delicious mexican corn

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Mexican street corn | Elote | Mexican Corn - In this video recipe I will be show all just how easy and it is to make the mexican treat, Mexican Street Corn. I will be making a playlist for Street Foods.

Mexican Street Corn:

Corn on the cob
Wood Skewers
Melted Butter - about 3 tbsp
Mayo - about 2 heaping tbsp
Chili powder
Cotija Cheese - 2 cups


Welcome back to my channel smoking and Grilling and today we making a Mexican treat with me a b so you read the title and that's right we make a Mexican corn now check this out this is where we going to make imma show you how easy how fast it is to make you got two hours and you can go outside you can Grill your corn or you can pull your current either way no need to over talk it over thinking if you like Mexican corn you ever go to the fair and matter fact it's fair time

right now you know what I mean so listen sometimes when I'm outside like even when I'm driving like late at night I'll see these little little pop ups you don't throw my hat Into the Fire and see what I can come up with and I can tell you this this right here is nice so go ahead and watch the video and I'll show you how to make it okay after my corn cool and I'm able to handle it with my hands what I did was I just cut the bottom and I cut the top and what I'm doing is I'm just squaring it up and by cutting the bottom it just makes it just a little bit easier for you to insert a wooden skewer that's what I'm using sometime you can find bamboo stick either way anything you can use that you can ascertain to the bottom you just using that as a handle
I just was just me putting my cheese right here in this is going to be my work station now if you got your station to know you got your station shut up you want to check your corn you hold it by the handle and then you take a brush and you want to brush your melted butter all over the corn and I mean brushing generously you wanted to get in every nook and cranny of the Corn then if you have a rubber spatula you want to start rubbing and making them like a slider you want to start putting that a male all over the corn

listen to mail serves as two purposes one is it brings outstanding flavor with the sweetness of the Corn into it acts as a binder to hold the cheese on top this one right here what you see me sprinkling on here in this is Richard River drug I call it the dirt rub this is a hot and spicy that first one that you

Hazel by now you probably looking like man I didn't know how easy it was to make I just wanted to show you a lesson is nothing to it great flavor, show it to you did three different versions of it one has hot sauce sprinkled on it this one right here I use Richards hot and spicy looking at that River dirt and on here we just went through this one so let me go ahead

and take a bite we go from there but she will working with oh now I've had this one more time and I can tell you right now you wouldn't think that the mayonnaise chili powder in butter with that sweetness of the Corn man this is awesome right here so look now that I had a chance to wipe my mouth position is just a little message you know me but which is cheese I got to tell you that this combination right here and listen to this profile right here you got cheese Chili Pepper you can take the butter and the screen is artist Korn that right there is just as super explosive when it gets in your mouth to listen if you never ever try this we got to give it a try this is not a whole lot of things you don't know a whole lot of prep time to get you ingredients you know what I mean milk and some butter you showing the video put some mayonnaise you don't mean I did this right here with most of us are we going to work out of box container to Manny's clean anyway and then we got our cheese and I mean then we got chili powder and then whatever kind of season you want to put on there but I went with the chili pepper cuz that's more authentic and we don't keep it like that but

I promise you you're going to like it so let's get that part about this and if you do to the channel go ahead and subscribe don't forget to hit the like button and if you want to see more content like this so we ready to start bringing you know like exotic food you don't like broaden my Horizon and Horizon you know what I mean to take that machine out of Ino making some of the stuff that we see out here you know as we are here traveling or we see like it needs to show you listen if I can do it you can too but that being said I want to tell you thank you for watching don't forget to hit that like button outside of that I'm getting ready to eat this card