how tomake the best eclair cake no bake
This is a super easy yet delicious dessert.  I made it in under 10 minutes and my kids loved it!

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Hi it's Kristen from six sister stuff and today we are making no bake eclair cake and this is one of the most easiest things you will make because you don't have to bake anything so we're going to start off with 3 and 1/2 cups of milk and two packages two small packages of vanilla instant pudding now as you can see I've already mix it all together and put it in the fridge to let it sit up it only takes if you get instant pudding it only takes about 3 to 5 minutes to set up

so I'm going to just makes it and then we're going to take 8 oz of Cool Whip I like to use the lights kind and it's kind of just folded in there they just want to make sure it's mixed really well together I'm going to get my spoon Pixelmon the bottom alright so when you're done mixing it should be like a light yellow color okay so I sprayed my pants a 9 by 13 in pan with cooking spray just a quick fast layer then you're going to take a package of graham crackers I'd like to use the low-fat honey graham crackers cuz I think they taste good and we're just going to cover the bottom with your crackers

so they'll be about six crackers on the bottom and then you're going to take half of your pudding and put it right over the crackers it's been around really good it's okay if the pudding takes over some of the cracker area on the bottom hair we go cave then next thing is just another layer going to take some more graham crackers liar 6 more there we go what this one I usually like to use them more of a square pan cuz the more rounded is on the bottom the harder it is to get graham crackers with my extra space I'm going to just add some more graham crackers and it doesn't have to be perfect okay then what the rest of the pudding

set up a little bit better can I put the rest of putting on top and you can try I didn't exactly do half I did a little bit more of my friends are so try and get half on to it so it will be even but even if you mess up it still turns out spreading my pudding okay and then for the last layer the success I guess you can see because it is a kind of a rounded can we have extra room so just add as many crackers as you can that will fit okay now you this is my favorite part because you can use whatever frosting you want chocolate frosting I like to use store-bought because

I'll be honest it is my most favorite any recipe I have I usually a store-bought so I usually microwave about 33 seconds making it a lot easier to get out and so I just pour a right on top of the crop K and then to spread it is lightly as you can because it is melted it spread so much easier not being melted and it's kind of a mess because the graham crackers come up and so does the pudding so whatever frosting you're using I would suggest getting a little more okay I'm done here good queso now you're going to stick it in the fridge for about 6 to 8 hours to let it completely set up now your graham crackers are going to be a little bit soggy and that gives it the eclair feel to it so anyways thank you so much for joining us today if you like this recipe you can check out more but we have at 6 is Jessica. Com hi guys I'm Laura Vitali and on this episode of Lori the kitchen I want to share with you how to make eclairs now I love you Claire's and a lot of you have been asking for this recipe

for a really long time and I also wanted to share with you because I feel like a Claire's is one of those recipes one of those desserts that people just don't make it home they buy the bakery or the grocery store which is only coming home but after today after you see how easy this is you have no more excuses not to make them at home that should just require basic ingredients which you might already have on hand so it's like double thumbs up let's get over to where