From foodwishes.com with strawberry ice cream that's right and there's two ways you can make this you can use the classic French style egg base custard which is harder and kind of muddled beautiful fruity flavors or you can use what they call american-style Ice Cream which does not include an egg custard which is easier and in my opinion produces a much cleaner brighter strawberry flavor so guess which one we're going to use the wrong way to use the second one so let's go ahead and get started in the first step is to trim are strawberries and all


I needs a trim off the green leaves at the top by the way do strawberries have been rinsed and any small pointy knives going to work and actually have a tool that does this I believe it's called a strawberry huller I said holler but I've no idea where it is it's probably in the junk drawer but I can't be bothered to look and you'll notice A lender because once we finish the next step is we're going to add some sugar to this just a little I'm going to take that over to the blender I'm going to go ahead and Paul said I'm going to have to look it's going and I will just plan that for a few seconds until those strawberry are pureed the ones that's been accomplished what

I like to do is just let it sit there for about 10 minutes I believe that sugar is pulling out water from all those little particles are strawberry and I think by letting it sit for a few minutes here it does something I'm not quite sure what I call this intuitive science and then it feels like it does something they wouldn't let myself for 10 minutes and then we'll go ahead and add the rest of the ingredients which includes a pinch of salt in this is important don't skip this I don't care if you think it's weird you're weird if you don't put it in so few grains of Salt Rock in a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract and please do not substitute with M pure extract it's not as good so use real stuff and then that brings us to the dairy portion of the program do you use two kinds use some whole milk and some heavy cream

and basically twice as much heavy cream as milk that's just my favorite particular blend and then speaking of bland I'm just going to give this a very very brief blending about 10-15 seconds and in addition to mixing all the ingredients it's going to thicken up our cream just ever-so-slightly I'm going to talk about this in the post so go read that you can totally screw up the whole recipe by over mixing it here is that can turn into whipped cream and that's not what we want so just a very brief blinding and it just seems like I said it's going to take a nap just ever so slightly would you will be able to witness as I stir in the next ingredient list for me with two drops of all natural vegetable based red. I don't be afraid totally safe this is not that toxic stuff our parents used to love but if you don't want to come put it you are the Sid bream of your ice cream to go ahead and stir that in was going to get that final practice 1° darker shade of pink and right here you can see what

I was talking about the mixture has a little bit of thick this to it but it's not whipped at that point I think we're ready to break the ice cream maker and I mean use your standard countertop style it's a one and a half quart sized bowl that you keep in the freezer that goes on the bass the little turning pedal goes inside and then is clear cover goes over that very simple machine and we'll turn that on and that's it and once we have that put together and spinning let's go ahead and pour in our ice cream base and by the way the amount here give or take a strawberry should fill this up all the way to the top and back to be honest I can't get the last couple tablespoons in such a way to see me eating a little bit here so I can put the rest in hey what was I supposed to do when a WhatsApp mixtures and you don't have much to do except stand there and wait for 15 or 20 minutes until it thickens hold one good tip when this is finished Runing we got to move very quickly and find your container going to keep this in ahead of time but anyway we're going to let that churn and of course because

I'm a very conscientious I like to do quality control checks throughout the process and besides sneaking bites it's kind of cool to watch you go through all the phases from liquid to this year which would resemble something like a thick Milkshake by the way. We're here in for this new glasses you'll be enjoying like the best strawberry milkshake ever been tried to resist Let It Go eventually going to see a thicken up and that's how it's going to get way more three-dimensional and it should be noted these type of ice cream makers are not going to turn the ice cream all the way solid but it will get plenty thick enough for us to freeze recrystallizing which for me was right about here as soon as we decide we gone far enough we're going to take that top off and you have to move quickly we have to get this into the freezer as soon as possible so whatever you do do not stop to take another bite you're just wasting time okay so do not do that so like I said we were to move quickly scraped off that turning paddle and of course transfer the rest as soon as you get it in there and even it out

I want you to throw down a piece of plastic press it right down to the surface and then we'll cover that forward immediately into the freezer until it freezes solid at least 2 or 3 hours okay so feel free to make this tonight before you want to eat it but once it's frozen we're going to go and pull it out take off the plastic and give it the first official taste but a couple things to keep in mind because we did not use one of those thicker egg-based custards and because strawberries are almost all water which means of course I how can I get that same thick luxurious texture that you will with some other styles but the payoff is besides being easier is that you really do get a much purer much stronger much more vibrant and fresh strawberry flavor cuz that's the main reason

I prefer this style so let's go ahead and service them up I think we should go ahead and garnish with a whole Berry it's going to make that gorgeous pink look even nicer and that's it homemade strawberry ice cream as I dig in here I should clarify when I mentioned earlier about the textural differences that's mostly in appearance and kind of how it feels on the spoon but I'm the pale this is actually quite some quite rich as I mentioned already has it taste of pure strawberries and cream just incredible Frozen treat it for me one of the quintessential experiences of summer so I really hope you give this a try foodwishes.com for all the ingredient amounts and more info as usual it's always enjoy