the greatest chicken scampi olive garden

You can make the Olive Garden Chicken Scampi just like they do.  This recipe is made with chicken tenders, bell peppers, onions, wine, cream, and a few more ingredients. This recipe can be put together in less than 30 minutes. 

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The we are going to make Olive Garden's chicken scampi in this recipe actually comes from a viewers request there was a young man who asked me to make this video for him so this video is for you so we're going to use chicken we're going to bread this in a little bit of flour so that's very easy then we are going to go ahead and we're going to start a wonderful medley of vegetables now I have three bell peppers here now in an onion my little bit of garlic if you don't have access to all these different types of bell peppers use what you have you don't need all of these colors

and then we're going to finish this with a wonderful sauce that is made with a little bit of white wine and a little bit of cream now if you don't drink wine you can use a little bit of chicken broth it won't taste quite the same but it will be pretty good so we can go ahead and do that and we have a couple of spices nothing too exotic here we've got ground black pepper a little bit of salt and Italian seasoning blend this is an actual blend of spices that you can buy in the grocery store any brand will do just make sure it says Italian seasoning blend and you're going to be in business

so when I go ahead and show you how to put this recipe together all right so we're going to go ahead and start spreading the chicken right here I have a little bit of flour in here of that copper so and we're going to season this up with a little bit of salt and little bit of Italian herbs and please go to my blog so you can get the exact measurements and but I'll help you out a little bit of pepper right just going to take a fork and run it through to get the seasoning all Blended through all right homemade reverse the order here now we are going to do this chicken

and this way we're going to first dip it into flour shake off the excess and a dip it in the milk is regular plain old milk back into the flour and shake off the excess okay and then I'm just going to put this on a rack here and let it dry if you let your chicken dry a little bit before cooking it the coding is going to stay on it's going to be much nicer than if you suddenly pop this into the oven and you know what it always works this way so what we're going to do next is we are going to go ahead and slice are veggies nice and thin he's over here as well the next thing we're going to do is we're going to slice up are onion and I love to use red onion

for this red onion has a really nice flavor we're also going to put a little bit of garlic in here send it take it and knock it with my knife blade does a help get the skin off and for this recipe we're going to use larger slices of garlic because it's going to cook for a little bit and if we slice it up two small it's going to burn to leave your garlic kind of nice and large right here I'm using to close Okay so we are going to go ahead and start cooking are vegetables here I have a large size Skillet on medium-high heat and going to drizzle a couple of tablespoons of oil in the pan olive oil if you don't have olive oil if he doesn't really matter when the olive oil gets nice and hot here I'm going to go ahead and added my veggies I'm going to put in a little sprinkling of salt this will help them release a little bit of the water and I'll help them Brown up a little bit so we're going to cook these for a couple of minutes and when they're nice and brown we're going to go ahead and take them off the heat do we have our veggies in the pan

here and we're just going to cook these so they're nice and brown so these veggies have cooked enough all the way through and I'm going to go ahead and pull them out and we're going to cook our chicken so I'm going to go ahead and start my chicken I'm just going to put a couple more tablespoons of oil and then we're going to lay our chicken in and go ahead and get it started cooking so I'm just going to lay my chicken down here okay so we're going to go ahead and slip are chicken right here you can tell that it's cooking up kind of nice because it's gotten nice and kind of white along the edges

so this should mean that it's ready and you also know that it's ready because it doesn't stick to the pan meat and whatever you cook something at always let you know when it's done because it's very easy to turn over so if this wasn't ready to turn it would stick to the pan if it would be really hard to get up so we know this chicken is getting nice and done and after another two or three minutes we're going to be ready to make our sauce all rights are chicken is now done and we're just going to take it and transfer it to a plate for just a little bit and now we're going to start on our sauce the our sauce is really really easy to make and what we're actually going to do is we're going to we're going to see glazar Pan the little bit of wine that a half a cup of wine or so and

I really want to like scrape the bottom in the size of the pan cuz that's where all the flavor is things that I'm going to do is I'm going to stick in a little bit of cream never this recipe if you don't want to use heavy cream you probably could use half and half but don't use like skim milk or something like that cuz it's it's just not going to taste very good at all alright and when this stock is nice and uniform I'm going to go ahead and add back the veggies alright

so here come the veggies I have a bowl of pasta right here and I am going to go ahead and play the sub and put a couple of pieces of the chicken on I'm going to go ahead and grab some sauce at a little sauce and there you go that is our final. The Weave just made the Olive Garden chicken scampi and it was really easy to do so if you enjoy this video please give it a big thumbs up and drop me a comment in the box below so I can know what you'd like to see next