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INSIDER asked people on Snapchat what their favorite cheesesteak restaurant is in Philadelphia. Herrine Ro and Emily Christian travel to the city on a quest to find the best one. The restaurants included are John’s Roast Pork, Jim’s Steaks, Dalessandro’s, and Pat’s King of Steaks. After trying four different kinds, they announce their winning sandwich.

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And today I'm going to be preparing a Philly cheese steak sandwich out of all the videos I've done I cannot believe I haven't done this one yet I've done a lot of sandwich videos this is one of my favorite sandwiches course there are so many ways people prepare the Philly steak sandwich these days I'm going to show you how I like to do it you know it's come a long way since the 1930s when it originated in Philadelphia so if you were looking for something different

to serve your next Gathering besides the burger and dogs or Wings give us a try and show me how you do it a lot of different cuts of steak and use out there but the traditional one is the ribeye cut that's what I have here and I put this in the freezer wrapped in plastic for about a good 40 minutes just to get it slightly Frozen so it's nice and easy to slice nice and thin in a hurry for this you can do this ahead of time and keep the steak in the refrigerator for about a day no more otherwise it'll

start to oxidizing get yucky we can see that it's not completely Frozen but just enough to where you can cut it and it's not slipping and sliding all over the place okay so I've done about half of the cut of steak and I slice it is then is possible by hand but that's what you want right there okay I've already prepped my vegetable toppings I'm doing sliced red onion thinly sliced some green bell pepper thinly sliced 8 oz of sliced thin mushrooms now

I know some people who say Portobello is the traditional well these are crimini which are baby portabella we have our Dutch oven Keating on medium-high I'm going to put in about a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and dropping are onions and bell pepper you're going to cook these down for their caramelized so I get a jump on these first seagull take a little longer breaking apart in math give me like. You don't have to do it that way I just prefer from being thinly sliced sternum for about a minute bro come up

and I'm going to put on the lid and look I cook down for 3 to 4 minutes while vegetables are cooking down it's time to season the steak and I just do a little pinch of kosher salt from the heavens all I buy fresh Cracked Pepper and then I just like to drizzled with a tiny bit of olive oil on there ready for the grill right at my flat top grill setup to burners on medium will put down a little bit of clarified butter for the steaks going to go we're going to get that on there I want to break it up take it nice and brown Wiz but I like Kraft

Deli select American slices they melt perfectly but I also like to throw a little half a slice of provolone on my sandwich be combination here it helped that cheese melt like if he's a little aluminum foil tin pans or just going to cover that steak up and all that Keith is going to be trapped in their out already too hot to the touch. Cheese really quick Caper bread I'm using La Brea Bakery torta people use French bread sourdough whatever it's what your preference is but I am definitely going to put some clarified butter on here and hit that Grill we want a nice grilled bread with this sandwich brushing on that clarified butter on the grill okay let's check out the steak oh my goodness that is perfect Turn and Burn all right let's build the sandwich Brad is nice and toasty hi Alec at that perfect host get our stake in here

I don't like to miss any pieces are moving too much are we go next we want to top it with some of our caramelized onions bell pepper mushroom mix oh beautiful now you know people put ketchup on this thing Mayo me being from California have a Southwest Gun influence I have a Southwest Sauce that I make I have a very old video on this but it's a really good sauce and it goes perfect with this so yes I'm going to drizzle oh my southwest sauce on this bad boy and then where's are topper yes and these are messy sandwiches but that makes it fun oh man in car ready to bite into this classic American sandwich

hey don't forget to click the Bell over here because I don't know where it is but click it and you will be notified when I post a new video a lot of you were saying I don't see your new videos I don't get notified of your new videos and give this recipe to try if you've never tried a Philly steak cheese sandwich at home and if you do make your own leave me a comment tell me how you do it all right and as always thanks for tubing in here we are wonderful steak to cheeses and those sauteed veggies on this nice torta roll the perfect sandwich Phoenix time