put my camera down sorry anything special for the weekend I know we're going to head up to the hospital to go see to rake check on him and chat a little while I took care of my spaghetti and meatballs the other day that

I made the spaghetti and meatball video and he was able to enjoy that he'll be getting his trach out on the 8th which is really exciting and he is talking so that's such a blessing thank you all for so many prayers in the uplifted words absolutely all right so we made each one fit see this here and that's what I want you all to do make it work I thought I couldn't fit them on there they can fit see that they're you Pat them in there just like so I'm going to wash my hands really quickly anytime anytime you're dealing with raw meat you always want to wash your hands because you do not bacteria turn around and put some dry parsley on dry parsley it's not like I always like to say

I like to makes you feel good all right a little just a little goes a long way makes it nice and beautiful and not playing to cook one more thing if you all have cooking spray spray the top and it's going to help you to achieve even a darker golden brown color I don't normally keep cooking spray so I don't have any okay okay everybody what I'm going to do if I want to clean up my area get dishes and everything done I'm going to sweep I want to come back and wash my hands and then I'm going to start cooking the chicken flavored rice a roni okay and then shortly are chicken will be done all right so get done we're going to see a beautiful prayer over our food run give it a try I'll let you all know what it taste like let's get started on rice and Roni hey I have some olive oil in my pan okay and what I like to do all use their seasoning packet you know that comes with it but I also always like to put garlic powder in my Rice-A-Roni I always do it never fails I always put it in there I feel like I could give the little bit more flavor okay but I absolutely love now my favorite one is the beef Rice-A-Roni but

I figured since we're making chicken why not make the chicken flavor right what you want to do is make sure that your rights as well coated with the olive oil as vegetable oil if you want okay and you can even use butter to do this part but you want to make sure that you get the rice nice let me fix my camera guys you want to make sure that you get this right you nice and golden brown okay just listen once it starts to get golden brown I'll be right back see how I have achieved that beautiful golden brown color that's what you wanted and that's when this Rice-A-Roni taste its best when you can achieve that beautiful golden brown color on on this you're going to get that beautiful nutty flavor that you're supposed to have now watch this garlic powder get you some in there don't be afraid don't be afraid to season write a q seasoning pack put it in there just like still okay and then you give that a stir as well get it well cold it right two and a half cups always cold water

if you think you're going to use hot water that's going to turn out mushy it's just not going to turn out right to cups and here is he half of course you're going to bring it up to a boil once this comes up to a boil we're going to put the lid on it and turn it down on low and let it simmer for 20 minutes and you have the perfect Rice-A-Roni rice is spoiling I'm just going to give it one stir the little one turn it down on low and you have beautiful Rice-A-Roni are rice is just about done with c rice is beautifully done dinner chicken is done are chicken has cooked for 20 minutes and it's done to perfection let's go ahead and make our play okay everyone you can see what hold on let me bring my camera close to these chicken and you can see I cut a little bit off of that one because

I just could not resist these bad boys are juicy they're crispy their flavorful and they're going to be amazing here's what I'm going to do let's go ahead and say a prayer and I'm going to make the Cota a sandwich the kind of sandwich that I'm going to imitate is the KFC chicken Cheetos cheesy sandwich okay I'm not sure how to make their cheese sauce but we're just going to go with the flow and get Dakota sandwich because he's getting ready to leave out the door let's hear our prayer for Lord we thank you for this meal today we thank you Jesus for your love time your mercy and your understanding and I pray in Jesus Christ name the no weapons formed against this family shall prosper the devil is bound away from this family in Heavenly Father you hold the hearts of all Kings and authorities over this family you hold your heart in your hand and you turn it like a Watercourse send your angels down to surround us day and night you're Holy Spirit to help us make good decisions and give peace over our mind we thank you once again for this meal the roof over our head in the food that you give us a men all right turn out the way baby all right give me a second don't put the dogs by the food honey okay there's Polo say hello following Prince and Dakota say hello to write ain't get no chicken alright okay let's get his sandwich done and out the way here's what I'm going to do

I have some artisam beautiful nice and soft bread let's put some mayo on I got mail on my chicken that's not what I want let's get that off of there my goodness we're going to put mail on the bottom of the cone has read the same possibilities are endless when you make this chicken breast turn it into a sandwich you can pretty much do what you like does top bun I'm going to put some cheese or the top piece of bread and then we're going to tell on some Cheetos and not too much just enough so he can enjoy it just like this and we're going to take this one right here that's going to fit perfectly onto the sandwich and where we will have a chicken sheet Give us peace over our mind we thank you once again for this meal the roof over our head in the food that you give us amen all right let's go turn out the way alright give me a second don't put the dogs by the food honey okay there is Pollo say hello following Trends and Dakota State where you can see where they are and end up getting a little bigger right alright okay let's get his sandwich done and out the way here's what I'm going to do

I have some artisam beautiful nice and soft bread let's put some mayo I got mail on my chicken that's not what I want let's get that off of there my goodness we're going to put mail on the bottom of Dakotas bread and here's the thing possibilities are endless when you make this chicken breast turn it into a sandwich you can pretty much do what you like this top bun I'm going to put some cheese or the top piece of bread okay and then we're going to tell on some Cheetos and not too much just enough so he can enjoy it just like this and we're going to take this one right here that's going to fit perfectly onto the sandwich where we will have a chicken Cheeto sandwich just like KFC with me and I'll send Dakota on his way a sandwich fit for King look at this and enjoy the sandwich beautiful sandwich enjoy this Dakota I've seen many sandwiches list looks like the best is hot that is so good as it does look amazing a man if I didn't already say Amen to my beautiful prayer let's give this a try when

I give you all the first fight let me know what you think about this ranch chicken what kind of nice and beautiful and you see my bad boy right there is juicing and it's crispy flavorful it's hot I don't want to burn a day lights out of my mouth give that a try let me know what you think just like the pork chop this right here is out of sight do you hear me very simple to make it so people can see that juiciness oh it's beautiful you all never had this before you go to make you some and if you all enjoyed this video give me a thumbs-up make sure you subscribe make sure you click on the notification Bell so you can be notified every time I upload one of these awesome videos and is always God bless you all thank you all for watching good night hold on guys let's get a bigger Fork than that stop at chicken is so tasty my goodness this is not the only way you can get me to eat chicken breast it turns out tender everytime nice and beautiful

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
½ cup butter, melted
1 (1 ounce) packet Ranch dressing seasoning mix
1½ cups crushed corn flakes
⅓ cup grated Parmesan cheese

Preheat oven to 375° degrees F. Spray a 9×13 glass baking dish with cooking spray.

Combine the Ranch seasoning mix, the crushed Corn flakes and Parmesan cheese into a large freezer baggie.

Shake well to mix all together.

Dip each chicken breast into the melted butter, and then drop into the baggie. Seal the bag shut and then shake well to coat with the seasoning mix. After well coated lay chicken into the baking dish.

Repeat with all of the chicken. Full instructions here

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