The Best Pillsbury Hacks You Can Make Right Now

Messin' around with the Doughboy has never been so fun.

Pillsbury doughs are the Sorcerer's Stone for lazy cooks: they won't make you live forever, but they will make you feel unnaturally powerful because you're able to whip up incredible caramelized-on-the-outside, warm-and-soft on-the-inside cinnamon rolls when you're hungover on a Saturday morning. But when you start hacking those tubes of refrigerated crescents, biscuits, and crusts for entirely different recipes, you really become a masterful presence. Not in a bad way, like Voldemort, but in a great, all-knowing way because you can whip up your own salted caramel Cronuts in less time than it takes to read one HP chapter. These are the 15 best ways you need to start using Pillsbury.