$17 fried chicken vs. $500 fried chicken

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Andrew Andrew hahaha it is the day the day we've all been waiting for Fried Chicken Fried Chicken Fried Chicken already are in New York City baby today on worth it we are going to be trying three fried chicken spot that three drastically different let's go we'll talk about it my name is Kenneth woods and president and CEO of subway It's all coming to the city so visits home-away-from-home everyone felt comfortable the Stars the politicians and Mom and Pop a few weeks ago we had three birthdays ladies that was all over 90 years old and three different parties

the great equalizer we do it traditional southern style just like her grandmother that for you since 3 & a half pound chicken Tremec God and season it even don't just season and throw it in the fryer sorry for your baby with all purpose flour had at the knock off the X S5 for 12 minutes and enjoy what you doing it's amazing to be the oldest be authentic the original all of those little faces hit on me Meats in with one of the best preparations welcome to flavortown oh man there's like a extra crunchy little bit right here is a perfect shell like a suit of armor for a chicken night time Freddy on the back

Fried Chicken good on lost oh wait no and then Fried Chicken heaven that is like music to my ears it's so juicy inside it's just melting butter it's a food that takes a bath when it gets cooked has to be good preparation actually is to get this product when you know you've matched when you can make it look easy really is Susan down to the bone chicken dinner I was less traumatic than I thought it would be romantic or dramatic must-try from the collard greens that is a perfect thing to eat along side of this and get it right and block recipe simple juicy can't ask for more than that so now we're going to get at the sound of snow in chicken Council the average American eats over 90 pounds of chicken each year

I guess that makes sense when you think about it just picturing a 90 lb chicken that looks like a Rottweiler I guess that's like probably would a small dinosaur with look like it's ready for more it's always ready for Moore okay rock and chicken welcome everybody my name is Chef Marcus Samuelsson right now you are Red Rooster Brewster how do I tackle buy chicken beans neighbor with the most iconic restaurant in Harlem talk loud when will we have in common what does it mean to be a restaurant in a community like Harlan before me all about Highway 180 employees 70% from Harlem people are

so when we make mistake that let us know what is the name of the fish were having today regarding you ought to just cut a chicken into something that both of my children and my Swedish Heritage I want to season or so I'm play bring it with a little bit of rosemary and garlic we have a bird Let It Blow pickling brine sugar salt living buttermilk dressing is the word can be there overnight and we have like shake ingredients that I will let you know that's in that Mick and what is that ginger garlic call Sandra. It's beautiful Terror Ethiopia the right amount of flour do you get that Consciousness I landed on twice by chicken fries really all about cooking it true that you listen to Let It rest then just keep it again and try to get Willie Knighton crunch have a little bit of back in fractional form at cooking the food of the South everyone that was a pretty much the same out of the flavor point

I had to migration move the population of the food stay open to take different in New York or Detroit than it does in Virginia or in Kentucky the message the state just as much as jazz came up and today we have hip hop because of it than DNA is real good food something migration we got the Yardbird we also got some bourbon on the Rocks cuz it's a hot day in New Orleans so I'm ready now very sweet tea I said there's a hot honey in that hot honey is what they called me in high school so good oh my God yo roast is slightly bitter nutty flavor they was talking about with the adjectives adjectives Andrew

I can't believe how juicy this meet us in this skin is any experience in that department really don't but if I'm going to be honest it's so good I really thought I was going to go and like that he's gone the structural Integrity of this skin with the coating is unreal it's like soft and supple but strong and mysterious magic games are like dessert mashed potatoes can I have it Haha I turned out make my cake make some gray K thank you that may have been the best fried chicken I've ever had they said it first how much chicken do you think the United States consume every year in a trillion chickens 2 billion chickens 8 billion billion billion chickens I was only a billion off when is Central right chickens by iconic Red Rooster game changer time Dave Chang we met before

I wear at Momofuku Noodle Bar in the East Village was in Korea now we get to try your food doesn't make you nervous by picking up with, I understand how stupid and almost Sushi it sound by no means am I trying to disrespect buy chicken noodle bars anytime Tony Cokes it's a treat when frying chicken in a buttermilk salute Tour de buttermilk help tenderize it gives it flavor regularity in the outer we created a dredge for a flower vices and then with Brian Holt let it rest for at least 30 minutes cuz he don't want it to Perham trade all the sauces and the garni stallion crate lights off riparian with what I believe is the best domestic caviar regalis some of the most beautiful sturgeon world's going to pair it with some smoked trout Roe is salinity and oceanic brightness of the caviar

it's perfect for the white Meats presented tableside show it to you and then we're going to bring it back or slice it that's actually a trick your process your sort of peeling the skin and cutting at the same time symbol it like you would with a Pekin duck this is not something you should eat everyday to go to meeting your friends in New York City and see him in a few years this is the kind of meal that you'd want and you can break it down amongst five or six people it's not that bad a lot of Chinese New Year ducks in this way it's just like a big chicken in the egg joke to thank you I'm going to let you to do white me just to see this is creme fraiche with scallions again this is something that the traditional varnish from Idaho sky clouds floating by Common whistling through the trees wow okay alright I hate even though it's very different Hello positivity surrounding thing I see LOL happy Piano free okay that is crazy that really hot fried crisp and then having those bubbles popping your mouth afterward we're going to the fair and then the fireworks hop off all your mouth reminds me of refrigerator rain for some reason

I didn't eat all this awesome food have a scallion pancake I got some chicken and I got Kathy Hart is it weird to mix the two I near Olive Garden going on this real quick oh you're doing something that I like the drumstick decoded call okay it's all right I've never heard on the camera in the show before it was so good pasta Willy Wonka cast where are we this is like an ice cream cone with sprinkles on a tears that's the whole point I'm in it to win it man this is going to ruin me I think is weird people that bring their own salad dressing to a restaurant I love mixing things that are high low or things that aren't supposed to traditionally go together when I'm looking at this

I'm inspired by France China the American South so for me it's genuinely not about the shock value at all it's about always number one that's delicious number that you're taking it from yes this is sort of perverse but if you really look at it it's really sort of like make sense together and it taste good in my mouth it's all that matters Lego sir like really got it in their Quest across this is like we're filming a rap video or something. You simultaneously drooled while you tried to take his last somebody feels like you're doing something wrong right I just say my winter you know what he would say red rooster I know I thought it was to the single best bite of food today was the first bite of the Red Rooster yard bird live for this comparison kind of thing people routinely spend $50 or more seeing your favorite artist you can very easily make the argument that going out to a dinner like that is as powerful as performance if you will let me break it down for you to go to GDC set the tone for fried chicken in America but I thought

I was going to be all of our work at winter is because Red Rooster is my worth it winter today as it should be I mean is real again I never had it was magical Adam who is rewarded winner I know where you going to say you're going to choose if they wanted him that you're not no you're not serious play it's very pleased and it's only I aspire to have in my own home but I think it takes a long time to maybe it one really hard weekend of antiquing I can get it together eating gold is like the equivalent of wiping your butt with dollar bills at some point just going to come in contact with my ass kind of more elegant way right so we're New York right now as soon you have to get an ice cream this morning and you stop having dessert for breakfast yeah, no problem but that's okay little belly up with pizza so today and tomorrow we are going to be trying to be drastically different New York pizza places at 3 drastically different price points to find out which one is special guests who might be one of the best people I get to work but I learn that pizza is really about that