honeycrisp apple & broccoli salad recipe

If you are as excited about fall food as I am you are going to love today's salad it is a fresh Autumn salad highlighting broccoli and apples and it couldn't be any easier to make here's all you got to do thick creamy dressing now most often people will make this using all mail but would I like to do to lighten it up is use a 3/4 cup of a plain Greek yogurt I'm using 2% and then I add in just one quarter cup of mail you could certainly do all Greek yogurt but I do find that a little bit of male as a nice flavor then I've got two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar 2 teaspoons of honey pinch of salt and a pinch of Pepper with everything together until all those flavors have combined and you have this nice rich thick creamy but pourable salad dressing now for my salad it couldn't be any easier 

How to make? please watch the video below


we're going to start with four cups of broccoli florets so all I'm doing is chopping a little florets off the top of the broccoli and leaving the Sims behind make sure that you don't throw the stems in the garbage because they are delicious chopped up and tossing the salad sometimes we will cut them up so I pay them and eat them with their eggs or do you want to get a really fancy you can make my broccoli stem soup then I'm going to add in some shredded carrots just take a carrot and peel it with a potato peeler into nice short fat strands a third of a cup of finely diced red onion is it going to add a little bit of sweetness 

and a great front you texture to the salad too large apples chopped up a half a cup of sunflower seeds and 1/3 of a cup of dried tart cherries know what I like to do to make the cherries go along way is cut them up with my scissor to get little pieces of cherries and you don't need as many made a big break first of Labor and a little goes a long way once I have all my ingredients in the bowl over the top and then gently start us and start to work all the ingredients together what you want here is for everything to have a nice light coating of the dressing and for all the veggies and the fruit and the seeds to be distributed evenly throughout the salad and remember guys what grows together 

goes together just like apples and broccoli anything that grows in the same season is going to taste great together and that's a great help to keep in your pocket when you're trying to eat better and you still want to keep things Super Fresh and super delicious working with the seasons is always going to work in your favor now what I like to do with this salad to serve dinner it's delicious with some grilled or baked salmon I also like packing it up for lunch with a little bit of grilled chicken and it will last you in the fridge a good 3 to 5 days this salad has so much flavor and so many different textures all paired together with tart cherry and a creamy dressing 

the salad is a party in your mouth you guys have got to try this one if you guys would like this recipe and want more fall recipes just like this one be sure you give me a big thumbs up and then come on down to the comments below and let me know what you think and if you want to print this recipe head on over to clean and delicious. Com thank you so much for watching I'll see you back here next time with some more clean and delicious hey guys it's Danny and if you are as excited as hey guys it's Annie now what the hell I'm like mr. Rogers over here like a little party in your mouth. Hey guys it's Danny and let me see let me see over the top just to bulk it up I'm losing my mind and it could not be any easier hey guys hurry up hey everyone it's Natasha